Trump Throws Down The Gauntlet To The Far Left

There is one thing that Trump-haters, Trumpets and those in between can agree upon and that is Donald Trump is keeping America focused on him and his every move. Has there ever been an intruder into the political scene who has hypnotized America even before taking office?

At the moment his nearest rival for Mainstream Media (MSM) coverage is Jill Stein and it is doubtful if even half of America has any idea who she is. How much of Trumpomania is due to Trump’s deliberate headline-seeking tactics, how much is due to his instincts, and how much is the consequence of an unfolding and unique moment in America’s short history – a conflict between Revolutionaries and Counter-revolutionaries?

For those who seek to see the big picture, it is probably the latter. To find a time when so much was at stake would require going back to 1859 when America was on the brink of civil war. It is the opinion of this website that America is again on the brink of civil war. What was left of ‘politics as usual’ after 2008 and Obama’s entry into the White House, has surely been consigned to history.

The evidence is staring us in the face. The Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies are brazenly refusing to accept the result of the Presidential election. They are making no pretence of working within the Constitution, instead turning to lawlessness, or as they might claim, creating Revolutionary law.

All across the country, strong-holds of Revolution are proclaiming that a Constitutionally elected President will not be allowed to carry out policies on which he was elected. Sanctuary cities, sanctuary Colleges, sanctuary Churches are nothing more and nothing less than a naked challenge by the Far Left to law and order, and to the Authority of the next President. They are an invitation to violence on the streets and a decisive test of strength.

To understand the alliance that has been ruling America for the past eight years, we must recognize that until now the alliance senior partner has been the Media Class. Its ownership and control of the Mainstream Media, successfully concealed from the vast majority of Americans, has enabled it to choose what is news, invent and create news, hide real news and relentlessly promote a Revolutionary agenda. Its ownership and control of almost all entertainment has been as successful in promoting this agenda as ownership and control of news. The two combined have resulted in a propaganda machine as efficient as was Stalin’s and more effective for being unrecognized by those being brainwashed.

The Media Class has been able for decades to promote, destroy and intimidate politicians and other public figures and calculated that it would successfully continue to do so in the latest election. Not only did it fail to do so, but was forced to abandon its neutral pose with regard to ‘news’. Thus the current situation is that half the Nation no longer trusts the MSM – a loss of power of great consequence.

The Media Class has never been numerous enough to fight and win the elections that have been a part of the old American political system. And so it created an alliance with a Far Left that shares almost all its Revolutionary moral goals. In exchange it has supported the Revolutionary economic goals of the Far Left on the understanding that Media Class wealth and privilege will not be redistributed.

To create a Far Left partner capable of fighting elections, the Media Class, using its MSM propaganda, purged the Democrat Party and Union Leaderships of those workers and leaders who held moral views. Anyone who reflects on the old Democrat Party (traditional Christian, non-doctrinaire, anti-Communist and patriotic) and compares it to the present Party of ideological fanatics, wholly Internationalist, intent on re-creating mankind, and committed to totalitarianism- a transformation achieved in less than thirty years – will not contest our assertion.

At this moment in time, the Media Class using its MSM and abandoning its pretense of neutrality, failed to win the Presidency for the Alliance. The last stage of the Revolution – a Clinton Presidency that would complete the transformation of America into a totalitarian society by the mass importation of non-Americans, the criminalization of Christian morality, the final destruction of the family, the creation of a Leviathan State, and the impoverishment of the American people by redistribution – has been halted by the election of Donald Trump.

The Media Class now has limited (but still significant) powers and the task of stopping Trump’s occupancy of the White House is passing to the Far Left. What this means is that hidden propaganda and persuasion are making way for un-Constitutional political obstruction and the promise of naked violence.

The Jill Stein challenges to selected election results have several purposes and we have covered these in previous articles – delay in the inauguration of Trump, the creation of an atmosphere of crisis, perhaps creating a Constitutional crisis, defining Trump’s win as illegitimate, stoking violence and promoting Stein as a new leader of the Far Left. The intention of the Alliance is that Trump will be stopped, if necessary by violence, before his inauguration.

If this fails, expect the violence to really explode when he begins building the wall and when he implements the policy of deporting illegal immigrants. Even if he never gets beyond attempting to remove criminal aliens, the Far Left seems prepared for a decisive violent challenge.

Trump, as the last year has demonstrated, is a fast learner, and he has mobilized a formidable following of aroused American Nationalists. If he is as smart as we think he will continue to mobilize them. He is appointing military men to his cabinet who can be expected to rally the troops in the event of an open civil war. His domination of the political scene which we noted in the beginning of this article, has already cast him as President (and legitimate) in the minds of many Americans. He is not a Republican snowflake who melts as soon as the MSM turns on the heat.

Trump may yet overcome the legal challenges, face down the forces of violence, dodge assassination and enter the White House. Last night he addressed his massed followers in Cincinnati and threw down the gauntlet to the Far Left by promising to build the wall. Exciting times ahead!

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