Dog Days of the USA

Wikipedia describes ‘Dog Days’ as the “evil time” when “the sea boiled, the wine turned sour, dogs grew mad”…”causing to man among other diseases burning fevers, hysterics and phrensies”.   The Roman Empire, when these words were written, was in slow but terminal decline. It was a decline, as the great English historian Gibbons observed, when the men of the Empire and its ruling class indulged in perversions, the population had become multi racial and multi cultural, hardworking citizens were heavily taxed to provide the feckless mob with welfare and public entertainment, and there was a spiritual and moral vacuum. 

    Looking back at the USA over the last four years (and further), and looking forward to the unfolding new year, any rational Conservative will see frightening parallels with the rotting Roman Empire. Indeed, we are surely seeing the Dog Days of the Western World and the civilization it once spawned. 

    When I read last week that two men ‘married’ each other atop a giant wedding cake float in LA’s latest Rose Parade – and doubtless the mob who watched were greatly entertained – I fear the Dog Days of Ancient Rome have come to stay and all is lost. Of course, any rational Conservative will have recognized a decade or more ago that the shallow but triumphant homosexual movement is characterized by infantile behavior and exhibitionism, but beneath the surface of such grossly debased public events there is a truly sinister and profound dynamic. 

    As we have long asserted on this website, we are living in Revolutionary times. We mean Revolutionary! The debauched behavior that is on display and celebrated in the ‘Pride Parades’, on the streets of SF, on every TV station, every theater and cinema, in most magazines, promoted by the antics of shameless Pop stars, and now corrupts the Rose Parade, are the deliberately ‘in your face until you resign yourselves to it’ actions of a new Ruling Class that, in the words of the politician who represents it, is remaking society before your very eyes. Inevitably the repetition and familiarity with decadence we experience dulls us to its outrageousness and inevitable consequences. 

    Last year saw the Ruling Class, through its Democrat President, his side-kick who heads his DOJ, his Democrat Senate, US Big Business, the Federal Courts and the full propagandist power of the Media Class, finally kick aside the Constitution and Constitutional government and advance full steam ahead with an agenda of genuine Revolution. To be sure, there are also influential elements in the Republican Party only too willing to roll over in submission, and others ready to collaborate and reap the rewards of enabling the new masters. The potential counter-revolutionary forces are shrinking, muddled and divided. Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists all seem incapable of identifying their common enemy, recognizing the depth and breadth of his forces and agenda, and are unwilling to unite for an effective resistance. 

    Conservatives now fight among each other, divided between the fiscally correct and the moral – as though the two can be separated. Genuine Christians are retreating into other-worldliness and guilty self-flagellation. Nationalists are espousing racial policies that have been completely overtaken by the reality of decades of uncontrolled immigration. We have already addressed the falsely divisive issue of fiscal Conservatism versus moral Conservatism in our previous article attacking Libertarianism, so let us deal with Christian failings. 

    This is not a Christian website, only Christian-leaning, so we cannot delve into the finer points of theology. We write this as well-wishers who view traditional Christianity as the well-head and bedrock of our civilization. We repeatedly warn Christians that they are the most-hated target of the new Revolutionary forces. 

    This writer has now, over the last four years, attended three traditional Christian Churches in California. One was Assemblies of God, the second was an offshoot and the current one is an independent Baptist Church. There were and are good people in all of them. One of them has a Pastor who has emerged as politically liberal and intent on taking his (conservative) flock on the road to same-sex marriage and the Leftist agenda. He is sincere and a good family man, but seduced and corrupted by constant exposure to Media influence and its mantra of ‘inclusiveness’. The second Pastor has a gift for making the Bible understandable but his Church is mega-sized and except for his sermon is little more than an anti-cultural Rock concert. He has once or twice spoken against abortion. He is a good man, a family man, a gifted teacher and does not berate his flock with their sins. The third leads a small and openly Conservative Church, making clear his personal opposition to sodomy, SSM and abortion. The music and dress expected from his members are modest and there is no pandering to Media/modern behaviors. This Pastor and his Church will be among the first casualties of the rapidly approaching State suppression. 

    All three avoid mentioning, let alone confronting, the political Revolution that is transforming our society before their eyes. The latter and the first-mentioned Pastors spend much time telling their Congregations that they are constant sinners, albeit with different sins. None confront the issue of abortion and none enjoin their members to ‘march’ for life and vote against the apostles of murder of the about-to-be-born. None prepare for the moment when the State and its Courts will order them to bless the sodomites in marriage. None denounce the behaviors of the feckless mobs of the cities, indeed they claim that Christ loves these sinners but will harshly judge the law-abiding, hard-working, prudent, tithe-givers in their congregations. Worshippers at these Churches must feel guilt-ridden. None are encouraged to engage in the politics of this world on the side of morality and self-preservation. In short, there are no Jerry Falwells preaching here. No Pastor appears to see any connection between their brand of Christianity and Moral Conservatism as a political force. 

    Interestingly, none ever refer to the cruel fate of Christians around the world at the hands of the Islamic Imperialists. Two are heavily into sending Missions abroad, yet never mention Islam’s unrelenting and brutal crusade against Christians. There seems to be an inward-looking resistance to the recognition of other traditional Churches and a common cause. I can understand their distance from Catholicism – and surely this Argentinian-born Pope is going to attempt to lead his Church to the acceptance of sodomy – but none seek a unity in the face of growing secular persecution here in the States. I heard none offer support to the Boy Scouts’ efforts to protect young boys from homosexual predators and no comments when the Boy Scout leaders caved. None mention the persecution and prosecution of Christian businesses under new Revolutionary laws regarding SSM. I know there are Churches around the USA which unite to fight abortion and support the NOM in its Constitutional fight against SSM but they are surely shrinking in numbers. Where are they in California? The only thing that unites them all is support for Israel, even as Jewish organizations in the States often lead the war to suppress Christianity. 

    It occurred to me over Christmas that many Americans were more than happy to say “Happy Holidays”. There is much hostility to Christianity that is surfacing now that the State is showing its anti-Christian hand. The Churches’ reluctance to be judgmental and militant has failed however to appease them. As the Christian Churches become inward looking, self-critical and passive, so the anti-Christian forces of perversion, secularism and Socialism become more openly hostile. It is as though many Christian leaders seek persecution and martyrdom for their followers. 

    Finally, the Nationalists are also failing to gird for a fight for the counter Revolution. I regularly read the website Occidental Observer. It is well written and articles are well-researched. Contributors make a persuasive case that there is a very active Jewish presence in politics (around the world) that is intent on protecting Israel by manipulation of America’s domestic politics. They point out that the same presence also works to destroy Christianity and Christian morality, swamp the White peoples with Third World immigration and criminalize Nationalist movements. They identify powerful and destructive Jewish influences in the Media (we would say bestride the Media Class) and in the US Judiciary. But these accusations are extended to the near Nazi accusation that all Jews are wired differently to others and incapable of assimilation or sincere loyalty to their host nation. It ignores the reality that many non Jews in the West support Israel against the Arabs, not because they have been manipulated, but because they think Jews deserve to live and Islam is a common enemy. The website contributors fail to recognize the many positive things to which Jews have contributed in the West, to economic freedom (Joseph Schumpeter, Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayek), anti-Totalitarianism (Hannah Arendt) and too many to name in medicine, science, and politics. Mark Levine and many other Jews on Talk Radio fight for America’s borders and Constitution. In the face of a powerful and vengeful Leftist Ruling Class, what is to be gained from splitting the Right on the basis of Race? 

    The website American Renaissance is another informative Nationalist website that chronicles modern Black on White violence and the Media’s suppression of the real news. It also courageously discusses the scientific research that claims that the world’s races are not equally blessed where IQ is concerned. It is right that in these Revolutionary times when our Ruling Class and its Leftist allies encourage racial divisions that there should be honest scientific enquiry about Race and also a voice for the increasingly oppressed White people. But the website’s contributors offer little in the way of a solution for a country where a combination of racial minorities will soon outnumber White people. What purpose can be served by looking back at a less racially diverse America? It could not be reconstructed without great violence, and in any case too few White people seem to care. Should Whites seek alliances? And if so with which racial groups? 

    These are indeed the dog days of America and literally so. On this website we have previously drawn critical attention to the rise of the dog and the decline of the child. Many things have contributed to America’s disastrous falling birthrate. Changing technology and genuine Human progress have had unforeseen consequences for the family and natural reproduction rates. There is no going back on women’s emancipation and the role of women in the workplace. Nor is there any going back on the affluence that it has created for ordinary people. But the massive drop in births has more than a little to do with abortion and much to do with Revolutionary Feminist propaganda, the Left’s attack on the traditional family and our new Ruling Class’ determination to bury the West and its civilization. 

    It is now official, and widely celebrated in the Mainstream Media (MSM), that some two thirds of American households have a pet (usually a dog, or two or three). This, when fewer and fewer have children! It is not just the presence of these mentally limited and useless creatures, but their elevation into preferable substitutes for children. We have a society that officially and popularly looks the other way at the whole-scale slaughter in the womb of our own species, yet frets about stray dogs being humanely put down. This Christmas – once the time for celebrating the birth of a child – I received several Christmas cards from friends with photos of the family and drawing attention to the family’s latest doggy addition by name. Clearly, in these families, the dog is the center of attention. If this is not enough, we recommend a massive article in the WSJ ‘s Mansion supplement of January 3rd. It is titled “IN THE DOG HOUSE” and written by Candace Jackson. It opens “With pet ownership at an all-time high, architects, builders and developers are pulling out the stops to please residents of the four-legged variety; designing a doggy dressing station.” 

    This kind of nauseating drivel continues with pictures of proud ‘parents’ and their dogs and the lengths and expense to which they have gone to create houses to suit their dogs. The people featured clearly have no shame. Sadly, they represent not just a trend among the privileged but the future of a Nation. 

    Meanwhile, as the richest residents lead America into madness and the masses follow, and as the shrinking number of sane Americans politically fragment in the face of a Revolutionary and wholly decadent Ruling Class agenda, the Barbarians wait at the gates. Indeed, in much of Western Europe the Barbarians are inside the gates. Make no mistake America, the Islamists are not substituting dogs for children and if they are patient they will soon replace us. 

    Weather – The MSM did its best to conceal the purpose of the ‘stranded by ice’ passengers down in the Antarctic. They were a party of Global Warming ‘scientists’ searching for evidence of the allegedly shrinking southern ice cap. Those who get their news from Conservative websites will be fully aware of this irony but it would be wrong to assume that Americans generally know this. It has been harder for the MSM to conceal the ferociously cold weather now afflicting much of the USA (a ‘Cold Snap’ according to the BBC) but I have seen several MSM reports that extremes of weather are consistent with the Global Warming predictions. Meanwhile, in the UK the rains continue and flooding is reported as if it were a phenomenon. In my long experience the UK was always enduring rain. Open the Bible at almost any page and you will soon discover that storms and floods are nothing new. 

    As “Winter” it seems has now been banned, along with “Christmas”, all that remains is to wish our readers, “Merry Cold Snap and Happy Dog Days”!

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