Blacks And Queers Above The Law

On Monday, a group of 25 members of ‘Black Seed, a Black, Queer, Liberation Collective’ occupied all 5 westbound lanes of California’s Bay Bridge. Driving in parallel they halted halfway across and chained themselves to their cars. The result was a complete blockage of the Freeway for three hours.

All vehicles behind them on this long bridge and way back into the East Bay were trapped. The Bay Bridge is a key commuter link from Oakland and beyond, to the Peninsula and San Francisco. It is also the connection to San Francisco Airport, and many specialist medical facilities. Besides the thousands trapped and prevented from getting to work, there were many hundreds who missed flights and hundreds of sick people who missed crucial medical appointments.

It is hard to imagine the suffering of those who were trapped for three hours on the bridge itself. Many will have been elderly, many parents with children, including handicapped and sick children, and people with medical conditions. It was much worse for these people than for those who were trapped back on the mainland, though their plight must have been bad enough.

Since all this suffering was the deliberate work of one of Obama’s privileged Revolutionary racial groups, the Mainstream Media will not be dwelling on it. Instead it will be swiftly Media-forgotten. There will be no MSM pics of distressed children and parents or the old and the sick. Nor will their sufferings be followed up by investigative reporters. The MSM, that can arrange reporters and camera-men on the spot at refugee camps in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for a sob story and posed pic, has carefully avoided the suffering deliberately inflicted here in California.

As far as I can check, the local MSM, in so far as it has mentioned this outrageous episode at all, has glossed over it as a bit of a lark, with commuters described as enjoying snacks and taking ‘selfies’. We can assume that there was much rage at the time and since, especially among those who have had to postpone and reschedule flights, have lost vacations, have had to make new and delayed medical appointments (some of them desperately needed) and missed job interviews and crucial business appointments. The MSM’s despicable Far Left propagandists will ensure none of this is recorded!

No regular visitor to this website will be surprised or will have expected anything different. Still, we thought it was worth putting some real suffering flesh on the episode in case the victims’ plight went totally unrecorded.

The perpetrators of this organized crime against innocent people go largely unidentified and uninvestigated. If a group of Christians had disrupted, even for five minutes, a Planned Parenthood death factory, not only would the DOJ be quickly on the scene, but the participants would be named, located and shamed (and rendered unemployed) by the MSM. We are never told by the MSM where the BLM activists live or how and where they make a living. Nor are we told if they are prospering on the tax-payers’ dime. They are permitted to step in and out of the limelight as and when they choose.

It was not always like this. Much of the disruption (like the violent attacks on police officers by Black activists) can be attributed to the Far Left Black Revolutionary in the White House, and his comrades in the DOJ. They are busy, with the collusion of the MSM, inflaming and mobilizing the perpetually discontented, but also ensuring that there is no accountability.

When the 25 Black Seeds and Queer lawbreakers responsible for the suffering on the Bay Bridge appeared in Court yesterday, no charges were presented and they walked free and back into the shadows. No doubt they are now busy – once welfare benefits have been collected or payments received from a kind billionaire uncle – planning their next act of vengeance against White and Asian productive citizens.

If any website visitor can identify the public prosecutor or prosecutors responsible for this travesty of Justice, and the Department involved, we will be grateful and will post it up. Also, if the Bay Bridge is Federal property we would like to know how the jurisdiction works. It is certain that those trapped on the bridge did not take matters into their own hands. Too many of our people are passive and law-abiding at a time when Revolutionary lawlessness is official.

Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump yesterday is being picked over by commentators on the Right. Most think it was not helpful to Trump. On this website we never attack Counter-revolutionaries and Palin is one of us. We think she detracted from her effectiveness when she left the Governorship of Alaska before completing her stint. We also think she may have, over the years, devoted too much time to politics and not enough to parenting. She is now saddled with a dysfunctional family that the MSM will hang around her neck like an albatross.

Trump knows what we know and we think he is employing her for the short term. The wily Donald is always looking for MSM headlines for his campaign and the Palin endorsement brought him headlines in Iowa just at the right time. We always thought she was more raw Nationalist than conservative and Trump shares her penchant for big crowds, conversations from the stage, rye humor and energy.

It is still the opinion of this website that Mrs. Clinton will not be the Democrat candidate in November and our money is on the Biden/Squaw ticket.

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  1. As one Pastor said, “What rights will others lose when homosexuals gain theirs”…the crazies are running the asylum! This bunch of criminals. you said, organized crime, must be stopped now!

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