Time To Move Trump And Cabinet To Kansas

It has taken only two weeks to reveal that Donald Trump has, since the Inauguration ceremony, been denied the bully pulpit provided to all previous Presidents by the Mainstream Media. His overnight tweeting may offer a truncated link to his most loyal followers, and his tweets may further stoke the rage of a fevered Far Left, but he has been effectively deprived of the measured Presidential communication with the American people and the World to which he is entitled. It is beginning to feel to this writer as if our President is beleaguered over there in a completely hostile land.

To make matters worse, it seems to this writer – and probably to many regular website visitors – that the people we on the Broad Right justifiably hate with great intensity, and who we thought had been dealt a significant defeat in the election, are gathering, marching, threatening, rioting, and celebrating their power in all the places where it matters. Indeed whilst this assortment of uninvited foreigners, perverts, parasites, urban low-lives, and privileged home-grown fifth-columnists have become even more vociferous and assertive, the Americans who provide for them materially, defend them and who rallied Trump to victory, have been rendered invisible and silent.

Americans are being swamped with the lying wall-to-wall propaganda of AP, Reuters, ABC, and every newspaper, TV station and magazine big and small, national and local. This writer watches no TV, buys no magazines and watches no pro-Sports, yet finds it impossible to listen to Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, or even gain entry to this computer, without being exposed to the enemy’s news bulletins packed with lies. God knows what the average American is swallowing!

Trump’s followers are surely sick of the endless disruptive protests in big cities that are reported as expressions of the popular will. They take place seemingly unopposed by real people on the ground and are inadequately defended by only a lone Trump appointee. Even more disheartening for our side is the common knowledge that these effective demonstrations are instigated and funded by the evil moneymaker Soros and other faceless financial parasites who experience no interference and escape all retribution.

We might have expected that the domestic balance of power would start changing once Trump was in the White House. No Trump supporter expected that everything could change overnight but who expected the enemy to grow more assertive by the day whilst our own side appeared silenced and powerless?

So what is going wrong? It is not that President Trump has taken things easy, has compromised or surrendered, or that the Republicans in Congress have not met expectations. Indeed Trump has been amazingly energetic, and the Republican Congress has greatly exceeded – with only the predictable Media-hog betrayals – the low expectations we had. But we look like we are losing the war.

The facts are that the MSM has once again got the upper hand and is more dominant than ever; the Mainstream Internet is in the hands of Internationalists every bit as rootless and treacherous as the old Media Class they have joined; and the machinery of government everywhere is sited in hostile enemy territory.

We fear that the Trump organization is falling into the same trap that Thatcher fell into – not crushing the enemy at home as a first priority. More important than dealing with Putin and the Ukraine, China in the South China Sea, Iran’s nuclear tests – and every bit as important as sealing borders and airports – is flushing out, exposing and persecuting George Soros and his friends, restoring to the American people honest daily news, bringing the Broad Right on to the streets in pursuit of CARE, BLM, ACLU and all the organizations that now seem to enjoy immunity in occupying, disrupting and ruling streets, airports, colleges and lawful gatherings.

Our national representatives are sited in the enemy’s capital, surrounded by the enemy’s temptations and his hostile welfare mobs. Even many Republican State capitals are sited in similar hostile circumstances. And Donald Trump, his family and his businesses physically exist like hostages to the enemy and his underclass.

It is time to bring the President and our representatives out face-to-face with the people who elected them, in direct contact and communication with them, to physically be surrounded by them, to draw sustenance from them and their healthy values. It is time for our leaders to be pulled from the swamps.

Until the MSM has been neutralized, Trump should leave the vermin of the Press corps behind and make his announcements from a small Kansas town – and only on Talk Radio and the Internet. Washington D.C. is no longer fit to be the Nation’s capital!


  1. I’m quite a bit more optimistic than you, although I agree that a tactical relocation to Cheyenne Mountain may be in order at some stage of the campaign.

    Before the Main Man can move on the street scum, he has to straighten out the functionaries at DHS, DOJ, FBI, etc. Once this is accomplished, things can start to happen. I believe the combat-arms branches of the military are good to go, and that’s why Flynn, Mattis, and Kelly were put into position in the first place. If those three are not drawing up contingency plans as we speak, I’d be very surprised. Although the RealAmerican forces appear to be conducting a “sitzkreig” right now, this will not continue indefinitely. The Don will let the antifa over-extend themselves, and when all is in position, he’ll slam the door on them. Think Cannae.

    What gives me even more optimism is the utter flaccidity of the enemy. This is not exactly the Hermann Goering division we’re going up against. The current crop of collegians is feminized and fa&&otized to a degree impossible to describe, and their potential Orc allies from da hood and el barrio are not exactly the heirs to a sterling military tradition. If and when things do kick off for real, this will be the most lopsided conflict since the Cro-Magnons took out the Neanderthals.

    We may even get tired of winning so much.

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