Trump, Priebus, Bannon And Savage. Time For Concern?

Trump’s earliest staff appointments of Rence Priebus and Steve Bannon have caused alarm to Dr. Michael Savage and provided alarmist propaganda fodder to the Mainstream Media (MSM). No doubt for many on the Broad Right this combination of responses has led to worried feelings for some of our readers, and I have to admit to my own initial uneasiness.

It is well to always keep in mind that the MSM, as the prime weapon of the Ruling Media Class, its propaganda arm, and the provider of news, entertainment and information to too many Americans, enjoys a near-monopoly. This enables it to speak out of two sides or more of the mouth, promote conflicting messages simultaneously, and feed different audiences with selected information.

For example, the MSM is so confident of this power that it promotes imminent climate catastrophe. We are scolded for our meager carbon consumption and held responsible. At the same time it trumpets and celebrates for our adulation the materialism of its Show Biz/Hollywood crowd. We are invited to swoon at the size of their giant homes, their jet flights from one international banquet to another, their expensive wardrobes, their luxury and grotesque consumption. Their excessive carbon consumption is held to be evidence of superiority and justification for their celebrity.

Over the years of its promotion of the pervert lifestyle, the MSM has boasted of the affluence and purchasing power of homosexuals and lesbians, and how businesses around the world are rightly pandering to their whims and tastes. At the same time it has portrayed them as the most under-privileged group in society, economically victimized, bullied, and in need of every kind of special treatment.

Urban Blacks are portrayed by the MSM as the victims of repressive neighborhood policing at the same time as the same MSM reports that Blacks are prevented from escaping poverty because of the lawlessness of their communities. The MSM also promotes the myth that Blacks suffer constant persecution by Whites, even as Black Lives Matter mobs invade White areas and confidently bully and intimidate shoppers and diners and disrupt their activities.

In this part of California the MSM promotes massive population growth from immigration, coupled with endless building ‘development’, at the same time as advocating water rationing and attacking road congestion. We have become so used to these conflicting parallel Media messages that we never put two and two together.

As with all the above examples of what appear to be conflicting MSM agendas, there is always a method to the seeming madness. In the California overcrowding, the underlying MSM agenda is to bring in Third World Democrat voters and cheap labor for progressive Silicon Valley billionaires, whilst creating vast social problems that will require the limitless expansion of government. The same MSM that supports preservation and restrictions one day will abandoned them the next for great housing developments for Third World migrants.

The point of these examples of conflicting MSM messages is that in seeking the swift destruction of the Trump Movement, the MSM is sending messages to two different constituencies. One constituency is being made fearful and angry about the alleged Far Right extremism of Trump appointments, exemplified by the promotion of Steve Bannon (Nazi Jew-hater, homophobe). The other constituency (us) is being divided and demoralized by reports that Trump is ‘selling out’ to the old Republican establishment by the promotion of Priebus, and talk of retaining parts of Obamacare.

We on the Broad Right must not fall for the pernicious and insidious MSM propaganda that is cunningly disseminated. Yet at the same time we are understandably vigilant for signs of betrayal and vulnerable. Naturally, this is the time when we are quite properly extremely anxious. Dr. Savage is worried by the Priebus appointment and visualizes him surrounding Trump with the Boehner/Ryan gang. And now there are MSM headlines about Trump walking back his commitment to repealing Obamacare, added to his acceptance of same-sex marriage.

For what it is worth, on this website we were not much disturbed by the Priebus appointment, indeed it looked like a smart Trump move. Whatever his past involvement with the Republican elite, Priebus joined our side when the chips were down. Indeed he fully supported Trump before Rush Limbaugh, and long before Mark Levin. He should be able to help Trump get co-operation from a Republican Congress by growing the legislative army rather than thinning it out.

The evidence is that Trump is always in charge – for better or worse – and Priebus will have to do his bidding and not the other way around. Bannon was a reassuring Nationalist appointment made even more so by the outcry of the Far Left and the rage of Bret (Israel First) Stephens in today’s Wall Street Journal. Stephens describes Breitbart News as “a malevolent propaganda outfit” and “one of the most baleful trends of modern life”. “Bannon presided over a website that delighted in calling Bill Kristol ‘a renegade Jew’ – and defended the Confederacy as a patriotic and idealistic cause”. Tut! Tut!

Kristol is a Republican renegade and yes too many ‘Conservative’ renegades were Jews. Jews voted for and contributed big time to Clinton and Globalism in the usual overwhelming proportions in the election contest. And Bret Stephens was and is a poisonous Republican renegade who used his bully pulpit to advance the election of Clinton. Have we to stop mentioning the part played by Jews, despite their support through thick and thin for the Far Left and for brazen crooks and liars?

Fortunately, before we tar all Jews with the same anti-American brush, we can acknowledge that Dr. Savage was among the first and most committed of Trump supporters. Larry Kudlow was another key supporter and no doubt many Jews put American interests first, including my next-door neighbor.

In the next few days Trump will announce more appointments that will be based on the practicalities of controlling and navigating the ship of State and its hostile crew. We always knew Trump was not enough of a Nationalist ideologist for our liking, but if we get 75% it is far, far better than 4 years of a consolidation of the Revolution, abandonment of the Constitution, gun confiscation, suffocating political correctness and much else.

On this website we would welcome Trump kicking out the UN from New York on the first day in office, cutting off all foreign aid and dressing Hillary Clinton in orange, but it is not going to happen. Instead we must watch who he appoints to head the DOJ, FBI, Homeland Security and ICE and in January who he nominates for the Supreme Court vacancy.

Then he must as a priority make moves to gut much of Obamacare, start the wall, rescind all Obama’s executive orders, dispatch illegals from the prisons and purge Obama’s people from the Pentagon.

On this website we very much want him to promote school vouchers for all, including Christian schools, and to free traditional Christian Churches from the partisan threats of the IRS. He has re-affirmed his commitment to seriously reducing abortion and that will strike a blow to the Far Left and be a significant step towards de-popularizing the sick SSM and the transgender lunacy. But we will be patient, for Rome was not built in a day, and half the population of America is either morally sick or brainwashed.

At this point in time we remain fully behind Donald Trump and nothing the scurrilous MSM spews out will shake our support.

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