Trump! Best Defense is Ruthless Offense

Welcome back, Mr. President! You were a great improvement on your immediate predecessor, and several Presidents before that crypto-Muslim. No matter how our lying Mainstream Media paints you, the world’s leaders now know that America is led by a man who truly represents the interests of his working people.

Unfortunately, while you were away, the MSM rats continued to play, and their manufactured and poisonous ‘Russian connections’ narrative became even more embedded into public consciousness.

 Internet reports from the Broad Right say you have recommenced your late-night tweets, denying the authenticity of the latest MSM’s alleged ‘leaks’ from the Intelligence Community and your Administration. Another report says that you have postponed a rally in Iowa and there are rumors that you are putting together a team to deny the ‘Russian’ smears.

You need to know that your tweets and White House ‘deniers’ are totally insufficient. The tweets may give you some personal satisfaction and we understand that you are a man who has long prospered from standing up for yourself. But we are in a civil war and it is not nearly enough for our leader to verbally attack the encircling enemy with Internet tweets. If you think you can defeat the Ruling Class with them you are wrong. Tweets may have worked in the primaries but it was your aggressive mass rallies in the Democratic Party’s neglected heartland that won the Presidential race.

Imagine if the war against Germany had been conducted by Patton denouncing the Germans in statements issued from his HQ. You have no voice in the MSM. It is all enemy territory and you will not be permitted to communicate to America using the enemy’s technology. The airwaves are being swamped with anti-Trump propaganda and Americans will only hear you in the flesh. The good news is that the solid American people will come to hear you, come rain or come shine.

It is your only way. Forget foreign affairs and put aside all those rituals that Presidents normally do, because these are not normal times. Take the fight and your policies to the people direct! Go back to the Democratic Party’s neglected heartland and stomp into the backyards of Republican congressmen!

And delegate your VP to occupy the White House, for he can be trusted. Form a war cabinet of your department heads! Have Jeff Sessions purge every last cockroach out of the FBI and unleash his most ruthless people on the Clintons for their crimes. Have them investigate every crooked Democrat politician. Put the IRS on to the Media barons, and set about breaking up their monopoly on the Internet, news and entertainment.

There are millions of good men and women in the Nation just waiting to be led into real battle. Leave Washington D.C. and go mobilize your people!

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