Trump Train Not A Gravy Train

American tax-payers have become accustomed to all Washington DC-bound trains being nothing less than Gravy Trains. The Clinton train to Washington was packed with passengers who bought expensive tickets, confident that when they arrived at the destination there would be very rich pickings indeed. Unfortunately that particular train was derailed some miles from the station, and its passengers appear to have wasted their money. How sad!

Who knows when the Washington DC train first became a gravy train but the gravy will have become thicker and richer as the Federal Government has grown. And no doubt the train has added many extra carriages to accommodate the growing hordes fighting to buy tickets. Newly-elected Congressmen, lobbyists, publicists, Big Business representatives, agents of foreign governments, and slick opportunists, all crammed in together networking and scheming, and simultaneously proclaiming to the world their mission to do good, in anticipation of doing well for themselves.

The Donald promised to drain the swamp that is Washington DC and his early moves show he really means business. No lobbyists in his team and future government, a five year ban on lobbying after departure, and no work ever for a foreign government — these rules have the signature of a reforming outsider and no precedent in history. The Bush train would have been so different!!

So the Trump Train to Washington DC is a short express, those on board know there is no gravy at the destination, and that they have signed up for swamp-draining duties. Best of all the engineer is a volunteer who will work for no pay and who is not a union member. So much for the WSJ collaborators who smeared Trump as a bankrupt seeking to rescue his financial fortunes!

Trump’s decisions so far would greatly resonate with the hard-working, tax-paying American people, except that they don’t know about them, for the Mainstream Media is busy concealing real news and whipping up an anti-Trump uprising of all those who stand to lose should the Obama Revolution be undone .

It is our belief that the Ruling Media Class, and especially its Far Left allies in the big cities, are spoiling for a violent conflict to prevent Trump from taking office. They want blood! Listen to their rhetoric! Note their violent rage! Others on the Left, less confident of winning an all-out civil war, may believe that a coup can evolve out of making the big cities ungovernable prior to inauguration.

The Far Left mobilization for violent intimidation on the streets, encouraged, orchestrated and repackaged for public consumption by the MSM, appears ready to leave behind some of the Democrat Party in Congress. Schumer may be looking forward to four years of Senatorial tactics, obstructionism and MSM stardom, but Elizabeth Warren is emerging as a totalitarian fanatic who believes she can capture the leadership of an ultra-Congressional movement and complete the Revolution that Trump’s victory threatens to undo.

We suspect that Warren has big ambitions and believes that Hillary Clinton’s defeat need not be a defeat for Totalitarian Socialism, but an opportunity for the abandonment of stealth and gradualism in exchange for a bloody coup. She almost certainly is working hand-in-glove with George Soros whose Revolutionary cadres are impatient for violent action.

The threefold strategy is:

  1. The MSM de-legitimizes in the minds of the American people Trump’s election victory, by promoting the canard that he lost the popular vote by a significant margin. In other words, the election is being stolen.
  2. The MSM is working to demoralize Trump’s supporters with endless false reports of his organization’s internal squabbling, confusion, policy wobbles and retreats.
  3. The MSM continually reports ‘spontaneous’ public demonstrations that are bringing normal life to a halt.

In an earlier era, Unions of railway engineers, steel workers, truck drivers, miners, port workers, construction workers and airport workers would have been called upon to create a General Strike. But now these workers are voting for Trump! A General Strike by Unionized teachers and public employees would certainly not bring America to a halt and many citizens would not even notice.

The better alternative (for the purposes of MSM propaganda) is for Unionized teachers and College professors in work-time to bring pupils and students on to the streets to disrupt traffic, whilst completing the ‘political education’ the children have long been receiving. After dark the Soros-funded Trotskyites and Black Lives Matter mobs can pick up the Revolutionary baton, peacefully assembling for the MSM cameras, and then rioting, intimidating, looting and burning in the name of saving America from Trump.

The Media Class and its Far Left allies hope to quickly build the rioting to a crescendo, identify a Muslim ‘martyr’ of Rightwing violence, and gift Obama with an opportunity for Martial Law, supported by Warren, the rump of the Democrats in Congress, the extremist Mayors of Big Cities, and a handful of Republican Quislings like Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

This scenario is threatening us, so what stands in the way of its success?

  1.  The Republicans in Congress have been revived by Trump’s victory and now have more backbone.
  2. Obama may have purged the top ranks of the military in the Pentagon but elsewhere the military remains stalwart.
  3. Donald Trump is no low-energy, hide-away Bush, but a tough, now-battle-hardened, determined and focused President-in-waiting. Provided he escapes assassination attempts, he will not allow a vacuum on the Right. There must be millions of Broad Right citizens like me, prepared to answer a call to defend Democracy. We must be ready!


Universities are offering sanctuary to illegals. Let them! It will take offenders out of circulation, test elitist principles, consume their resources, and law-breakers ready for deportation.

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