Trump Is Our Man and Our Leader

Last year Donald Trump set aside his business empire, his TV celebrity, and a private and safe life for himself and his family, and took up the seemingly lost cause of America’s working people.

Late in his comfortable life, and from a place in the Nation where few have any attachment to the Nation and its inheritance, Donald Trump, political novice, an opportunist, and self-confessed beneficiary of a greedy political Big City machine, entered the Republican primaries as the lone spokesman for a moderate Nationalism.

He could have had no idea at the start that his moderate Nationalist agenda was a deadly threat to the final phase of a stealthy, almost-completed Revolution, and a challenge to the hidden Ruling Class that possessed the propaganda machine known as the ‘mainstream media’.

Trump soon acquired three things – the enmity of a Republican elite that had surrendered to the Ruling Class and grown comfortable with collaboration; a furious, unprincipled and relentless attack from the MSM; and spontaneous support from millions of ordinary Americans.

When Trump not only withstood the MSM attacks, but counter-attacked, America’s long-abandoned patriots, real Conservatives and Bible-based Christians, re-emerged as a political force we call the Broad Right.  Their appearance in huge numbers at Trump rallies, combined with the unprecedented MSM and Far Left attacks, politicized and educated Trump. They also struck a terrible fear into all those who have benefitted from feeding on America’s decline into physical and moral weakness and decay. 

Those who maintain that Trump’s support and votes came from a single issue –  whether it be safe borders, immigration, Muslim terror threats, lost jobs, weakened military or HealthCare – are, in the view of this website, all wrong.

We believe that the Broad Right emerged because ordinary Americans recognized that their country and its decent people were being destroyed from within by an array of evil forces.

The Broad Right supporters, as evidenced by yesterday’s (Media-ignored) massive rally in Louisville, Kentucky, remain aware that their country is under dire threat from within, that Trump is their battle-hardened leader, and that he has earned their trust and loyalty.

Trump at the beginning appeared to be anything but the perfect candidate, but he has been a hero under a fire like no other modern President. When he claims that the Health Bill has his support, is only the first of three stages, and his election promises will be kept, we should believe him. These times are too dangerous to pursue differences and expect ideological purity. We must unite behind Trump!


Rush Limbaugh claimed that 97% of DOJ employees voted for Hillary Clinton. What chance any justice from this department.

Michael Savage (Wiener), the outspoken and patriotic Talk Show host who is based in San Francisco, was physically attacked exiting a restaurant last week. The unprovoked attack was almost certainly motivated by Leftist politics, and there were several witnesses. Despite this the local police have taken no action against the attacker. No MSM outlet has mentioned the attack!


    • Thank you. I think today’s Healthcare vote reinforces the argument for Broad Right unity and the rejection – for now- of posturing for ideological purity. No doubt Trump has to make compromises in order to achieve the momentum that is crucial.

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