Trump Repels All Attacks

Tomorrow is an election day of primaries in West Virginia and Nebraska. In WV both Republican and Democrat voters head to the polling stations but independents can also participate and people can cross party lines. In Nebraska, as I understand it, only registered Republicans get to vote, not independents. Democrats have already had their election day.

There is an intense lack of Mainstream Media interest – these words deliberately chosen! In these days of Media Class propaganda, when we have to search between the lines to glean genuine news, a lack of MSM interest means that the facts do not advance the Media Class agenda. In the absence of MSM interest, here is our take on tomorrow’s elections.

The latest opinion poll from WV has Donald Trump on 61%, Ted Cruz on 22% and Kasich on 14%. This poll, if correct, will cause apoplexy in the homes of Mark Levin and Glen Beck, and a serious loss of appetite at Fox News, The WSJ, its Gang-of-Four scribblers, Karl Rove, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Reuters, AP, the Paul Ryan home, the Lindsey Graham nursery, the McCain house of mirrors and the Bobby Jindal war room.

Yes, The Donald just has too many well-wishers! Oh! And I forgot Rush Limbaugh. He is still receiving grief counseling for Cruz bereavement syndrome. Rush can still only refer to the next President as ‘the Trumpster’, which I feel certain is not intended to be complimentary. Still, time is a great healer and Rush, unlike the bitter and twisted Levin who is sticking pins into a Michael Savage doll, will become a Trumpster of sorts before May is out.

It is reported by the pollsters that Trump in WV has big support from all ages, both genders and all socio-economic classes and that his support from those independents intending to vote, is 75%. These are an important set of statistics for it means Trump continues to mobilize those who normally stay home. Some Trump denigrators imply that getting the rare voters and cross-over Democrats is a sign of weakness but we believe it bodes well for the Republican Party and the general election.

In Nebraska, Trump is said to have a comfortable lead, even though the vote will be restricted to Republicans. These two snapshots of voting, if correct, suggest that Trump is still on a wave. If Trumpets go to the polls in large numbers tomorrow, and Cruz and Kasich get low scores, we can conclude that the anti-Trump vote is not energized. Bad news for Romney and the Third Party Gang.

It appears that a record-breaking sum of money was spent on anti-Trump advertising during the primaries, yet it all failed to slow his advance. Some commentators like Mark Levin are claiming that Trump benefited from all the ‘free’ MSM coverage. If so, it will be the first time in American political history that a hostile and relentless MSM campaign failed to destroy a candidate of the Right. Levin, who has lost all sense of integrity, knows full well that Trump experienced more negative MSM coverage than all the other Republicans combined.

The reality is that for once, hostile MSM coverage combined with hostile official Republican coverage, has burnished a candidate’s credentials with voters of the Right and center. When Romney, the Bush family, John McCain and Wall Street billionaires distance themselves from Trump, we are reassured that Trump is one of us. In today’s WSJ the lead editorial hopes that Trump will “implode”. On page A13, L Gordon Crovitz has four columns of attack and on page A15 Bobby Jindal, a rival who Trump consigned to Republican history, has a four-column article headed “I’m Voting Trump, Warts and All”. His support for The Donald includes the words “I think electing Donald Trump would be the second worst thing we could do this November, better only than electing Hillary Clinton … both are scary, the former less so.. The better of two bad choices”.

Has any Republican Presidential candidate ever entered the fight against the Democrat nominee with such cynical and deadly backstabbing from comrades? If Trump wins tomorrow and November it will be despite them.


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