Trump Not Beholden To Koch Money

The news that the Koch brothers will not contribute to the Trump campaign is further evidence – if any was still needed – that President Donald Trump will be free to pursue the economic interests of working Americans.

The initial reaction of some on the Broad Right to the Koch decision, will be anxiety that Trump will be under-funded in the contest with the hugely-funded Clinton. But we cannot have it all ways! If we want a President who, unlike previous Republican Presidents and Republican candidates, will not surrender America to the Globalist’s agenda on economic and foreign policy, we have to win without Globalist money.

As far as I am aware, Trump made no request to the Koch brothers for campaign funds. If he had, they would have wanted big bangs for their big bucks, and Trump, we are learning, is not a man who makes many concessions. That is one of the reasons he is more trustworthy than the rest. Sometimes his unwillingness to make concessions worries his followers, but to be trustworthy a man must be consistent – and Trump is consistent.

Make no mistake, the Koch brothers are Globalists (Internationalists),just as much as Soros and Bloomberg! In the past the Koch money has gone to the likes of McCain, Bush and Romney and -thanks to Trump’s radical primary agenda – we now know, if we didn’t know before – what a treacherous bunch the Koch money aided. And in two of the three elections, the Democrats still won the White House.

No doubt the Koch brothers contribute in pursuit of their own business interests rather than for Leftist ideological reasons, but increasingly they have also demanded that the Republicans shift Left on social policy. They are people willing to compromise with America’s internal enemies. Nationalists, Conservatives and Christians should be relieved that President Trump will owe them nothing.

This Presidential campaign will be tough going for the Broad Right fighting Big Business and its money, corruption, official lawlessness, the Government machinery, voter fraud, Socialist promises of free everything, ignorant recent immigrants, the moral decline of so many Media-addicted Americans, and the awesome propaganda power of the Media Class, but Counter-Revolutions are always fought over lost ground and against the odds.

The alternative is to surrender America and its good people – and there are still many of them – to crooks, ideological lunatics, perverts and maggots. If Clinton and her comrades win, there will be no place in America for good people.

In the middle of the Democrat Convention, a prominent young Democrat, Seth Rich, was shot and killed on a Washington DC street at 4 am. It is reported that he was walking home from a ‘night out’ and had phoned his girl friend just before his sudden death. Up to the time of writing this article, police have no clues or theories as to the perpetrator/s or a motive.

It seemed strange that both the Convention people and the MSM played this tragedy so low key. It is yet another of those shocking incidents that gets quickly buried in this Far Left Utopia.

Even before Rich’s murder, back on July 8th, Molly Macauley, a 59 year old Johns Hopkins economist, one-time advisor to the Space Administration and vice-president of the Washington Think Tank ‘Resources for the Future’, was stabbed to death near her home on a Baltimore street. She had been walking her dogs. No arrests have been made and this horrific crime has hardly registered in the MSM. No motive has been mentioned.

Both Macauley and Rich were White, and Rich was also Jewish. One would have expected that the violent deaths of a prominent Democrat Jew and an academic woman of the Left, both crimes on the doorstep of the Government class, would have generated much Ruling Class concern and MSM reporting. After all, the violent deaths of petty criminals anywhere seem to cause uproar among the scribblers and their Far Left friends in politics.

Maybe there were circumstances – as with the death of Scalia – that relatives prefer unpublicized, but we don’t think so. Nor do we think there is a sinister link between the two deaths. Could it be, and we refer you back to yesterday’s article on this website, that the lack of publicity is due to the fact that these street murders are connected by race and the connection is politically inconvenient at this time when casual Black-on-White attacks are being concealed to advance a false agenda on race and crime?

We leave conjecture to our website visitors, and once again remind them that the homosexual engineer who caused the Philadelphia train crash which killed 8 and injured hundreds, has not been charged, and the MSM has buried the event. Our concern here is to bring to attention the power of the MSM to control information in pursuit of an agenda.

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