Trump and Intel Media Stories Require Caution

On this website we constantly urge readers to employ cynicism when exposing themselves to the Mainstream Media (MSM), for like all propaganda, the MSM’s lies work best when truth and lies are interwoven. This is particularly true when dealing with the latest MSM stories that claim that the Intel community (as though that is a united body of conspirators) is withholding sensitive national security information from President Trump.

It is almost certainly true that there are employees hostile to Trump in all branches of government and that some are leaking damaging information to the anti-Trump MSM. But we doubt that Trump is being denied national security information. The headlines that say otherwise are the work of the MSM and not the Intelligence community, and are designed to create the impression that Trump cannot be trusted because he is a pawn of Putin.

Trump is a loyal American who is enduring the wrath of domestic anti-American conspirators because he is working for the sole benefit of the Nation. If sinister people inside the Intel community really are depriving Trump of sensitive information, we won’t be told and the MSM, if informed, will keep it quiet.

It is however highly likely that Flynn’s conversations with Russian diplomats were illegally recorded and later selectively and partially leaked to the MSM sabotage Flynn’s appointment and embarrass Trump. Until the swamp is drained all news from bureaucratic sources will be a mixture of fact and fiction. Let us hope that Trump really will have the leakers hunted down and punished and the ranks purged.

Meanwhile Andy Puzder was forced to drop out of the candidacy for Labor Secretary because he had once employed an illegal immigrant. It is said that some Republican Senators opposed to illegal immigration withdrew support because of this. If this is the case, they are picking the wrong issue on which to make a stand. For the benefit of the big picture, all of Trump’s cabinet nominees should be voted in, even if some are less than ideologically pure.

Puzder would have gone after the Unions and stripped them of the legal mollycoddling they have enjoyed under Obama. That alone would have made him a good pick. Now Trump has to waste precious time finding and promoting another candidate, and the MSM gets an opportunity to paint a picture of a President lacking power.

Puzder’s withdrawal, combined with Flynn’s forced resignation has pushed from the headlines Trump’s successful choices of Scott Pruitt for the Environmental Protection Agency and Mulvaney as Budget Director. Pruitt will take on the Global Warming campaigners in their government-provided lair and initiate one of Trump’s most Counter-Revolutionary attacks.

Climate Change Check

Here in middle California we are enjoying rainfall that eclipses that of the 1997 El Nino. What is so important to note is that as this winter approached not one climate expert predicted the rain’s coming. So much for the experts’ ability to forecast weather 30 years ahead! Pruitt please note!

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