The Real Big News is Media Power

Following on from yesterday’s article, the real big news today (and every day), is the power over unsuspecting Americans that is exercised by the Media Class and its Mainstream Media (MSM). So why is it that unimportant and even fake non-events make the headlines, occupy whole pages of newspapers and magazines, get dissected in TV studios by ‘experts’, and threaten to bring down a President.

This is a more important question than even the validity of the nuclear threat of North Korea, or the consequences of President Trump’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Our problem on this website is that refocusing the attention of the Broad Right from Trump’s ‘mistakes’, ‘gaffes’, ‘outrages’, ‘sins’ and ‘crimes’, to the purveyors of 24/7 lying propaganda, is akin to being the little boy who shouted out that the Emperor had no clothes. The old saying about not seeing the wood for the trees is also apt.

The problem is partly because some things are so obvious and so familiar that people stop noticing. The MSM war on Donald Trump is so pervasive and persistent that it looks and feels normal. When there is no conflicting alternative, a norm is established. Trump as fool, bumbler, loudmouth, ignoramus, shocker, and cheat, like climate change, is surely beyond debate.

Actually, the problem is much, much deeper. The MSM, with its credentials as ‘news reporting’ and ‘detached toiler for the public good’, enjoys a near monopoly, plus a familiar, comfortable place inside every home and an unconscious place inside every unsuspecting head.

There are several similes that are appropriate to clarify the problem, but all must start with a recognition that the MSM is the tool of the Media Class. The Media Class exists (and we contend it is now our Ruling Class). But its great advantage is that it remains hidden from public view, indeed its existence and agenda are not suspected and thus cannot be connected to the MSM.

And so the similes can include that the Media Class is like a teacher with a blackboard and a long pointer. The pointer is used to direct the pupils’ attention to the writing on the blackboard.

Or the magician who directs the audience to some irrelevant object as a distraction, whilst the trick’s mechanics are completed and the ‘magic’ performed.

Or the puppet master who, out of sight from above, pulls the strings and manipulates the puppets below and the audience is fascinated, distracted and entertained.

My point is that the Media Class is like the magician, the puppet master and the teacher with the long pointer, all combined. It has most of the people fully distracted, and the suspicious looking in the wrong place for the villain.

The American people watch as Donald Trump’s image is jerked around and served up for laughs, gasps, anger and ridicule, and remain unaware that they are being dangerously manipulated. The real news is their hapless predicament.

There are some real events taking place to which they should be paying attention – the Seth Rich murder, the Philadelphia train crash scandal, and the many crimes of illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. But the trusting people are Media-distracted, and the suspicious are watching the politicians! 

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