Trump Has Fought The Media Class. Can He Win?

For over ten years it has been the mission of this website to tear off the mask of political deception employed in contemporary American (and Western) politics, to reveal the identity of our new (and Revolutionary) Ruling Class. Unfortunately, this election campaign, even more than 2008 and 2012, has beyond doubt proved the truth of our claim.

For long before the 2008 election we were describing the formation and rise of the Media Class and its intention to take political power in order to remake America (and the Western World) in its own image. We understood that the Mainstream Media, which is the Media Class in action, is a formidable political, social and moral propaganda weapon.

A ‘class’ arises as the result of accidental technological and economic forces uniting a significant group of people with a common material, economic and (ultimately) political interest. Our new Ruling Class is the result of the technology that brought together the Hollywood Movie industry, a television in every home, the advertising industry, Show Biz/Pop music and the fashion industry.

Our new Ruling Class captured political power in 2008 when it used its MSM and an alliance with the Far Left (purged) Democrat Party to elect Obama. Since then Obama has stealthily advanced the Ruling Class grip on the Government machinery by a combination of personnel purges, arbitrary and politicized application of the law, and un-Constitutional edicts.

America enters the 2016 election with the Counter-revolutionary movement led by Donald Trump taking on not only a Government regime that is lawless, but a MSM with monopoly propaganda powers. When you add to them, the support of International Big Business and the desertion to the Ruling Class of a corrupted Republican Party elite, defeating a crooked Clinton organization is a tough prospect.

In the second sentence of this article we used the word ‘unfortunately’, because we would have preferred that the election proved us wrong. If only America was experiencing an old-style election where the outgoing Presidency was bequeathing a lawful State machine, the MSM was politically diverse and REPORTING on the campaign was honest, and the big money evenly spread!

Instead, we have a voting system that cannot be trusted, Government statistics that cannot be trusted, Federal Courts that cannot be trusted, and ‘news’ that is simply Ruling Class propaganda.

What is most noticeable about this election (and proves our thesis), yet is hardly noticed, is that the Democrat Party’s role is merely to identify its potential supporters and get them to the polls. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have played walk-on parts. All the real investigating, attacking, co-ordination and propaganda has been carried out by the MSM and its workers. Hillary’s comrades on the stage are Show-biz members of the Media Class.

Trump eventually realized that his hot war was with the MSM. We would argue that his real opponent has been the Media Class for which the MSM is its voice and weapon.

The Media Class and its MSM, saddled with a poor candidate and a resilient Donald Trump, has been forced to emerge from its disguise as the reporter of objective news. We will not know how many Americans have recognized this and ceased to believe its propaganda until late Tuesday evening. Beyond that we may never know how many Black citizens voted more than once and how many non-citizens and dead citizens were able to vote thanks to a purged judiciary. Nor will we ever know, if Clinton wins, how many voting machines were open to cheating, thanks to a Revolutionary Government machine.

As we expected, the MSM’s polls will likely lie to the end and so it is impossible to gauge Trump’s prospects. Like many on the Broad Right we hope that a surge of White voters and a significant segment of minority voters will bring about the kind of surprise for the Ruling Class that Harry Truman’s 1944 victory achieved. No one can accuse Trump of not trying!

LA Times puts Trump up five points nationally and Emerson gives Trump a large seven point lead in Ohio on the eve of the election.

LA Times/USC Tracking General Election Poll
  1. ________________________________________________ Trump 48%
  2. ___________________________________________ Clinton 43%
Emerson Polls


  1. ______________________________________________ Trump 46%
  2. _______________________________________ Clinton 39%
  3. _______ Johnson 7%
  4. ___ Stein 3%


  1. _____________________________________________ Clinton 45%
  2. ____________________________________________ Trump 44%
  3. _____ Johnson 5%
  4. ___ Stein 3%
Trafalgar Group Polls


  1. ________________________________________________ Trump 48%
  2. _______________________________________________ Clinton 47%
  3. __ Johnson 2%
  4. _ Stein 1%


  1. __________________________________________________ Trump 50%
  2. ______________________________________________ Clinton 46%
  3. __ Johnson 2%
  4. _ Stein 1%


  1. _________________________________________________ Trump 49%
  2. _______________________________________________ Clinton 47%
  3. ___ Johnson 3%
  4. _ Stein 1%

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