Into February

It is a measure of the turmoil on the Right that I find myself criticizing Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and almost every other conservative Talk Show host and blogger.  Perhaps a virus has infected them all, for there is something feverish and hallucinatory in their attacks on most of the Republican candidates this year. I cannot remember such venom being used against George W Bush (or his father) or other Republican competitors in previous elections. I am not objecting to the sturdy examination of the candidates, their policies, their past actions or their characters, for a conservative movement should be skeptical. It is characteristic of Leftist movements that they are emotionally driven, excessively idealistic and blinded by slogans, half-truths and wishful thinking.

Huckabee and McCain have fared the worst, but until the race boiled down to two, poor old Romney also got his share of destructive invective over the airwaves and on the major conservative websites. It is regrettable that all of the candidates who looked to have a real chance fell short of perfection, but isn’t this true always? Neither Bush could have looked very appealing to conservatives but most commentators refrained from burning the bridges. At the moment one cannot listen to the Talk Show hosts and their callers and read the Right blogs without concluding that most conservatives have furiously unleashed a civil war within the Republican Party. What do they stand to gain from the pique of “If it’s the RINO McCain, I will not vote! We might as well have Hillary and Bill in the White House!” I have read blogs on Human Events that have compared McCain to Clinton and chosen the latter for 2008. We have gotten used to Leftists comparing President Bush to Hitler and VP Cheney to Goebbels but I never thought conservatives would employ the same type of childish and ridiculous language.

Before anyone thinks that I am a McCain supporter, let me say that I am not registered with any Party and my wife, who is, has already voted for Romney. I thought she did the right thing in the circumstances! But McCain is not deserving of the vilification that is now erupting in some quarters of the Right. I have read blogs that have questioned his military credentials and sneered at his heroism, and they have been posted by people who claim to be conservative patriots. Rush Limbaugh, who as the most influential conservative in the USA is not normally shortsighted, has contributed to this fratricidal atmosphere and one has to hope that he will be appalled at the way this is playing out. There is still time for him to tone down the rhetoric and caution his listeners against handing the White House to the most dangerous and unprincipled pair to emerge in politics since the 2nd World War. Leftists and the Clintons must be salivating when they read the articles and blogs on Human Events and the other influential websites.

McCain has frequently put two fingers up to us conservatives in the past 7 years. Sometimes his breaking ranks in the Senate have been rooted in principle and sometimes they have been payback for his defeat by Bush, but he has remained steadfast on pro-life issues, Christian marriage and national defense. It is silly to argue that his stance on illegal immigrants and borders negates his pro-war credentials. Bush has taken the same stance and no conservatives suggest that his commitment to national defense is no better than that of the Clintons. It is true that we cannot be sure that a President McCain would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would defend the Constitution, but the same is true of Romney. We can be sure that the Clintons and Obama will appoint Leftist activist judges, and those judges will be there (in a majority) for a decade or more!

If McCain wins the Republican nomination, we conservatives should set aside his past transgressions, not because we are forgiving, but out of self interest, concern for the reputation of our Nation and most of all to keep our children and people safe from our many enemies around the world. Those who believe that McCain is the Media’s choice and that he is being palmed off on the Republican Party will discover that he is every bit as hated by the Media Class as any other Republican candidate when Next Fall’s campaign begins. I sincerely hope that the irrational, spiteful madness now raging in so many conservative hearts will be exorcised soon.

Every commentator is making the mistake of trying to make sense of the dynamics of the current campaign without seeing the greater context. Here is that context!

Beginning in the 1970’s, a new ruling Class (Media Class) has been emerging and doing things that have been creating a revolution in the political system. It has taken over the major Party of the Left (Democrat Party) and rewritten its agenda so that it acts for the Media Class. It has captured the Democrat Party by making it the Party of Feminism, Homosexual advancement, Centralized State power, multi-culturalism, anti-Christian morality and welfare dependency. The new Class has sought to defeat and silence its opponents on the Right – Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists – and thus it has waged a war against the Republican Party.

With each election, the new Class has played a more decisive role, for it has been consolidating its power as a Class beyond mere politics. Evidence of this shift of power, is the increasing assertiveness of Media people in politics. Ironically, the conservative Ronald Reagan was an early example, but more typical is the lineage from Jane Fonda through Barbra Streisand to pretty much all Hollywood people, entertainers and celebrities who strut the political scene today. Their money and their views are decisive for Democrat politicians and their publicly-expressed hatred is reserved for Republicans.

Initially the new Class (not yet confident in its power) stayed in the shadows, but now it increasingly flexes its muscles in full view. The new Class is most interested in pushing its social agenda and this is why Homosexual advancement, abortion rights, sexual liberation of all kinds and the destruction of the old morality, have all become litmus tests for politicians, legislators and Judges. This Media Class, relatively small in number, needs a dumbed-down and politically apathetic population that can be manipulated by Media propaganda.

The Media Class has its own internal divisions and its own mavericks. Thus we have conservative Talk Radio, Fox News and the Washington Times. It is no accident that the conservative fight is being carried by Media people – Rush Limbaugh and his colleagues/competitors. Limbaugh is now the leader of the conservative movement in the US. In the Democrat Party, the Clintons were the initial choice of the Media Class, but disunity has erupted with the emergence of Obama. His politics are as loyal to the new Class as the Clintons, and he has the TV charisma and image that is so in tune with the new master Class. The Clintons are old and shabby in comparison, and so a Class that is addicted to youthfulness, newness, surface appeal and shallowness is divided. I think the Clintons will survive as the anointed candidates of the Media Class but it is interesting that they, who have enjoyed Media favor for so long, are now complaining that Media people are giving Obama a pass on his past!

We have to see contemporary politics in the context of the emergence of the New Class and its agenda of social revolution. The New Class wishes to create a new morality in society – one that is comfortable for its Media people. We need look no further than the late Broke Back Mountain star Heath Ledger to see what that morality is.

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