January Round Up

Today, we have added to our website booklist the M Stanton Evans book on Joe McCarthy. In doing so, I read back to our review of that excellent book in our archive dated November 17th 2007. The subsequent Media silence about the book has astonished me for I would have bet that the book would have unleashed a torrent of attacks from the Left in the MSM. The only explanations for the blackout are (1) the book is thoroughly documented and totally objective, thus rendering it immune to contradiction and (2) that it reveals how so many of the traitors in Government were found jobs in World Bodies like the United Nations and the World Bank.

In this sense the book is not only historically significant but contemporaneous and enables us to see how those bodies were infected with Socialism from their inception. I am still surprised that the WSJ has not reviewed it, however. It is possible that I have missed a Journal review, but unlikely, for I carefully monitor its book reviews every day. The Journal has reviewed dozens of lightweight books since November, as well as some genuinely important ones. I suspect that the conservative influence in the Journal is restricted to the Op-ed pages and that the book reviews are controlled by Left-leaning staff who see this book as a bridge too far. Given the embargo on reviews, I doubt that the book has sold well, for books rely on publicity when launched. If it were not for Website heroines like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, I would not have been aware of Evans’ treatise.

Recently I mentioned the accumulating wealth of our ruling Class as evident in US property sales. I could list hundreds of examples but it would bore readers, so I select just a few. Last week movie producer Jon Peters listed four Beverly Hills parcels of land for $39.5m. He bought the parcels in 1996 and has developed them since. The plans include a 30,000 square-foot main house, a guest house, a security cottage, a spa house and a tennis house. It will be interesting to see which leftist Media mogul or star does a deal. No doubt it will be someone with impeccable Leftist credentials including caring about the poor and the environment.

On the related subjects of property and Leftist hypocrisy, I watched a TV tirade from Dem Presidential candidate John Edwards about America’s treatment of homeless war veterans. This took place on the David Letterman Show, and the Leftist self-styled comedian joined in with Edwards by accusing Bill O’Reilly of being a known liar. Edwards and Letterman have been taken to task by Fox’s straight-talking newsman, who has weighed in with ample facts that show that Edwards’ assertions and outrage are without foundation for there are comprehensive services available to ex-servicemen. Edwards is a very rich man who made his fortune as a Trial Lawyer and who owns a giant home. O’Reilly might suggest that Edwards should offer some of his spare accommodation to homeless vets and also halt his futile Presidential campaign and donate his war chest to a charity that assists the mentally ill, drug addicts and alcoholics who reject the Government help available.

This morning I surveyed the snow which caps the small mountain chains that are visible from my house. It is rare that these are snow-covered, but January has continued to be cold, wet and dismal here in central California. In the UK the rain continues to cause flooding as the wet winter follows the wet summer of 2007. In Davos, Switzerland where the great and good gather to ponder the world’s problems whilst preening themselves, I read that every room occupied by these famous people has been specially perfumed. Amongst the important people are George Soros, Gates, Bono and Al Gore. I hope Soros avoided France on his journey for he faces criminal charges there. I suppose that no Davos gathering would be complete without Bono. Apart from global warming, the topic which will preoccupy these worthies will be how to spend our tax dollars in Africa. One of the world’s wisest and most important figures is missing however and I am sure the ladies who flock to Davos for this event will greatly miss him. For once, he is busy on his wife’s business in South Carolina.

I will leave readers with this question to ponder. Do you see any evidence that the Davos crowd is actually anticipating a global meltdown in the next few years?

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