Trump’s Poll Numbers Continue to Slide

This headline is not an introduction to an article criticizing our determined Counter-Revolutionary President. On this website we continue to be amazed by his energy, resilience and optimism. Having recorded that, we will start with a criticism.

We are disappointed that he has delegated official tasks to family members, especially his daughter and son-in-law, the Kushners. We are well aware, that like the President himself, they are not being tax-payer funded. We are also well-aware that there are many hidden traitors skulking around in the political and business circles of Washington, and Trump feels he can place more trust in family.

We are also aware that President Kennedy picked family members for the highest offices, that President Clinton was hard at work building a family dynasty, and Obama picked tribal comrades for the most trusted (and dirtiest) jobs.

But including family members in our President’s inner circle is too much like Royalty for our tastes, and our reservations are made worse because Trump’s family come from a social and economic background only slightly less morally and economically offensive than San Francisco’s swamp.

It is enough that Trump himself is a New Yorker and former Media member. We are willing to believe that he has experienced a moral epiphany and some wisdom that comes with age, but his daughter and Jared Kushner? The working people of Michigan and Pennsylvania, and the Evangelicals of Kansas and Georgia, did not vote for such people to be in power or close to it.

It is reported that President Trump’s popularity with voters has slid down to around a third of voters. Most likely this third is made up of the Broad Right’s members who now ignore the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) propaganda. This is Trump’s hard-core support and will not shrink further unless Trump begins cross-dressing.

A third of the poll sample will be the Nation’s Far Left alliance of Homos, Libertines, assorted perverts, Christian-haters, unionized Government employees, privileged Academics, secular Jews, America’s inner-city Black tribes and race-guilty White snowflakes. These people would hate Trump even if he could walk on water.

The other third will include many who voted for him, but whose minds are being poisoned by the MSM propaganda, and whose commitment is being tested by the factionalism of the Congressional Republicans which casts doubt about his ability to govern. The failure to pass the (less -than-perfect) Healthcare Bill, and the failure of too many Republican legislators to strongly and publicly denounce the Russia smears, are damaging.

Trump is not to blame for this, and we are not suggesting that the Kushner appointments are a cause. To his great credit, Trump has been busy achieving those Counter-Revolutionary victories that can be gained by edict and do not require support from the Congressional Republicans. Good for him!

But the appointment of Gorsuch is the next big test of his Republican support. McConnell, to his credit, is standing firm, but if Collins, Murkowski and the obnoxious Media-Queen McCain jump ship, it will be a hollow victory for Trump, and the MSM will insist that Gorsuch is as illegitimate as Trump.

The Democrat defectors Heitkamp and Donnelly are probably not true defectors at all, but have Schumer’s permission to save their seats in the 2018 elections. The truth is that apart from Manchin, no other Congressional Democrat will ever desert, for the Democrat Party is a Party that was long ago purged of dissenters. Like the MSM, the Congressional Democrats march in lockstep towards the Totalitarian Revolution that, when completed, will eliminate dissent. They are creatures selected and defended by the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class.

In contrast, the Congressional Republicans are always under constant pressure to desert, collaborate or surrender. The Ruling Class and its MSM have so many rewards to offer and so many punishments to inflict. It is a wonder that so many Republicans stand firm for Trump. Devin Nunes, in particular, is a hero of the Broad Right.

It is our opinion that the Democrats are fighting Gorsuch’s appointment, not because he is a true Counter-Revolutionary (we doubt he is!), but because they are looking beyond to the next Supreme Court vacancy, and also see an opportunity to once again prevent a Trump momentum building.

Despite Trump’s edict victories, we cannot see a real rolling back of the Revolution unless the MSM’s control over propaganda is broken and he is able to regain popularity. How Trump can do that, especially without the Congressional Republicans, is hard to see. Maybe a violent push for power by the impatient Far Left will take the conflict out of the hands of politicians and put it in the hands of the people. The future is very unpredictable.

There hasn’t been much good news recently but last week two deaths should have brought pleasure to good people everywhere. Martin McGuinness (66) of the murderous Catholic IRA in Ulster, and New York’s Gilbert Baker (65), inventor of the ‘Pride’ (pervert’s) flag, both went to Hell. It is a certainty that neither was saved before death.

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