Trump, The National Crisis And Conservative Nit-Pickers

So….We’ll agree to disagree. And I firmly understand your point about the ‘Broad Right’ and needing to organize and unite. Since most of us on the right are independent minds, it’s hard to unite and get things done like the brainless masses of the left which simply follow orders like good sheep. We like to come to our own conclusions instead of being told what to think. We MUST do a better job of uniting, but uniting behind someone who isn’t a conservative is a major mistake and will continue to keep us divided even longer!

I simply cannot support Trump b/c he is not a conservative – based upon his past and current statements, he fails the litmus test. A liberal/progressive in Republican clothing is still a liberal/progressive.

With all that being said, keep up the great work! I’m glad this website is still churning out fantastic articles – the people need to hear ‘the other viewpoint’ which this website does very well!

  • George Wellor

    Thank you for your encouraging comments. Tonight i don’t have time to go into more detail but Trump will also protect gun rights, appoint Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and protect Christian free speech. He intends to take out Obamacare and restore education and many other functions back to the States. These are hugely important differences from Clinton and gang. He will not loot the treasury for his Foundation. Sure his program is more Nationalist than conservative but our alternative is to lose our Nation and freedom. The fact that he has stirred up a nest of cockroaches and is also risking his life demands the support of EVERYONE on the Broad Right. As you rightly say, the Broad Right suffers from divisions – and I would add from nit-picking.

  • Epaminondas

    Erick, you would be foolish to walk away simply because Trump does not meet ALL your requirements as a conservative. If I were you, I would disregard that term, “conservative”. It has become meaningless, especially in the hands of neocons and a hostile media who are always trying to redefine it anyway. Look at it this way: no Republican since Richard Nixon has been as hated by liberals. And that tells you something. Liberals are in terror of what Trump might do to their precious crony capitalist/government initiatives. They are horrified that the US will alter its relationship to the snowflakes in Europe. The border wall gives them nightmares. Calling for the repeal of Obamacare gives liberals fits. The idea that liberals will not be appointing the next three, four, or even five supreme court justices has them foaming at the mouth. You get the idea. Call Trump what you want, just don’t call him a liberal. As Ann Coulter might say, liberals hate Donald Trump with the hot, hot heat of a thousand suns. Let’s get your agenda done, Erick, but let’s first get Mr. Trump elected so we can get that wall up and that court packed with justices who are on our side.

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