Trump Counter-Revolution Has Only Just Begun

It has been the unique message of this (Broad Right) website that the 2008 election of Obama was the legislative expression of America’s Media Class Revolution. The Trump-led campaign of 2016 was therefore a political expression of the Counter-Revolution. We had repeatedly argued that the ‘politics-as-usual’ strategy of the Congressional Republican Party was fundamentally wrong in conducting a reaching-across-the-aisle opposition based on an old (and wrong) premise of a shared goal of patriotism.

Warning Broad-Right warriors! Revolutions are not defeated by mere elections. Ruling Classes, especially those which have just captured power and embarked on transforming society, do not surrender to an election setback. Donald Trump’s victory, historic and joyful though it was, is only one major battlefield success. It has halted an enemy’s advance, pierced the enemy’s defenses, and threatens to occupy his command post. But it is far from the final victory of taking back the old America!

Until January 2017, the enemy (under Field Marshall Obama) will continue to occupy the command HQ, and it still possesses powerful forces that it can deploy to regain ground. Prior to this election campaign the Revolutionary forces had advanced by stealth and only as the election progressed did the enemy reveal its true presence and power in the Mainstream Media (MSM).

That MSM will now turn its attention from winning the election of Hillary Clinton by false propaganda, to dividing the Counter-Revolutionary forces of Donald Trump by equally false propaganda. Expect all MSM reporting to work hard and cleverly on several fronts, including constant misrepresentations of Trump actions and cabinet appointments, as retreats from his campaign commitments. This tactic is aimed at disappointing and demoralizing his followers by feeding their worries that he is just another typical politician who backtracks and betrays once he has won. If we fall for this we become divided and negative and waste our energies and Trump’s.

Trump as President-elect is wise to pay lip-service to the old out-dated and false game of the ‘peaceful’ transition. His meeting with Obama, the shaking hands for the cameras, his words about representing all Americans, and his praise for the out-going President, were a match for his cunning opponent‘s hypocrisy. Obama did not mean any nice words he mouthed about Trump, and his flashing smile was equally false. Do not believe that this ritual means anything, any more than Hillary Clinton’s concession speech was truly meant.

Trump does not yet have any executive power. That remains in the future. The only power he has lies in the appointment of his future cabinet and the character of his close associates. We must judge Trump’s commitment to the Counter-Revolution by his unfolding appointments, and expect the MSM to mischaracterize to the maximum every one. Remember that the MSM is the propaganda weapon of the Ruling Media Class and cannot be trusted – ever!

At the moment the MSM is promoting two entirely false narratives and both are intended to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election victory. One is that Clinton won the popular vote. The other is that Trump voters were the uneducated and ignorant.

The truth is that the Clinton vote was inflated by Soros voting machine fraud, illegal voters and crooked counting in inner cities. Why would George Soros be involved in the business of voting machines except to corrupt the process to benefit the Far Left?

The myth of the uneducated Trump voter must be loudly challenged at every opportunity and we can all do our bit. The most obvious rebuttal – and it will require a willingness to stand up to accusations of racism and bigotry – is that the biggest Democrat voting constituency is the Black one, and it is beyond dispute that Blacks are the least educated people in the USA. The second least educated constituency is the Latino one, and that is also predominantly Democrat. The third least-educated group consists of those in education or recently emerged from College. They are the brain-washed, and the evidence can be found in videos of pathetic, weeping, safe-space-seeking White girls of both sexes.

Meanwhile, the Ruling Class and its thugs reveal their complete rejection of a smooth and ‘politics-as-usual’ transition. Although grossly under-reported by the MSM, wide-spread post-election violence and the suppression of free speech, in schools, on the streets and in the workplace, reveal the ugly reality of the Far Left Revolution

In place of falling for MSM mischaracterization of Trump’s words and actions, search the Internet for the missing MSM reports of growing Far Left violence. The big city riots, and attacks on Trump supporters, are the expressions of an undefeated Ruling Class and its mobs. These mobs are motivated and inflamed by the myth of a popular vote victory/stolen election, and the characterization of Trump voters as ill-educated.

The immediate purpose of the mob violence is to morally de-legitimize Trump’s victory in advance of the mass insurrection planned for Trump’s inauguration. The riots are intended to gain momentum. The White House, the MSM and the Far Leftists in the education machine, will refrain from outright endorsement of the violence whilst working ceaselessly to validate it and grow it.

Between now and January’s inauguration day expect the war to continue on all fronts. Victory is not yet ours. We have won only one battle. The street mobs must be confronted and it is time to mount our own demonstrations, even though they are difficult to organize. Our people are not concentrated in colleges and our people are constrained by jobs and families. But weekends, stand on street corners, including in small towns and suburbs in Republican country, waving Trump signs! Invite sympathizers to join you! Wear Trump clothing and hats everywhere and talk politics loudly in public places and among work colleagues! Buy more ammunition and start a concentrated fitness program! I have and I was already fit, but real fitness confers energy and the physical confidence to meet violence.

What we are saying most of all in this article is that victory is not yet won, the enemy is mobilizing for more battles, and we must not sit back and leave it all to Donald Trump. He is not yet in the White House and Obama is!


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