Baltimore’s Mosby Plans Show Trial

The appalling events that are unfolding in Baltimore are a reminder that the Revolution is proceeding apace in Obama’s big cities. This is not a reference to Baltimore’s officially-sanctioned and unpunished rioting, looting and arson that will surely escape America’s crime statistics. This is about the outrageously concocted criminal charges that have been brought against the six police officers who were involved in the arrest and jail transportation of Baltimore’s much-loved neighborhood drug dealer Freddie Gray.

As Obama’s reign rolls on, the evidence that we live in Revolutionary times piles up. America’s Supreme Court is about to advance the cause of same-sex marriage and in the process set aside a two thousand year tradition based on natural law and pure common sense. In doing so, the Court’s revolutionary appointments and blackmail victims, will deliberately cast aside the Constitution and usher in the final assault on traditional Christianity and free speech.

The Court’s decision to redefine marriage will also ‘free’ citizens from their prisons of Nature’s imposed sexual identity. Citizens who suffer from boredom or dysfunctional childhood experiences will be liberated to choose their sexual identities (or none) by the day. The radical redefinition of marriage will also clear the ground for equality of man/dog relationships and group marriage, ensuring that the new revolutionary society, having set aside the old and bigoted norms, will reflect the tolerant and exciting morality of Beverly Hills and the Castro. Such a society will surely inspire its citizens to sacrifice and valor against all enemies!

If the overthrowing of Christian morality is not enough to confirm revolutionary times are here, Americans can now contemplate the occupation of their once-great cities by ungrateful, unproductive welfare dependents whose violent impulses must be placated, not with bread and circuses as in ancient Rome, but with free television sets, hi-tech devices, the latest fashion in trainers, pyrotechnic Downtown buildings and the punishment of those tax-payers who would deny them unlimited reparations.

There are those who live (and toil) in that land of bigotry sandwiched between the Left Coast and the conurbation that stretches from Washington/Maryland to the Canadian border, who will conclude that the inmates have taken over the asylum. The much-publicized and much-celebrated (by the MSM) emergence from the closet of grotesque cross-dressers and sexual exhibitionists is confirmation that the inmates have indeed escaped from the asylum and running the new show. However, the events in Baltimore and those that preceded them in Ferguson and Florida are much more sinister and immediately dangerous. Transgenders and sodomites, reinforced by mincing uniformed police officers and firemen, parading the streets, surely heralds the decline and fall of the United States of America but Baltimore spells the triumph of official lawlessness in the here and now.

What has America come to when police officers are prevented from interfering with the freedom of looters and arsonists to help themselves and to burn other people’s property? What has America come to when those arrested for such crimes are freed and treated as heroes by elected officials and the MSM? And what has America come to when, to encourage and further legitimize the mobs, police officers are selected, without due process, by Leftist officials for a Show trial and there is virtually no public protest? Does anyone on the Right think that Mosby, the Baltimore Mayor and Witch-Finder General Sharpton are acting independently of the White House and the DOJ?

Once again, when politicians on the Right have failed to express outrage, the Leftist retired lawyer Alan Dershowitz, has been a brave and lonely establishment voice for due process. We encourage our website visitors to go to May 2nd. “Charges Won’t Stick Against Baltimore Cops”.

We also recommend Free Republic May 2nd Her Blog. Here is an article dredged up from January 14th 2015, written before the Baltimore riots by Christie Cole, who had just been dismissed from her job in the Maryland State’s Attorney Office. “My Open Goodbye Letter to the State’s Attorney’s Office” reveals that Marilyn Mosby, she who spouts the revolutionary claptrap about ‘systemic’ this and ‘systemic’ that, set about purging the public department as soon as she was elected. No-one should see Mosby’s purge immediately after election as a random event. Obama has purged the military, the IRS and no doubt Holder purged the DOJ. Probably every Government Department has been quietly purged over the last six years. Indeed we believe that ruthless purging by the Revolutionary Left has been taken place right down to local school boards and school teaching staffs.

We live in Revolutionary times. 


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