Trump The Underdog. Rage On The Right

I have always been attracted to the underdog. Invariably he is the one who is vilified by the powerful, ridiculed by the followers of the powerful, treated unfairly and sometimes treated as invisible.

In this election there is no doubt that Donald Trump is the underdog. The billionaires have ignored him and funded his opponent, the powerful (MSM) have vilified (debased) him and treated him unfairly, and the Entertainers (Media Class) have ridiculed him. True, he has not been treated as invisible but that is because unlike most underdogs he is not weak.

More to the point his followers are also the underdogs of the new Revolutionary America ruled by the Media Class and betrayed by Republican elitists. Trump’s followers have been treated as invisible and denied a voice. The MSM has resolutely refused to ever pan a camera around at his rallies to show the army of his followers, even though their numbers are record-breaking and news-worthy.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, the sour-faced Bret (Israel First ) Stephens describes the crowds of White working people at Trump rallies as “rightwing buffoons”, and dredges through 1920’s and 1930’s European history to make comparisons to Mussolini and Hitler. The great sin of the Trump supporters, according to Stephens and the #NeverTrump Republican ‘intellectuals’, is that they have a “fetish for action”.

Stephens is probably a core member of the little clique who have gathered out of sight to celebrate a massive Trump defeat and step in with their own “Restart GOP”.

Here is what Stephens writes on the day that Hillary Clinton, a crook, a liar, a supporter of SSM and late abortion, a woman committed to packing the Supreme Court with legislators in robes, and dispensing with the Constitution, is poised to win the White House.

“Donald Trump is a demagogue. Period. The fervor of his crowds recalls Nasser’s Egypt. His convictions are illiberal. His manners are disgusting. His temper is frightening”.

Not even Democrats have expressed such strong and unfounded sentiments about Trump and his supporters. The truth is that Stephens and the #NeverTrump Republican clique in their fevered minds are afraid of the ordinary working people of America who cling to their Christian religion, guns and love of country.

Stephens is right about one thing. There is a rage growing on the Right and it is not just against the anti-Americans of the Far Left. It is against the Media, International Big Business, the slimy inhabitants of the Washington swamp, and the Fifth column within this country.

There are many good reasons to wish for a Trump and people’s victory, but for me an extra one will be the extra sourness it will put on the faces of Stephens and his clique.

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