Trump Relaxing On The Plateau

The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan, who has slowly evolved in her view of Donald Trump, from outright disgust for a candidate who is a joke, to thinly-veiled disgust for a candidate who has ‘plateaued’, has another go at predicting Trump’s eventual fall from grace. Along the way she remarks that Mrs. Clinton in the Great Debate, otherwise known as the ‘Clinton Pilot Show’ was “crisp, lively a presence” and thereby dished Joe Biden who has waited too long.

In a previous article we explained why Biden dare not enter the Democrat contest as long as Hillary is running. He will only enter if she is compelled by hidden forces to withdraw. The Democrat Party was transformed over decades in order that it could become a highly disciplined Revolutionary Party of the anti-morality Media Class and its Far Left coalition partner. Since the latter is composed of angry and fanatical totalitarians, the whole Party is pathologically opposed to dissent. The Democrat Party faithful expect their leaders, who carry the torch of progress, to march in lockstep. Driven by a heady combination of idealism and self-serving calculation, the Democrat activists, experienced and satiated by suppressing the free speech of ‘reactionaries’, ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’, are more than uncomfortable with internal dissension. These are people who look forward to a totalitarian America and who celebrate the ruthlessness and shamelessness of their Party leadership.

For Biden to have a chance of defeating the reigning champion of re-distribution of other people‘s money, he would have to – and here Noonan gets it right- attack her. Bernie Sanders, a Far Left veteran, understanding the Leftist code of ‘unity at all costs’ was unwilling to do so. Biden is waiting for Hillary to plummet in the polls or be charged with a felony.

Noonan, like all the elitists of the Republican Party including Jeb Bush, is clutching at straws when she seeks to contribute to Trump’s defeat. She draws comfort from the latest Target Point poll which claims that the GOP electorate is “extremely fluid” and no candidate is close to a majority. 29% of those polled expressed no clear preference and those enjoying increased consideration are Carson, Christie, Fiorina and Rubio. ‘Goodbye Jeb Bush’ it seems!

It is still a long way to the real polls and much can change. But Trump’s plateau is around one third and we venture to claim that that one third is very committed. And one third in a crowded field is pretty good. At this time, with still a long way to go, Trump’s plateau looks remarkably comfortable. All of the competitive candidates have a committed core, otherwise they would be down with Pataki and Graham. No-one was going to have 40% or more at this stage and given the size of the field.

In any case, those who look only to the polls are missing the action on the ground. Trump is energetically campaigning, establishing his brand, conserving his fighting fund, drawing vast crowds of enthusiasts, dominating the news and enjoying himself. Apart from Carson, all the others look stressed and increasingly desperate.

Sorry Peggy, but on Trump’s plateau the air is fresh, the grass green, the view is beginning to look good and there are no other occupants.

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  1. “Sorry Peggy, but on Trump’s plateau the air is fresh, the grass green, the view is beginning to look good and there are no other occupants.”

    Excellent observation!

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