The Inexorable Trajectory To Civil War

This writer has been laid low by the flu bug for the last two days and Wellor Jr. (aged 12) had his say. But even someone on a death bed, yet in contact with the Mainstream Media, could not have ignored the MSM/Far Left’s electric reaction to Trump’s tweaking of the conditions of entry into the USA.

There was a time, some long weeks ago, when we thought the Revolutionary Ruling Class might move to prevent Donald Trump from reaching the Inauguration. But that day in Washington passed relatively peacefully by Leftist standards, and the process of the handover of political power seemed to reaffirm America’s old ways as the norm, indeed ‘politics as usual’.

Regular visitors to this website will know that we reject the whole notion of ‘politics as usual’. Instead we maintain that America is in the grip of a Revolution and that Trump is the unwitting leader of a Counter-Revolution. We think that most on the Far Left and in the Ruling Media Class have long been aware that they are advancing a Revolutionary agenda. It is just that they possess the means, and have a vested interest, in concealing this shocking news from a naturally conservative people.

The 2016 Presidential election contest, which found the Ruling Class poised for a Presidency that would seal forever the Revolution, instead found itself in a desperate, and wholly unexpected, fight. The actions it was forced to take almost shattered several grand illusions assiduously cultivated by the MSM over decades. The greatest of these – and there is increasing evidence contained in Broad Right Internet articles – is that the MSM was, and remains, Trump’s deadly opponent. Indeed no smart observer could fail to see that the Democrat Party and Mrs. Clinton were pushed to the back seat in the Presidential campaign. This is not to say that the Democrat Party no longer has a role, and we will come to that later.

Most Trump supporters, and maybe even some neutrals, now know the MSM is the main enemy, and consequently the MSM has lost irredeemably some of its power to influence people on our side. This is stoking the chances of civil war, for widespread trust in news sources binds a Nation together whilst widespread distrust sows the seeds of war.

So far none of those Broad Right commentators who have recognized the MSM as the enemy have explained the forces below the surface that would cause all newspapers, TV and related Media, to elbow aside a major political party and emerge as a political force in its own right. Nor can they explain why the Media Class (our words) would march in lockstep and what would drive it to fight ferociously on behalf of an agenda.

But to get back to the subject of this article! We were wrong to suspect a coup before the Inauguration. Our suspicions were founded on the conviction that we are in a Revolutionary situation and that a Ruling Class on the cusp of ultimate power will not quietly roll over. Maybe our timing was wrong!

Great events, like the rise to power of a Ruling Class in an America that has never had a Ruling Class (though many influential ones), have a momentum of their own and even the most charismatic or perceptive of politicians and leaders can rarely see far ahead, but near-blindly pursue short-term goals. Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and Ataturk were exceptions. In the interim prior to the Inauguration, the Far Left/Media Class alliance lacked a charismatic leader who would act. Obama, a political and philosophical lightweight by any measure, was not their man.

But the Revolutionary forces on the ground are real and substantial, and the means to mobilize them are also real enough. The Democrat Party and its Far Left was pushed to the side in the election, but this is hardly surprising given that the leadership was composed of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and George Soros. The rank-and-file of the Party, together with the many other discontented urban groups that have proliferated during decades of welfare, family disintegration, Balkanizing race importations, Media cultural sickness and nefarious teachings, however will not be denied their promised moment of revenge on America’s hard-working people.

The speed with which the MSM was able to mobilize angry crowds of the urban unemployed at airports in response to a mild Trump tweak to immigration practice, was impressive. Not only was the mob impressive, but we also saw numerous defections from the Republican ranks. Yes, they were mostly the usual Media hogs, but such defections provide important propaganda cover to the Far Left by spreading a veneer of morality over what is a squalid protest.

Some past Republican leaders would have retreated before now and caved to the march of the Revolution. But Trump is cut from different cloth – thank God! At least we hope he is, and if so he will continue to make good on his election promises. He may not know he is taking America to a civil war, but when he begins deporting criminals from prisons and confronting sanctuary cities, he will be forced to employ the forces of law and order – and then all Hell will break loose. We will be in uncharted waters.

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  1. If and when the confrontation comes, Trump must come down hard. Anything less will merely encourage leftist hooligans.

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