The Debate: Our Inquest and Assessment of Clinton and Trump

Go back to our article of yesterday and you will see that we wrote that Clinton is a skilled liar and formidable debater, and being shameless would benefit her performance. We were correct in all our predictions. Nevertheless, we believe Trump has emerged unscathed.

Trump was not prepared enough for the spiteful and hypocritical personal attacks that she mounted. One example will suffice. She attacked his $40m inheritance and the early advantage he had exploited. He should have replied that she has long been exploiting her husband’s Presidency and took advantage of it to win political office. Since 2008 she has been attempting to inherit the Presidency, often boasting of the experience she gained as First Lady.

I watched only a portion of the debate, as Hillary’s brazen and arrogant demeanor whenever she speaks, reminds me that we are now in a post-Revolutionary society where leaders lie, confident that the Mainstream Media will be not only uncritical, but supportive.

Hillary Clinton is Lady Macbeth without a conscience. She is cold, ruthless, focused, and like a nasty headmistress, telegraphs to the world that if upset she will be unforgiving. Last night she once again revealed that if she has Presidential power, she will be more petty than Obama and just as dangerous and disastrous for America.

Trump missed many attacking opportunities last night and was sidetracked by her return to the issue of the invasion of Iraq. But he succeeded in ways that had little to do with facts and figures.

He has long been portrayed by the MSM as a political dope and a candidate not serious about winning the White House. More recently the Clinton campaign and the MSM have been painting him as a man with little self-control, hot-headed, prone to being insulting and with a short fuse. If these characteristics were true then he is unfitted and too dangerous to be Commander-in-Chief.

Those of us who watch his rallies and listen to people who have dealt with him over the years, know all this to be nonsense. But to the many who only get their opinion of Trump the man from the MSM, last night they discovered that Trump is restrained, polite, gentlemanly and solid (in all senses). He looked and behaved like a gentle giant. As he and Clinton departed from the podium, a rear view by the cameras unwittingly showed the large, strong Donald Trump chaperoning out the little frail woman.

Trump stood opposite Clinton last night, and stoutly argued, and looked like he belonged there as a candidate for the Presidency. This was no mean achievement for a man without political experience. But those last moments of him chaperoning Clinton out, for many uncommitted voters, will reveal the real Trump for the first time.

Clinton did not look sick for the 90 minutes, nor did she wilt. She probably is a sick woman but she cleverly parried Trump’s claim that she has no stamina. He should stop flogging that line and wait for her to fail in public, though he could have pointed out that her active period as Secretary of State was in the past, now is now, and illnesses progress. It is likely that the doctors are able to medicate her sufficiently to get her through 90 minutes. Trump should limit this topic to pointing out his own physical and mental prowess as demonstrated by his daily campaign appearances.

One final thought. Perhaps Trump is keeping the email scandal, Benghazi, the Bimbo eruptions, the $20 trillion debt and the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation for debates nearer to the election.


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