Newsmax And Joe McCarthy

There are many good conservative and Right-wing websites that provide the real news that is suppressed by the MSM, and also offer stimulating articles written from a conservative perspective. Since almost every MSM outlet peddles propaganda, distortion and lies, the Internet, along with some Talk Radio hosts and Fox News are the only places where the truth can be found. Quite often I disagree with articles on sites like Human Events, but I do not doubt the integrity of the writers. They are putting forth ideas and arguments that are worth considering. Last week, Pat Buchanan wrote a piece that seemed to claim that the Second World War, or at least America’s involvement in it, was a great mistake. I think Buchanan is totally wrong but his is an honest viewpoint. Ann Coulter is occasionally a little bizarre in some of her pieces, but like Buchanan, she attempts to explore radical ideas and is not afraid to court unpopularity, even from those on the Right.

This week (April 8th) had a piece by one Ronald Kessler and entitled “The Real Story on Joe McCarthy”. It is the type of article one would expect to read in the MSM, for it is intellectually dishonest from start to finish. It is certainly not radical, for it will find favor with all those who are not on the Right, from the Leftists of Hollywood and Academia to the Country Club Republicans and RINO’s. The opening scaremongering paragraph makes clear where Kessler is coming from. He begins “A dangerous movement has been growing among conservative writers to vindicate the late Senator Joe McCarthy”. Now we all know that there has been no “Movement” growing, just a well-researched book (BLACKLISTED BY HISTORY) by M.Stanton Evans that was published in 2007 and was subtitled “The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy And His Fight Against America’s Enemies”. The book was mentioned just before its publication by Ann Coulter in one of her articles on the Human Affairs website. As far as I know, the only other review of the book was on another website and the reviewer failed to challenge a single fact in Evans’ book whilst re-iterating the MSM condemnation of McCarthy. A great many bloggers wrote in to Coulter’s site expressing support for McCarthy, but that hardly merits description as a ‘Movement’. The refusal by the MSM to review this important and fully-documented work about an important political figure of the traumatic 1950’s, speaks volumes. Not even the slightly Right-leaning Wall Street Journal could find room to review the book. As I wrote on this website (November 17th 2007) the book must have had every Leftist academic seething with rage, for McCarthy has long been the object of vilification by every Communist and closet Communist over the past 60 years.

I would have welcomed a serious critique of the book as long as it was based on facts. As Stantons’ meticulous recording of papers, memos, Senatorial records and identified quotations has not been challenged anywhere, I have to assume that his facts (and therefore his conclusions) are unassailable. Kessler manages to write a whole article repeating the Leftist denunciations of McCarthy without referring to Evans’ book. How can this be possible? Well, if he referred to the book, he would have to be able to refute the supporting documentation. I doubt he has read the book, otherwise he would have mentioned it. He does however manage to quote people who allege that McCarthy was an alcoholic and chased 18-year old girls. The main accusation in his article is that McCarthy’s investigations and public statements were reckless and unsubstantiated and therefore obstructed the ‘real’ work of others in uncovering spies.

Evans’ book, which I repeat is thoroughly documented, seems to have effectively underpinned McCarthy’s accusations and no-one was wrongly victimized. Communists working in US Government departments were actively working for the Soviet Union and even lowly employees were capable of accessing information that the Soviet Union wanted. They were infiltrating Government at every level and busy promoting themselves to sensitive and influential places. Some, like Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White were at the highest levels and influencing Presidents to the detriment of US policy and US allies. The big problem when McCarthy exploded onto the political scene was that the establishment politicians and the Public Service bureaucrats were unable and unwilling to believe that the USSR had a Fifth Column in the US and that some were their colleagues.

Kessler, for whatever reason, is attempting to keep McCarthy blacklisted and to do so he has to avoid dealing with the facts that Evans has unearthed. To the Leftist propaganda and baseless denunciations of 60 years he is now adding the myth of McCarthy as an obstruction to the real work of unearthing traitors. McCarthy alerted the American people to what was going on in Government and in doing so embarrassed the Establishment politicians and enraged the Leftists. He made enemies of the Republican leadership, who were asleep, and enemies of the powerful Leftist forces that were emerging in Academia, Hollywood and the Media. For a time, these people felt the heat of public scrutiny, and they didn’t like it!

McCarthy suffered the fate of all outsiders who blow the whistle. He was not an Ivy League Lawyer, he was not rich, he was not a Washington Insider, he had no powerful base such as a Union, he didn’t go to the Ballet or other Arts world activities and, if Kessler is to be believed, he liked young women and a drink. The Newsmax website has given Kessler space in which to place an article that is intellectually dishonest. Perhaps the website owners would like to give Evans an opportunity to restore McCarthy’s reputation, for it seems that ‘Tailgate Joe’ deserves a positive place in US history. If he doesn’t get justice on the Internet, where will he get it? Certainly not in the Leftist MSM!

As a US citizen with roots in the UK, I was reminded of the decline of the UK when I heard that Sir Elton John (real name Reginald Dwight – see my article dated November 13th 2006) was fundraising for Hillary Clinton and attacking the character of conservative Americans. This limp-wristed, podgy warbler (no Cole Porter he!) is typical of the modern-day talentless ‘entertainers’ who have made quick fortunes, become celebrities and then felt they have the right to shape politics. He is a member of the new ruling Class of once-Great Britain. Let us hope that the BNP wins hundreds of council seats in the May elections, for that will surely keep Reggie running to the nearest toilet and away from the US.

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