Victory Has Never Tasted Sweeter

Donald Trump’s victory yesterday in the Electoral College was sweet indeed. So much to savor!

It has been a long time since the Broad Right had a real victory to celebrate. Certainly the Presidential victories of George W. Bush were defeats for the detestable Gore and the blow-hard Kerry but we always knew that anyone with the name Bush did not signify real resistance to the relentless march of progressivism. George W. apart from hiding out on his ranch in Texas, finally betrayed the Right by not picking a dynamic VP in his second term and thus paved the way for McCain, Romney and Obama.

Sure there have been a series of victories in the State legislatures and Governorships and Republican domination of Congress, but it has all counted for little when faced with a Revolutionary President with a phone, a pen and a Mainstream Media propaganda machine.

Despite those Republican Congressional wins, Obama has been able to turn the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for his illegal edicts, pack the Federal Courts with Far Leftist judges, and purge the military leadership of patriots. Just as dangerously he has transformed the Department of Justice, the CIA, the IRS, and every Federal Government Department into punitive arms of the Revolution. Winning Republican Congressional majorities and State legislatures proved to be hollow victories indeed for the Broad Right.

During the six years of a Republican Congress, the Broad Right at the grass roots has been subjected to constant and growing official persecution, as America marched to an immoral totalitarianism. One big American company after another has imposed rules on its employees so that opposition to the invasion of Third World masses, opposition to non-citizen voting rights, and opposition to the grotesque sexual perverts agenda, have been tickets to unemployment and legal persecution. It has been obvious to every member of the Broad Right that the days were numbered for gun ownership (the ultimate defense against a tyrannical government), free speech and the presence of Christianity in the public square.

Who really believed that Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, Huckabee, Fiorina or even Ben Carson would win a Presidential election against the money of Hillary Clinton and the power of the MSM? And if one of them should win against the odds, who expected that the Revolution would be rolled back?

And then the brash and political novice Donald Trump, lacking an ideology and anything remotely like a conservative pedigree, established his claim to the leadership of the Right by loudly and simply speaking the censored truth on borders, language and culture. Most significantly, he never retracted or apologized when the MSM and Establishment attacked him. Before his entry, such talk had been reduced to a few and threatened Talk Radio hosts (Michael Savage the most fearless) and the fringes of the Internet.

We on the Broad Right knew immediately that Trump, despite his crudities, was the real deal. And the Fake Right of elitist Republicans and scribblers also knew he was the real deal and hastened to shut him out. But Trump’s victories in the primaries, though sweet in themselves, especially as they so enraged the scribblers, were a long way from a successful Counter-Revolution.

At the outset of the Trump campaign I doubt any of us on the Broad Right anticipated his cunning, his mastery of the alternative Media, his ability to learn quickly, his amazing energy, dedication to winning and his stamina. But, as he constantly and correctly claims, he has founded a movement and we are all on board.

It was obvious after his narrow victory in the Presidential race, that the interim period during which the lawless Obama still has control of a lawless Government machinery, the MSM has its foot on the propaganda accelerator, and the Red and Black mobs rule the streets, would provide opportunities for the Revolutionaries to snatch back a victory.

Oh how the Far Left, the MSM, the Republican traitors and the perverts must have been clinging to the hope that the Electoral College could be the moment when Trump’s and our victory was stolen. Well, yesterday, barring an assassination or an Obama-led coup, we can savor victory, for in less than 30 days the Counter-Revolution will begin in earnest. And please, no magnanimity in victory but a settling of scores!

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