Same-sex Marriage Ruling a Triumph of Evil

As the perverts and their Media supporters celebrated the Supreme Court Ruling on marriage we may justly say that it was a black day for not only America but Western civilization.

On this website we long ago warned that America’s new Ruling Media Class was the most degenerate in history and that ‘marriage equality’ was never the ultimate goal of those who demanded it. As we pointed out many times, postwar generations increasingly abandoned marriage in direct proportion to the decline of Christianity. Apart from those secular young women for whom marriage was an opportunity for excessive spending and self-promotion (and marriages that rarely lasted when the going got tough) only Christians opted for it as a meaningful entry into the responsibilities of parenthood, family-creation and citizenship.

For most of those unfortunates who are attracted to their own sex, SSM appears to place the seal of society’s approval on their unnatural relationships and to remove a stigma. For many homosexual males cursed with publicly flamboyant behaviors, SSM offers the same attractions that marriage offered to the secular young women-an opportunity to dress up, show off and enjoy attention. In short, their ‘marriages’ are anything but an entry into family-creation, parenthood and citizenship.

The motives of these unfortunates and their Court-directed victories are not a profound threat to America. It is a fact, but never acknowledged in the media-controlled debates, that homosexuals, lesbians and transsexuals inhabit their own social world and will continue to do so. They are self-segregated and this segregation is reinforced by the world of heterosexuals. When I read articles in which the writer says “I have many gay friends” I wonder whether he is lying or moving in artificial enclaves. All around me I see, and always have seen, a normal world occupied by heterosexuals and two small and private worlds of homosexuals and lesbians.

Even in the workplace I have never witnessed any real integration of the three groups. I have worked in an environment where lesbians had a substantial presence and they were in varying degrees hostile to colleagues in the workplace and entirely exclusive outside of work. Male homosexuals sometimes enjoyed superficial friendships with heterosexuals (usually middle-aged women) at work but away from work chose ‘gay’ bars, bath houses and their own company. None of this is surprising, given that for male homosexuals sexual activity is usually a driving pre-occupation and they can best satisfy their appetites among their kind. As it happens, heterosexual males obsessively driven by sexual appetites waste little social time with family life, Christian clubs and hobbies but search for the bars where accommodating women are to be found. My point is that SSM in itself will not affect this segregation or change the world very much.

Unfortunately the rich and powerful perverts in the Ruling Media Class and their Leftist allies have a revolutionary agenda that is only incidentally concerned with reassuring the unfortunate minorities who are cursed with same sex attraction. Our Ruling Class and its allies do not intend that with SSM achieved life should go on pretty much as before. Their goal is to transform America from top to bottom (no pun intended!), to remake society in their own collective image, and to cement their privileged position at the top.

As the five Supreme Court Justices (and Roberts would have joined them if required) well knew, SSM is merely a step towards the suppression of free speech, criminalizing Christianity, gutting the Constitution and creating a society of Revolutionary, arbitrary lawlessness. This arbitrary lawlessness, expressed through Federal Courts and the Supreme Court, will continue to advance on all fronts, and the successful attacks on the Confederate Flag are simply one manifestation. The scattered small Flag demonstrations across the South will not be reported by the MSM and indeed they would need to muster thousands before they signaled a people’s resistance.

The next flash-point will come when the Churches are officially condemned and punished for refusing to marry perverts. On this website we see little chance that the Churches will effectively resist the State. Church congregations have become guilt-ridden, preoccupied with the saving of individual souls, lack any leadership or even awareness of the danger that looms, seem unaware that the MSM has nurtured widespread hostility to them, and pathetically prepare to embrace persecution and annihilation as ‘Gods Will’. What has happened to the muscular Christianity of ‘Fight the Good Fight’ and ‘Onward Christian Soldiers”?

Our Revolutionary Ruling Class will only encounter significant resistance when it moves to disarm the people. The inevitable gun rampage by a White misfit will enable the MSM to open the propaganda campaign and it will occur before Obama leaves office. On this issue, the Ruling Class will face a nationwide organization that could offer leadership – the NRA.

The WSJ’s Opinion pages, in lockstep with its reporters, have long smiled on the homosexual agenda. However we strongly recommend an Opinion piece of June 30th by William McGurn entitled “Justice Kennedy’s Bitter Truth”. As McGurn writes “the same-sex marriage ruling will unleash the legal furies against those who disagree with it”.



  1. Get a load of this. Jews are pulling out all the stops to celebrate their total takeover of the US.

    Jews see the ‘gay marriage’ thing as something comparable to the October Revolution back in 1917. Cock-tober Revolution of 2015? Ball-shave-ik Revolution?

    Or they see it as something comparable to defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.

    And this comes at a time when Jewish power is going all out to vandalize and smash all Confederate monuments and remove all Confederate symbols that stand for white unity and pride for honor and survival.

    Jewish victory hysteria is exultant. Though ostensibly this is about ‘marriage equality’, Jews really see it the total takeover of America by Jewish Supremacist minority elite power. Jews were the ‘Barzini'(referring to THE GODFATHER) behind the ‘gay’ agenda from the beginning. Homos were the fronts, the buffers used by Jews to smash and subvert the power of white conservative/Christian America.
    This was never about equality and justice. It was about POWER. And with four Jewish justices on the Supreme Court(Sotomayor is part Jewish) and a turncoat Catholic, Kennedy, Jews got the job done, and they are celebrating their homo putsch over US.

    Jews supported and pushed the homo agenda from Day One. Jews and homos work side by side in many industries. Wall Street, fashion, entertainment, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and etc. Both groups have a long history of covert subversion, devious transgression, and close-knit elitism.

    Also, Jews are a minority elite in the US. They are the 2% that rules over the 98%. So, Jews are nervous about gentiles getting upset over this. So, by normalizing homo culture, Jews have sought to normalize the idea of minority rule over the vast majority. If straight people who make up the 98% bend over to the 2% that is homo, then the 98% of people who are gentile are more likely to bow down to the 2% that is Jewish.

    Jews have been trying to get us accustomed to the New Normal of minority elite domination and power. And now that dumb Americans think ‘gay marriage’ is the best thing since sliced bread or toasted buns and now that the judicial supremacism is controlled by Jews, Jews think they’ve totally won. And all the big businesses are fully for ‘gay marriage’ since it is the New Normal, a necessity if one is to do business in America. If you wanna do make a deal, you must kiss the ass of homos who serve the Jews. Homos are the eunuch agents/servants of the Jewish emperors.

    Homo agenda is the proxy of Jewish globalist power. Jewish Power has funded and pushed the homosexual agenda all over the world to undermine the national independence, pride, and sovereignty of nations. And Jews especially target nations that are essentially the political and economic colonies of the US.

    Homo power = Jewish power. Jewish power hides behind homo power to gain access and influence over other nations. This is why Jews hate Russia so much. Russians understand the agenda and refuse to bend over the power of the Jewish-backed ‘gay’ lobby.

    Jews and Americans see other nations as political and economic colonies.

    And all this time, stupid American Conservatives thought Jews and Israelis were their best friends. Netanyahu is fully with this. He also, wink wink, sees it as a total takeover of America by the Jews.

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