President Trump, the MSM and “Doublethink”

President Trump began his campaign for President in 2015, five years ago; and almost continuously from that time to the present, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has used all of its propaganda to undermine Trump’s goals and values, invalidate the election and conceal its own agenda and bias. But as this website documented during Trump’s 2016 election campaign, this bias and agenda was – increasingly – in plain sight in the campaign leading to the November 8th election.

It was only when the 2016 Presidential campaigns gave way to Trump’s first Presidential term that the Broad Right began to recognize 1) the power of the new Ruling Class and 2) the fact, which we have long maintained on this website, that the MSM advanced – and had power over – the Left-wing agenda decades before the Trump Presidency. For the Broad Right to not recognize the rise and power of the media class until Trump’s campaign and Presidency is not vastly different from Louis XVI’s recognition of the significance of the French Revolution in 1792. The Broad Right would be in the same position as he if not for Second Amendment Rights, the prevalence of Christianity in much of the country and the conservative (“reactionary”) wariness of revolutionary ideals. The longer-term impact of America’s traditional culture upon the effectiveness of the MSM’s agenda will be tested in November.

At the beginning of 2020 the world finally seemed to have become slightly more favorable to the Right after years of leftward push in the MSM, universities and culture itself. Populists were winning elections in Europe, Trump had remained President despite “Russia collusion” and impeachment attempts, and the Democratic Party’s front-runner for the election was – as had become increasingly apparent – handicapped by dementia. After a few years of relatively turbulent politics and protests, “politics as usual” – or at least as close to “politics as usual” as one could get in these times – seemed to support, if not guarantee, an easier re-election for Trump in 2020 than circumstances allowed at the time of his election in 2016.

Probably by accident at first, the coronavirus forced conservatives into their homes while the Left ruled the streets in Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, Portland and St. Louis. But when the Left recognized this turn of events in their favor, the “accident” became intentional. As Fox News informed us on Friday, keeping churches closed while riots dominate the streets is now completely acceptable, according to Bill De Blasio and numerous Democrat governors and mayors. If churches and right-wing protests are not allowed (even though these are a constitutional right), do those in the Broad Right even have free speech?

While under normal circumstances – again, “politics as usual” – a candidate such as Biden would not have even made it through the Democratic Party primaries, let alone the election, these circumstances have been ideal for a candidate who gives speeches at his own choosing, operates his campaign from his home in Delaware and relies upon the MSM to do the hard work of real campaigning – all under the guise of defending against so-called “misinformation.”

This new, largely spontaneous campaign declared by the MSM against “misinformation” has been advanced over the course of 2020. But it needs to be clarified that this campaign is not a campaign against misinformation, but instead a campaign against information – whether true or false – that contradicts the agenda of the MSM. Time is running out for Republican legislators to recognize and take action to prevent this suppression of all opposing speech.

After all, who has the authority to unilaterally refer to an opinion or thought process as “misinformation,” and then, once that opinion has been condemned, throw it into the memory hole? Free speech applies to information – true or false – to protect the rest of society against those who want to redefine truth and then condemn those who disagree.

Social liberalism and this MSM-led brand of totalitarianism are in direct contradiction to each other, but as we know from 1984, doublethink is acceptable among totalitarians.

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