The debate last night, controlled by Media Man Tom Brokaw, and now described by the Media’s commentators as ‘getting ugly’, was, in fact noteworthy for its boredom. The questions were all selected by Brokaw and the format was designed to eliminate real debate between the candidates on fundamental issues. Nothing the Media Class has control over is by accident and the selection of the stale and Leftist Brokaw was intended to keep the televised debate low-key. With Obama in the lead in all polls and the Media Class blatantly carrying his campaign, no way is this final phase of the contest going to be allowed to catch fire. Nothing is allowed that will elevate this campaign to the realm of fundamentals and thus same-sex marriage, abortion, immigration, gun ownership, Supreme Court appointments and similar issues were not among Brokaw’s topics.

McCain was disappointing for those who hope that he will get the gloves off, but there has never been any such hope or expectation on this website. McCain cannot be inspiring, for he lacks the underpinning ideological philosophy that fuels inspiration. For those conservative-leaning politicians who eschew ideology, the only weapon available to overcome rabid Media opposition is to fight bare-knuckle and to be hyper-aggressive. This is how the height-challenged Mike Tyson won the World Heavyweight title. McCain is no Mike Tyson, who grew up on the streets where explosive primitive aggression brought success. McCain, it seems to me, is a stubborn, honorable and aloof maverick who is incapable of straying from his self-imposed principles and probably listens to no-one’s advice. His formative experiences were his military service and his cruel imprisonment in North Korea. There he suffered grieviously for his sense of honor and for his sense of patriotism and ever since he has believed that his character record and patriotism should be enough to take him to high office. I am not implying that he is intellectually impaired or lacks the knowledge and experience to be an adequate President, for how many past Presidents since Ronald Reagan have been towering figures? Even before Reagan we had Presidents who were uninspiring and lacking ideology, including the grey and gullible Eisenhower and the pathetic Carter. McCain would make an adequate President for he loves his country, works hard to be honest and tries to rise above partisanship in pursuit of the best interests of this Nation and the general good. His mistakes include believing that the great majority of American voters also love this country, and have knowledge of the recent past, but most of all he does not recognize that he is fighting a Media Class that puts a revolutionary social agenda way above the Nation’s interests. Indeed, the Media Class wishes to destroy and remake the America that McCain holds so dear.

Obama in these debates continues to reinforce the character definition that emerged in his contest with Mrs. Clinton. Here is a man who loves himself, is dangerously over-confident; knows nothing of substance about anything except opportunism; who from the start instinctively understood that the quick road to promotion was through establishing Leftist credentials, and will now say anything to keep his grand ambition alive. He should frighten all sane Americans who have a stake in their Nation’s well-being, but the Media Class is expert at manufacturing ‘stars’ from intellectual pygmies and shallow character and for destroying decent people who stand in the way of the agenda.

It may be that tortoise McCain will pip the Obama hare to the post, and if so, we will learn that enough Americans still exist who can think for themselves. I am not optimistic. This week, a visitor to this website who is depressed by the Obama momentum, reacted in exactly the way that the Media Class wants. “I am a fiscal conservative” he complained, “but sometimes I just wish that the Republican Party would let go of some of those social issues like Roe versus Wade, because they lose us votes”. I don’t know how anyone can read even a few articles from this website and not realize that contemporary politics is now dominated by the culture war and that the Media Class is the most powerful enemy of conservatism, whether it is fiscal or social conservatism. In any case, surely modern economic and social history clearly shows that social liberalism inevitably leads to economic liberalism and the exponential growth of the State and taxation. Once the moral and social restraints on the population have been loosened, responsible citizens end up subsidizing the irresponsible and this in turn leads to the growth in numbers of the latter and the demoralization of the former.

I have written little about the current fiscal crisis because the causes of it are so obvious and well-covered by commentators like Rush Limbaugh. Still, it points up my previous paragraph. By making mortgages available to both the poor and the feckless and thus advancing the liberal social agenda of pandering to a minority, the responsible people of this Nation will now end up footing a giant tax bill and will groan under even more government. What more is there to say? If McCain was a bare-knuckle fighter he would demand that the US immediately cease all overseas aid, stop funding AIDS treatment in Africa, stop all payments to the UN and its subsidiaries like the World Bank and IMF, strip out all the pork in the ‘rescue package’ and especially stop funding ACORN and similar social programs, promise to slash all taxes in order to stimulate economic activity and pull troops out of Europe and the Far East. I am certain such measures would resonate with the majority of voters at this time and likely out-maneuver the Media Class, but this is all far too partisan for McCain. Incidentally, the Obama campaign is outspending the McCain camp by about 3 to 1 and the money is continuing to flow in to his coffers. All this as the Nation apparently faces financial and economic crisis! I am beginning to feel like Alice in Wonderland.

In the UK there is a news story on the BNP website. A BNP member is due to appear in Thameside (Manchester) Court for saying to a German neighbor “Remember Dunkirk”. The pair was having a dispute that they have now set aside and the German has withdrawn his complaint to the police. I am astonished that the remarks were ever grounds for a complaint to the police as they seem to be quite innocuous. Dunkirk was hardly a British victory but in any case, so what? What if he had said remember the Battle of the Bulge or remember El Alamein? How is this substantively offensive? But what if he had been offensive in his remarks? Why should this involve the criminal law unless he clearly threatened violence?

All of this should terrify the British people for it reveals the enormity of the legal constraints that have now been placed on free speech. No ethnic Brit dare open his mouth without fear of immediate police attention, arrest and detention for 8 hours in a police cell, a police house search and subsequent prosecution. For in this case the police did descend on this man’s home in double-quick time, he was arrested and held in cells for 8 hours and he is going to be prosecuted in Court. The German neighbor has withdrawn his complaint, but as I see this, the first implication is that every non-Brit knows he has the power to denounce a native for almost anything. The second point is that the police forces are now so politicized that every BNP member, every Nationalist and every Christian has become a potential target for official persecution. The third point is that speech ‘offences’ can now be stretched to include even the most vague and meaningless remarks. What counts is not the spoken remark but the race or nationality of the complainant and the race or political affiliation of the person denounced.

I want to believe that the native British people and even some immigrants would be outraged and moved to protest if they knew what is happening to free speech in a country that once led the world in freedom. Of course, the dirty little secret is that the Media is determined that the population will not be informed until it is too late. US citizens reading this might feel lucky, but they too are mostly unaware of the way they are manipulated by Media propaganda. At the moment they are being manipulated into electing a President and Congress that will abandon American traditions just as similar traditions have been abandoned in the UK. The BNP intends to mount a protest outside the Court when their member is tried. The protest will be either ignored or misrepresented by the UK’s Media and the native British people will remain largely unaware that their once-cherished freedoms have been reduced on the road to totalitarianism. Nor will foreign Media report this case or the protest. Yet the whole world’s Media constantly reports and magnifies minor situations of racism against colored minorities or abnormal sexual groups. I would be happy if victimization everywhere was reported but the Media’s selectivity reduces all reporting to mere propaganda.

The financial situation is reported in the Media and by politicians as a huge crisis. Not long ago, the threat of global warming was reported as a huge crisis. Then, as now, those reporting do not seem to live their own lives as though catastrophe is imminent. Contributions to Obama are pouring in to his campaign and I will bet that Ford Motor Company, PG and E, McDonald’s and Miller Beer are all still funding homosexual activists. Actions speak louder than words.





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