Trump Looking Good With 4 Days To Go

Let us be realistic! The Mainstream Media (MSM) will continue to do to the end what it has been doing all along, which is to campaign all-out for Clinton and relentlessly attack Trump. It will do so by vetting, discarding and selecting every news story for its Clinton propaganda value. All headlines and reporting will be helpful to Clinton and hurtful to Trump.

No matter what Trump has said and promoted, the MSM has never been interested in the content or measured it by its value to the American people. The MSM, as the weapon of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left ally, has been intent from Day One on securing the White House for Obama’s successor, Hillary Clinton, who will complete the Revolution he has been stealthily (and not so stealthily) advancing.

As long as Clinton can be relied upon to do so, it matters not one whit to the Ruling Class and its MSM that she and her husband are proven incompetent, reckless, crooks and liars. Since our new Ruling Class is composed of amoral people, and its Far Left allies operate on the basis that ‘ends justify means’, the character of the Clintons is irrelevant to them. The MSM mission is to re-package her for presentation to the American voters. All negative information must be concealed.

Most on the Broad Right who live lives that aspire to be moral and who believe there are absolutes of Right and Wrong, find it hard to stand in the enemies’ shoes and thus never quite grasp their iniquity. On this website we are under no illusions about the MSM perfidy.

Donald Trump has earned the ire of the MSM’s vermin reporters like no-one in politics before him. For he calls them out to their faces, and in front of the multitudes, and in language that is wholly unambiguous. No Republican politician has ever dared to do that. Most have opted to be mealy-mouthed, obsequious and groveling in the hope of receiving occasional crumbs of MSM comfort and avoiding the worst of which the MSM is capable. How the scum-bag reporters must hate and fear Trump, for what if the bullies are called out and others should gain courage? Even worse, what if Trump becomes President and carries a grudge into the White House?

Because of the Revolutionary near-complete agenda lurking behind this election, and the fearless character of Donald Trump, the old rules will not be relevant. The MSM’s reports of the polls and election events will continue to be driven by propaganda needs right to the bitter end and we, the people, will be kept in the dark until the bitter end.

The best we can do is disbelieve everything the MSM spews out, search for, and read between the lines of local reporting that may be more honest, depend on Internet sites like Free Republic, and radio programs like Limbaugh and Savage, and believe your lying eyes when you watch Trump rallies covered by Info Wars and Right Side Broadcasting Network. Beware the ABC news slots on Conservative Talk Radio, and everything contaminated by the Associated Press!

If you follow this advice, you may cautiously conclude that Donald Trump’s campaign, with 4 days to go, is looking remarkably good.

LA Times has brought Trump’s lead down from six to four in the latest of their national polls, but he has maintained a 4-6 point lead for a few days now. Another Emerson poll has Trump up a surprising three in Iowa, and ARG has Trump up two in New Hampshire.

LA Times/USC Tracking General Election Poll (10/28 – 11/3)
  1. _______________________________________________ Trump 47%
  2. ___________________________________________ Clinton 43%
Gravis Polls (10/31)


  1. _______________________________________________ Clinton 47%
  2. ______________________________________________ Trump 46%
  3. ___ Johnson 3%
  4. __ Stein 2%


  1. __________________________________________________ Trump 50%
  2. __________________________________________________ Clinton 50%
Emerson Iowa Poll (11/1 – 11/3)
  1. ____________________________________________ Trump 44%
  2. _________________________________________ Clinton 41%
  3. _____ Johnson 5%
  4. ____ Stein 4%
ARG New Hampshire Poll (10/31 – 11/2)
  1. ________________________________________________ Trump 48%
  2. ___________________________________________ Clinton 43%
  3. ____ Johnson 4%
  4. _ Stein 1%

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