Seth Rich Cover-up Exposes MSM

Last July, in the heat of the Presidential election campaign, Seth Rich was gunned down in the early hours of the morning in a respectable Washington D.C. street. Young Mr. Rich was the son of activist Democratic Party parents and was working full-time for the Democrat National Committee in Washington D.C. Clearly, he was a party insider, reasonably well connected within the party, and said to have authorized access to the DNC campaign computer.

He was returning alone to his Washington D.C. accommodation when he was shot in the back. The noise of the shots brought investigation and he was taken to the nearest hospital. Official reports from the D.C. police say he died 2 hours later. The police have not revealed if he was able to talk before he died.

The political background to this murder/assassination was that Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks was releasing masses of secret DNC files on the Internet. They contained much material that was embarrassing to the party and damaging to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Among the WikiLeaks revelations were emails showing a dirty tricks campaign had been waged by the DNC against Bernie Sanders. In due course Donna Brazil and other implicated DNC staffers were forced to resign.

The source of the leaks was not known and since Trump’s victory, the MSM and the Democratic Party have been working hard to blame the Russians for hacking, in collusion with Donald Trump and his staff.

The Washington D.C. police dismissed Rich’s murder as an uncompleted robbery by street thugs, with no political motive involved. Since Mr. Rich was carrying valuables and they were not stolen by the killer(s), the official motive was greeted with some skepticism from commentators on the political Right.

Mr. Rich’s parents came to Washington D.C. and ultimately publicly dismissed the suspicions that their son’s murder was politically motivated. They refuted the suggestions that their son had been leaking DNC secrets to WikiLeaks.

On this website at the time, we wrote that Mr. Rich’s death looked more like a political assassination than a botched robbery, especially given his job with the DNC. Since any established connection to the Democratic Party or the Clinton campaign would have blown the Clinton campaign out of the water and handed the election to Donald Trump, it was obvious that the Obama Government, the Left-wing dominated D.C. police, and the MSM would ensure that any investigations did not adversely affect the election of Hillary Clinton to the most powerful office in the land.

The best that can be said is that the D.C. police is not the Nation’s most efficient force, and the worst that can be said is that a police cover-up ensued, for not a scrap of evidence was uncovered – or if it was, it was sat upon. Whichever was the explanation, in a nation in which the MSM is the propaganda arm of a Ruling Class – and not a watch-dog for the people – truth is easily hidden. The MSM ensured that Mr. Rich and his assassination were quickly forgotten.

Fox News has reported today that un-named sources say there was evidence on Mr. Rich’s laptop that he was in contact with WikiLeaks just before his death. If this is so, Mr. Rich’s murder is a political scandal and crime greater than anything in the past, and could mean that an assassination of an American citizen in America reaches up into the highest political circles. The mere burglary of DNC’s HQ is insignificant in comparison, though it brought down a President and sent several of his staff to jail.

Now it can be argued that Fox News is citing un-named sources, and there is no concrete evidence. But all the charges of Trump and the Russians colluding cite un-named sources and lack any evidence. Yet the MSM and the Democratic Party are calling for Special Prosecutors, impeachment of a sitting President, and much more.

In the Rich case, we have a young man employed in a highly politically-sensitive job, a dead body, an assassination without a criminal motive, and a political motive staring us in the face.

This morning, I have been waiting for the rest of the MSM to report the Fox News bombshell, but nothing has surfaced. Nor will it, for we live in a post-Revolutionary America in which many government institutions have been deeply corrupted by Obama’s Presidency, and the MSM is the propaganda arm of a sinister and immoral Ruling Class. In so far as the MSM is concerned, we live in an Orwellian world where the truth is relentlessly concealed and lies constantly manufactured.


Why would Seth Rich leak to Assange? Perhaps he was a young idealist, attracted to the Bernie Sanders campaign, and disgusted by the cynicism and lack of principle of the Clinton machine.

Why would his parents publicly reject the possibility of a political motive for their son’s murder?

Well, as life-long Leftists they have moved in circles that believe the ends justify the means. Maybe they cannot face the possibility that their son betrayed the party. Maybe his betrayal, if proven, would leave them socially and politically ostracized. History is full of Leftists who colluded with party crimes for the good of the cause.

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