Trump Delivers Fighting Speech In Florida, Bypassing Media

Today, Saturday February 18th, President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail in Melbourne, Florida and addressed a massive rally of working people, restating his determination to drain the swamp of Washington DC and not be deterred by the Media-led opposition.

The rally was covered by Fox News and could be seen in full on computer screens. For those who feared that Trump has been worn down by the Mainstream Media onslaught of lies and doom-laden reports, this speech revealed a Trump full of fight, brimming with determination and invigorated by his supporters.

Time after time in a speech that was almost totally impromptu, he sent out a Nationalist message that will have struck fear and loathing in the hearts of Media scribblers, Internationalists of all persuasions, and Far Left George Soros agitators. The reaction of the massive audience left no doubt that his supporters are ready to be mobilized.

Trump denounced the liars of the MSM, nailed the treacherous, lawless judges of the West Coast, and called out the Democrats of Congress to unite behind him to protect America. It was music to the ears of this huge Melbourne crowd.  He reiterated his campaign pledges one by one, ticking off those, like the border wall, that are in the works, and those that will soon be honored. He detailed the steps he has taken to save taxpayers money and in the process denounced the profligacy and failure of Obama and his policies.

This Donald Trump rally was the antidote for those dispirited by the daily reports of Congressional and legal defeats, and Media-inflated violent protests. Trump demonstrated that he is in no doubt that his biggest enemy is the MSM, is unbowed by their personal attacks, and in a thinly veiled threat made clear he intends to restore law and order on the streets of the inner cities. Just as reassuringly it was clear that his followers share his commitment, awareness and militancy. The good news for Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives is that the enemies’ attacks are making President Trump more determined than ever.

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