Trump’s Budget Cuts and Dutch Election Results

Trump’s proposed budget cuts alone are sufficient to justify his election. Ending the waste of our tax dollars on the National Endowment of the Arts, PBS, NPR and Foreign Aid should have Nationalists and Conservatives jumping for joy. Some misguided Christians will be shocked by cuts in foreign aid, but there is nothing stopping Churches from donating to foreigners in need, as they already do via Missions funding.

The Media Class/Far Left alliance will fight all these cuts just as  desperately and innovatively as it has fought the travel ban, and will fight EVERY Trump policy and edict, for America is in a civil war in which the temporarily ousted Ruling Class intends to not concede an inch.

The NEA, PBS, and NPR are propaganda arms of the Media Class, founded early in its stealthy rise to power. The NEA has been used to subsidize perverts and their Revolutionary agenda of promoting cultural garbage, sexual perversion and moral corruption.

If Trump succeeds in depriving these organizations of Federal funding, the financial shortfalls will be made up by extra State funding in some States and cities, and by massive tax-exempt donations from rich Ruling Class perverts, for they know the value of hidden, super-saturated Leftists propaganda and cultural decadence. But what they are forced to spend on these means less for other anti-American causes.

In the longer term, the Broad Right’s agenda for a healthy Nation must include the defeat and economic destruction of the Media Class and the return of perverts to the closet. Meanwhile President Donald Trump is attempting to move forward with the Counter-Revolution. Another reason to support him on Health Care.

Geert Wilders failed to make a political breakthrough in yesterday’s elections. His Party’s gain was modest and not enough to inflict nightmares of marching jackboots on Bret (Israel First) Stephens. The Mainstream Media both in Western Europe and here in the USA will portray the result as a massive setback for Nationalism in order to halt momentum in France and Germany.

In fact, a modest gain is better than ‘no gain’, and better still than a loss. Wilders and his PVV comrades are daily risking their lives in a country that has already been invaded by murderous Islamic Imperialists. Dutch Nationalists face politicized legal persecution every day, and are challenging a wealthy Ruling Class that possesses the power of the MSM.

On this website we stress the natural interlocking relationship of the Counter-Revolutionary forces of Nationalism, Conservatism and Christianity. We support Wilders because he campaigns openly for COMPLETE resistance to the Islamic Imperialist invasion of Holland. This is a courageous stance and a logical one, and at this time in history it is a priority.

 But Wilders’ Nationalism, even though it also includes leaving the Internationalist EU, is neither Conservative nor Christian, and therefore greatly deficient, for it is too narrow.

Its Nationalist deficiency is not in its current priorities, for they are tactically sound. But its shallow agenda reveals an unwillingness to deal with the fundamental reasons why Holland allowed itself to be absorbed into the EU and then invaded by an alien horde.

 Wilders is the successor of Pim Fortuyn, an openly homosexual academic, who founded and led Holland’s political resistance to the Islamic invasion. Fortuyn was assassinated by a Far Left Internationalist in 2002. We can assume that one of Fortuyn’s motives was Islam’s intolerance of homosexuality. Wilders is strongly supportive of homosexuality and is anti-Christian. Other than his resistance to Islam and the EU, Wilders is in the mainstream of Holland’s modern, secularist culture that rejects the wisdom of its people’s Conservative and Christian heritage.

Any Western Nation that rejects its moral roots in favor of hedonism, and fails to nurture the real family and procreation, will not long fight for its survival. It is doomed to rot from within!

Here is an anecdotal story that will alienate all our website visitors who are addicted to their mobile devices. But it is connected to the foregoing article.

Yesterday I was sitting with my young son in a large, crowded medical room whilst waiting for a blood test. There was the usual multi-racial, multi-cultural Californian crowd of patients. My son pointed out to me that everyone was looking down at their mobile devices, thumbs working away.

We don’t do that for I know that my son’s laptop exposes him to Media Class/Far Left propaganda on his way to the Internet. But more importantly I am training him to do what is natural i.e. observe the real world around him, study his fellow human beings and their behavior, and look out for danger.

I asked him, “If you were in a Georgia swamp where alligators lived, would you sit transfixed by your laptop screen? If we were hiking in the Californian hills near home, would you not watch for mountain lions or human predators?”

The Western World has many predators roaming to find a victim. It has Muslim terrorists who attack the unwary. If three Muslims armed with guns had entered the packed medical waiting room yesterday, my son and I would have been the only two to spot them and take avoiding action, until gunfire tore the bewildered others away from their screens.

There is a very profound lesson to be learned from this anecdote and it is relevant far beyond a medical waiting room. Yesterday’s election result showed that the people of Holland are not paying enough attention. Are you?

Netherlands Election Results:

VVD Mark Rutte 21.3% 33 -8
PVV Geert Wilders 13.1% 20 +5
CDA Sybrand van Haersma Buma 12.5% 19 +6
D66 Alexander Pechtold 12.0% 19 +7
SP Emile Roemer 9.2% 14 -1
GL Jesse Klaver 8.9% 14 +10
PVDA Lodewijk Asscher 5.7% 9 -29
CU Gert-Jan Segers 3.4% 5 0
PVDD Marianne Thieme 3.1% 5 +3
50+ Henk Krol 3.1% 4 +2
SGP Kees van der Staaij 2.1% 3 0
DENK Tunahan Kuzu 2.0% 3 +3
FVD Thierry Baudet 1.8% 2 +2

Table from and NOS.

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