About eight years ago I was discussing US politics with a conservative (Christian) friend from San Francisco. After telling him that the reason why Leftist social campaigns were increasingly successful and why the Media Class would continue to dominate the political agenda, I casually mentioned that the Leftists also benefitted from the evil influences of a handful of very wealthy men. When I named George Soros to him, he asked George who? No conservative or Christian activist would ask that question today, for Soros is far less coy about his agenda and his activities.

For conservatives, Christians and Nationalists the struggle to defend traditional and time-tested morality would be hard enough in the face of an increasingly powerful, all-pervasive Media propaganda machine, but to also have to resist the campaign of one of the world’s richest men, is daunting. Soros, who is wanted in France for financial crimes, is still largely a man in the shadows, thanks to a complicit Media. He is a man we on the Right should get to know a lot more about, for his money is behind almost every policy thrust that will undermine Western Nations and the US in particular.

Soros, a Jew who claims to have grown up in Hungary under both the Nazis and Communists, is now an American citizen. One wonders how he managed to survive both dictatorships and gain access to the US, but I doubt we will ever know the truth, for a man as rich as Soros can suppress or doctor almost anything about himself. Like many ‘refugees’ who find a safe home in the US, Soros has been keen to bite the hand that fed him ever since his arrival. After the devastation of 9/11 Mr. Soros became so incensed that he wrote and had published a book with the title “The Bubble of American Supremacy”. Soros was not incensed by the terrorists however, but by President Bush’s response to this terrible event-an event that was only the culmination of repeated terrorist attacks. Soros argued in his book that the US should have treated 9/11 as a criminal matter and not as an act of war. “Crime requires police work, not military action” he wrote and questioned why Americans got quite so upset by the attack. “How could a single event, even if it involved three thousand civilian casualties, have such a far-reaching effect?” he asked. He described the US as ‘the victim turned perpetrator” and claimed that President Bush “reminds me of the Germans”, presumably he means the German Nazis. Soros who once supported campaign finance reform, later said that he would spend every penny he had to defeat President Bush and presumably undermine the US military.

We should be clear about the real Soros agenda. The man who says we should treat the 9/11 terrorists as common criminals also spends huge sums of money on promoting ‘penal reform’ and ‘Human Rights’, code words for getting rid of the concept of punishment in the legal system. Soros is big on ‘Human Rights’, and softer sentencing of criminals is only one small part of his concept of human rights. Some of us might consider human rights as encompassing our right to walk the streets safe from predators, the right to work and not belong to a Trade Union, the right to have our legitimate votes be counted and not cancelled out by electoral fraud, the right to be safe from terrorism, the right of our children to be safe from indoctrination about sodomy when in school and our right to preserve our Christian concept of marriage to be between a man and a woman. These are not what Leftists mean when they agitate for ‘Human Rights’ and Soros certainly is a Leftist.  Organizations like ‘Human Rights First’, ‘Lawyers Committee for Human Rights’ and the ACLU are Front Organizations of Leftists who use language in the way that Orwell described in ‘1984’. It is the language of totalitarian Communism and it is a tool of propaganda. Thus we have ‘Gay’ substituted for homosexual/sodomist and ‘diversity’ for imposed quotas of groups of people.

Soros has spent huge sums of money to advance his immoral agenda and Leftist causes through Front organizations with Orwellian names like ‘America Coming Together’ and ‘’. He has not, of course spent every penny he has and nor will he, for we can be sure that his largesse will not involve any personal sacrifice or frugal living. However he is indefatigable in his promotion of the permissive Leftist causes that will undermine a healthy and strong society and we can speculate about his motives. Perhaps if we knew more about his personal lifestyle tastes all would be clear but in the meantime the only motive I can discern from his activities is that he wants to weaken the social fabric of America and its Allies and encourage our enemies

Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union announced the largest fund-raising campaign in its history. The campaign goal is $335m, a mind-boggling sum for propaganda and buying politicians. It already has received $258m through ‘behind-the-scenes’ solicitations. Soros gave $12m of this through his ‘Open Society Institute’. You might wonder what the campaign is about. You will be wildly wrong if you think it is going to be about giving parents more school choice, making neighborhoods safer for law-abiding citizens or helping workers who are being victimized by Union thugs. The campaign, according to ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero (How much pay does he get and could it be construed as ‘windfall’?) is to promote ‘social-justice’ issues in relatively conservative states such as Florida and Texas. Mr. Romero has defined the issues as Gay Rights, Immigrant Rights, police brutality and opposition to the death penalty. Targets for ACLU expansion include Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico and Tennessee.

Soros is also pumping money into an organization with the innocuous title of ‘Campaign Money Watch’ which will be running TV ads and filing federal complaints against John McCain and his alleged ties to lobbyists. It might be very instructive if we were made aware of many politicians who have ties to Soros and his money.

Do not expect the Main Stream Media to give prominence to the activities of George Soros and his billions of dollars. Whilst ‘Big Oil’ executives and others who keep the wheels of the economy turning are vilified and denounced by Media and politicians, Soros who makes his money manipulating currency and the Hollywood gang who rack up windfall profits on movies are given a pass. Soros has an agenda that matches that of the Media Class and that is enough to guarantee him uncritical Media treatment.

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