Trump/Russia Charge: Much Noise, No Substance

It is no surprise to this website that the Mainstream Media can endlessly run stories devoid of substance but full of accusations. Two prime examples are the Trayvon Martin story and the Michael Brown story.

 Martin was a young Black criminal-in-the-making in Florida who attacked a security guard and got himself shot dead. It was the 2014 court exoneration of George Zimmerman, the security guard, that led to the creation of the Trotskyite Black Lives Matter. Despite all the evidence of Zimmerman’s innocence that surfaced on the Internet and in Court, the MSM relentlessly and to this day, portrays this squalid event as a racial murder and Martin as an innocent child. For certain, a large portion of the American public remains convinced that Zimmerman was a murderer.

Michael Brown, portrayed by the MSM as a Black ‘gentle giant’, was shot dead by a Ferguson police officer who he attacked. Despite all the evidence that the police officer was defending himself, and a confirming Court verdict, the MSM continues to include this equally squalid event in its regular stories of police assassinations of innocent Black youths.

These two misreported events were part of a larger MSM agenda intended to shore up Black votes for the Left in two elections, but even now the MSM revives them in all their falseness. The result is that, like the vilification of patriot Senator Joe McCarthy, truth is buried and a new ‘truth’ enters the record and the public consciousness.

The power of the MSM to rewrite/invent history, especially when reinforced by Hollywood and Far Leftist academics, is awesome, and we are now witnessing and experiencing another Media invention destined to replace the facts in the public mind.

To date, despite examining every MSM report, I have been unable to discover any evidence of a criminal act, shady deal or hint of scandal in Donald Trump’s few dealings with the Russian Government or Vladimir Putin. The smear appears every day all across the MSM, yet still I am unable to find any substance to it. I assume that others on the Broad Right have the same problem.

If I have it right (and this website welcomes corrections!) the MSM charge is that Putin interfered in the 2016 Presidential election, in order to get Trump elected.

At first the charge centered on the Russian Government penetrating the electronic voting machines in some States and somehow weighting them against Hillary Clinton. It was this MSM charge that resulted in Green Candidate Jill Stein demanding votes be recounted in a few crucial States, though not a scrap of evidence was found. This led to her exit from the political stage, but the MSM/Far Left charge of Putin interference did not exit with her.

The charge (again I welcome corrections!) moved to Putin being the mastermind behind Julian Assange, and his WikiLeaks revelations during the course of the election campaign. Assange denied Russian collaboration.

The general consensus is that Assange, or his supposed Russian partners, penetrated the computer of Clinton’s campaign mastermind,  John Podesta. Without doubt the release of his emails damaged the Clinton campaign, for they revealed dirty work of every kind by the Democrat Party elite, including unfair practices to obstruct the Bernie Sanders campaign.

No-one in the Clinton campaign or in the Party challenged the content of the leaks and some leading Democrats resigned because of guilt. It is a tribute to MSM power over the narrative, that the truthfulness of the leaks, revealing what the MSM had missed or buried, has been ignored, but their damage to the Clinton campaign has been turned into a charge against Trump. To put it simply, the charge is that Trump colluded with Russians, to ferret out the Clinton campaign’s un-denied dirty works. Another way of putting it is that Clinton unfairly lost the election to Trump because her crimes were revealed.

In truth, the MSM charge that Clinton was cheated out of victory by a Trump/Putin collusion has gradually morphed into an unsubstantiated MSM charge that Trump has for some time been a Russian collaborator, indeed almost a Russian agent or Mongolian candidate. This has expanded into the suggestion that the Trump team is full of Russian collaborators and their sinister actions are even bigger than just fixing the election.

Although the MSM refutes Trump’s charge that he has been spied upon by America’s security agencies, and on the instructions of the outgoing (but still ruling) President Obama, the underlying MSM narrative is that Trump has for a long time been up to something fishy with Putin, and the security services have, in the Nation’s interests, been monitoring his every move and that of his associates.

To date there has been not one scrap of evidence revealed in the MSM to support this narrative, making it hard for Trump to refute. But Trump’s shady/treacherous dealings with Russia have been established as fact simply by MSM repetition.

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