Burqas Revisited

Last week I wrote an article about the Media-orchestrated campaign to ban the Confederate flag. It was certainly a very effective campaign. It arose from nowhere and in no time at all anything that hinted at a Confederate symbol had disappeared from store shelves, Internet sources, public places and polite conversation. It was claimed – and not much challenged- that the mere sight of the flag and related symbols were unacceptably offensive or painful or humiliating (take your pick!) to African Americans.

It is no coincidence that this issue erupted just as the Mainstream Media (MSM) campaign to make victimized martyrs out of Black thugs and losers, was flagging. The Black Lives Matter movement, funded by Leftist billionaires and plotted by Trotskyites, had been intended to create momentum and expansion for wider urban insurrection, but had failed to do so. When Donald Trump threw out a challenge to the violent activists and it was not taken up, it became clear that a new race-based issue was needed.

Behind all these race issues that are created out of very little by the MSM, is a determination to nurture White guilt and to progressively restrict speech at a time when America is being stealthily transformed into a Balkanized pre-totalitarian Socialist State. At this point in the incremental Revolution, the emerging obstacle – led by the unlikely person of Donald Trump – is White-dominated Nationalism.

The success of the campaign to remove Confederate symbols from every aspect of life has a sinister aspect, for it is part of the Leftist totalitarian program to rewrite and falsify America’s history. However, can anyone claim that the flag campaign’s success has improved race relations between Blacks and all other American communities, or achieved one tangible advance for African Americans? Is there one African American who now experiences less fear (Of what? The return of slavery?), humiliation or pain in everyday life because the Confederate colors are no longer visible? Meanwhile a truly offensive and fear-inducing symbol is proliferating across America, yet cannot be mentioned, let alone removed.

It is now almost a decade and a half since Islamists launched a shocking war against Americans on American soil. In the intervening years, many more Islamic attacks on innocent civilians have been carried out in the USA and Europe. In the nearby Middle East large voluntary armies of devout Muslims have revelled in the shedding of the blood of any deemed not Muslim enough.

A few years ago, a young woman from the UK told me how the appearance of Muslim women in burqas on the streets of her small town had shocked her. Most shopped in the supermarkets and each was accompanied by several very young children. The burqa’d women were growing in numbers by the week and she felt it signaled an invasion. These women were clearly not about to integrate, only multiply.

Alerted, she began to acquaint herself with the bigger UK Muslim picture. She learned about the hostility of Islamists towards others where-ever they had sufficiently colonized city areas. And evidence was everywhere that Mosques were fortresses of expansion and colonization. The Muslim population was not only hostile and aggressive but a source of recruits for terrorism. The sight of ever-more women in Burqas, moving among the natives, was now more than unsettling to her, it was unnerving. Sooner or later, young Muslims were surely going to be planning terrorist activities in her small town and the passive natives would be helpless because it was illegal (bigoted and racist) to express fear or advocate resistance.

At the present time the Muslim invasion of the USA has not progressed as far as in the UK and Europe, but Obama has plans to put that right. The manufactured ‘refugee crisis’ of the Middle East is his cover. It his intention that Mosques should proliferate all across America, each one a Trojan Horse and fortress for colonization and terrorism.

In my town in middle California we do not yet have the Mosques but we do have the women in burqas with large families of children in tow. The burqas signify a determination to resist integration, and, I believe, an overt expression by their wearers of some degree of support for terrorism. As an American woman said to me, the burqa is an ‘in your face’ statement, especially at a time when Islam is boasting that it intends to conquer us. There was a time, many decades ago, when a burqa-clad woman would not have bothered me any more than a nun’s habit. But we live in different and dangerous times.

Now, when I see women in burqas in my town I am alarmed, for I fear that colonization is taking place and that our town may become part of the battleground between us and Islamic terrorism. Is there any sane and worldly-wise American who does not feel threatened by the sight of burqa-clad women in the neighborhood? Is there anyone, seeing women in burqas, who does not momentarily think of explosions in shopping malls, suicide bombers and beheadings? If a Mosque is constructed does it not symbolize random terror and oppression will inevitably follow?

If sight of Confederate flags is enough to arouse fear in African Americans and that is a justification for them being prohibited, surely burqas and Mosques are truly threatening to all of us, including African Americans.


  1. Thank you! Very excellent write-up….in America, where its not illegal for women to show their face as in Muslim countries (where the women can be and are stoned or beaten for showing their face) it has proven detrimental to the safety and very lives of some in other countries where these women (or possibly men?) hide under filthy rags. Precisely what you have pointed out, quite possibly terrorists looking to blow up unsuspecting US Citizens. Yes, now is the time that we need to be more vigilant than ever!

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