Brian Williams and Media Lies

For the benefit of our website visitors from outside the USA, Brian Williams is the current Managing Editor and anchor of NBC Nightly News. NBC is one of the ‘big’ TV channels that provide the news that unconsciously shape the opinions of those Americans who do not seek their news on conservative websites. The 56 year-old Williams rose through the ranks of TV journalism and back at the turn of the Century he was a reporter.

In 2003 he was covering the war in Iraq and like many war reporters he was given the opportunity to accompany soldiers during operations. One of his frontline experiences, he has repeatedly claimed, involved being a passenger in a Chinook helicopter that was in a formation across disputed territory. Two helicopters in the formation were hit by enemy fire and forced to land.

Williams since becoming the anchor of NBC News has continued to claim that he was in one of the helicopters hit and forced to land. His many public utterances of this experience exist on record and are now being resurrected and they reveal that he has been embellishing this ‘experience’ with the passage of time. The soldiers who were in the helicopter formation in 2003 have been outraged by his claims because his helicopter not only was not hit by enemy fire but arrived on the scene much later, when it joined the grounded machines. Their protests have finally surfaced, contemporary records consulted and Williams has been revealed as a liar. Confronted with the evidence he has almost admitted as much and has been forced to make something approaching an apology. His actual words are “I feel terrible about making this mistake”.

Media Class comrades have been hurrying into print to explain how easy it is, when dealing with a traumatic event from the past, to get the facts muddled. There are calls for Williams to resign from his anchor job in order to restore credibility to the News Program. So far Williams has indicated he has no intention of resigning and few in the MSM expect NBC to sack him.

Obama’s current Secretary of State John Kerry most certainly outrageously lied about his Vietnam War experiences. Hillary Clinton has also greatly embellished a Serbian war incident in order to claim being battle-hardened. In neither case did the MSM see a story that required investigation and judgment, since the liars were warriors of the Left and the ends justify the means. Lying is good if it serves the cause of Socialism, the advancement of Socialism’s warriors and especially if the liars are members of the new Ruling Media Class.

It is impossible to believe that Williams, who was a mere 44 years old when the Chinook episode took place and had not reached his half century when he was embellishing it, has memory problems. It is also impossible to believe that a ‘reporter’ of all people would not remember such a dramatic incident fairly accurately. Anyone would know the difference between being in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire and being in a helicopter that escaped unscathed. We can surely assume that Williams recorded the event accurately at the time given that he was a news reporter.

It is evident that Williams re-invented the incident, calculating that he would appear battle-hardened, that his credibility as a front-line reporter would be beyond reproach and that on a personal level he is heroic. News anchors and other TV personalities are very vain and vainglorious people. I would be surprised if Williams could pass a mirror without pausing for a peep at his image. We can be sure that he feels ‘terrible’, but only because he has been caught lying.

Whatever his personal failings however, we should put his ‘mistake’ in a larger context. As a member of the Media Class, and one whose employment consists solely of putting out lying propaganda every day, why would he not see the possibility of turning this profession of lying to his own advantage? And when one is surrounded by people who lie professionally, are greatly admired for their skill, constantly cover up the lies of a President and his comrades and re-write history, what is a little lying on one’s own behalf?

NBC, like all the elements of the MSM, is one big lying machine and all who work for it are willing participants. Moreover, as we have maintained on this website since day one (and we invite you to look back over our years and check), our new Ruling Media Class, with roots in Hollywood, has prospered from fantasy, believes that facts are disposable and can be replaced by fantasy, and that if the captive audience can be brainwashed and history re-written, fantasy becomes the reality.

Many otherwise intelligent people I know, absorb ‘history’ as retold by Hollywood. The whole world now believes that Senator Joe McCarthy led the House Un-American Activities Committee, persecuted innocent citizens and created a ‘Red’ scare. Media-indoctrinated Americans will remember Joe as a villain long after they have forgotten Alger Hiss, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Harry Dexter White and all the Leftist traitors who worked to aid Stalin’s Soviet Union.

This morning Rush Limbaugh was calling attention to Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. The President used the opportunity to take attention away from the latest Muslim acts of barbarism and to caution Christians from getting on a ‘high horse’. They were no better than the pilot burners, said Obama, for they had in their cupboards the skeletons of the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery and Jim Crow.

It is not certain that the ill-educated Obama is aware that the Crusades were over 1,000 years ago and took place in a world where modern civilized standards of behavior were unknown. The Muslims who are acting out mediaeval atrocities are doing so in a world that has long condemned them, has condemned Nazi and Communist cruelty and whose technology has spread knowledge of civilized behavior to every corner of the globe. These Muslims are consciously rejecting civilized standards. One MSM apologist for Islam’s contemporary cruelty has written that the Christian Churches needed time to reject the ‘cruelties’ of the Old Testament. We, the intended victims of modern-day Muslim brutality, do not have time to await a century or two of internal Muslim strife. In any case the Old Testament does not exhort its followers to spread the Word with violence and brutality.

Obama is once again employing the Leftist tactic of false ‘moral equivalence’. This is always used by Leftists to excuse their own misdeeds. But why is he using this tactic to excuse Muslim barbarism? Some might posit that he is a closet Muslim but we see no evidence that he has an investment in any religion. We suggest that he is motivated primarily by a visceral hatred of White European people and that as Islam is a religion of brown-skinned people who are now embarking on an Imperialism that will punish Europe and its people, he seeks to help its cause.

King Abdullah of Jordan, enraged by the ISIS act of barbarism that ended the life of one of his citizens swiftly responded by ordering Jordanian Air Force attacks. More impressively for a leader, he donned a pilot’s suit and took to the air. He is an experienced pilot and it is rumored that he took part in the first of the bombing raids. If so, this is in stark contrast to the playboy in our White House. On this website we are going to start a rumor that Brian Williams intends to fly with the Jordanian Air Force on a bombing raid and thus redeem his reputation as a hero.

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