Election Thoughts

Since our brave men and women in the military, plus those civilians who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan to work, are all in the front line, perhaps we should concentrate a little more on the military consequences that the choice of candidates will have.  Since all Democrat candidates for President are defeatists, at least whilst on the campaign trail, any success they enjoy with the electorate must boost the morale of the Islamic fanatics. The Clintons will promise anything to get elected and reneging afterwards is not a moral problem for them so it is quite possible that Presidents Clinton will not pull the troops out in 2009, at least not quickly. The Media Class masters will have no problem with such a ‘switcharoony’ for the only thing they dislike about the war is that the hated Bush initiated the invasions. The highly influential segment of the Media Class which is homosexual must realize that a masochistic submission to the lunatics of Islam would be terminal for them. It is difficult to know what a President Obama would do about the War but since neither he nor Edwards is going to be allowed to beat Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, we shall never know.

Ron Paul, the Libertarian isolationist is not going to get anywhere either, so we can rule him out as irrelevant. A win for Huckabee might encourage the Islamists for populists rarely pursue policies that appear unpopular in the short term and they never consider the long term. Romney, who I think is going to win the Republican nomination, has no impressive credentials with regard to resolute defense, since Governors get immersed in domestic issues. Still, if a President Romney were to pursue the War, I suppose he would pursue it effectively and at less cost for he has proved his ability to organize and win. A win for any of the other three would be bad news for Bin Laden and his followers. Thompson, McCain and Giuliani could all be expected to continue to support the military and our Allies and I think both Giuliani and McCain would exert themselves to raise both military and civilian morale.

One thing is certain and that is that both our murderous enemies and our Arab Allies will be watching the course of the election closely. Logic would suggest that Bin Laden would not initiate any terrorist acts on US soil prior to the November election if he thought a Democrat was going to win. However, I am not sure that Bin Laden’s mind is entirely logical or that he has absolute control over his crazy followers around the world. If it looks like the Democrat candidates (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton) are headed for victory, I would expect our Allies in Afghanistan and Iraq to begin buying plane tickets for far-away places and that will put our troops in greater danger.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Media Class is now focusing on who to pick for the Republican nomination. I think their favorite is Huckabee, not because they like his Evangelical message but because he will be the easiest to destroy during the Presidential campaign. I agree with Limbaugh that the Media Class is salivating at the thought of being able to fatally wound the Christian base of the Republican Party at the same time as it sinks a Christian candidate. Two birds with one stone! Fred gets ignored by the Media and because of his lack of dynamism he is largely being ignored by the conservative base. Surely Giuliani is finished unless he wins Florida? This leaves Romney and McCain as the real rivals and there is no doubt that the Media Class prefers McCain at this time, for he is no conservative. Should Mc Cain win the nomination, which I think is unlikely , he will suddenly find that he has no friends in the Media and he will be destroyed. Why do I think he will be easily destroyed? Because he will have little support from the conservative base of the Republican Party! The ‘independents’ and ‘middle-of-the-road’ voters he now appeals to will be easily swayed by the Media campaign for Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Romney will get the kind of Media treatment that was dished out to George Bush. If he has the smallest skeleton in his cupboard it will be hoarded by the Media Class until he is locked in a fight with the Clintons. Then it will be unveiled round about early October and will not look small by November. His Mormonism will also be used against him relentlessly. The Media will not be tolerant or inclusive towards the Latter Day Saints. Is the election already lost, then? Well, no! The Clintons are a hard sell. Those Americans with a brain and a memory, and there are many of them, might prove immune to Media propaganda no matter how much it is pumped out. Some Democrats, maybe many Black Americans might sit the election out. The Media monopoly has been broken by the Internet, Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News and the Christian voters of the USA might be mobilized by the threat of the Clintons in the White House. There are many people that even Soros money and propaganda will not buy. We can only hope!

As Kenya slides into murderous anarchy, the situation in Iraq is continuing to look more and more civilized and all the Media crowing about Iraqi civil war is looking silly. In Afghanistan, the Islamic terrorists have begun to target Afghans in cafes and schools, surely a sign that they have lost against the government and our troops.

I read this week that researchers in San Francisco and Boston have reported that “sexually active gay men” (i.e. sodomists) are 13 times as likely to have the strain of the highly resistant and ghastly bacterium known as MRSA. Men aged 18-35 were found to be hardest hit in the Castro district of SF. Those visitors to this website who saw our report on the SF homosexual sado-masochist festival will not be surprised. It seems that perverted and promiscuous behavior carries enormous risks and one might expect that Government, doctors and health insurance bosses would be busy telling people to abstain, just as they do with regard to smoking. No-one dares to mention this easy solution to infection, for the Media Class would orchestrate homosexual outrage. The Media Class stand is that nothing should come between the ‘gay’ man and his orgasms.

It is still extremely cold here in California and not much different across the USA. In the UK the rain pours down day after day, just as it always used to. Still, even John McCain thinks that (man-made) global warming is beyond dispute, so I suppose we must be patient and wait for change.

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