Seth Rich and Motive for Murder

Today on the Internet I read the article that the late Mr. Rich’s parents penned in the Washington Post. They are claiming that any speculation in the Media about their son’s death is causing them renewed anguish. They ask that it cease. They also write that they accept the Washington D.C. police assertion that the murder was the consequence of a botched robbery.

The trigger for their WaPo appeal was Sean Hannity’s recent revisit to the crime on Fox News and his reluctance to accept the police version as a convincing one. By rejecting the ‘botched robbery’ conclusion and looking for an alternative motive, Hannity is inevitably reigniting the suspicion that politics might be involved, both in the slaying and in a subsequent cover-up.

The parents cite as evidence for the official robbery explanation, and for the dismissal of a political alternative explanation, an alleged injury to their son’s wrist that could have been caused by the robbers’ attempt to rip off his watch.

They also say that prior to his murder he had been offered a job with the Hillary Clinton campaign in New York City, and he was greatly excited by this. This is powerful evidence, though it is subjective, given that both parents are Far-Left activists and Democratic Party loyalists. They certainly would have been excited that their son was about to work for the Clinton campaign. They are implying that their son’s excitement proves he was not a disenchanted Bernie supporter and therefore not a leaker to WikiLeaks.

Now it is possible that their son, though a leaker, felt it necessary to seem excited and thus sharing their feelings. It is also possible that working for Clinton would give him more access to material ripe for leaking, and this was the reason for his excitement.

The parents write that the police examined their son’s computer and found no evidence of contact with Assange. We are invited to accept this at face value, though I was not aware that the police have said this publicly and officially.

If the Washington D.C. police had found evidence of Seth Rich links to Assange and made this public, the effect on the election campaign would have been explosive. For it would have confirmed the authenticity of the WikiLeaks material at a time when the Democrats and Clinton were desperate to deny its authenticity, and to get it out of the news.

Maybe, the Washington D.C. police and their experts did check Rich’s computer and found no links, but I simply cannot believe that any police department – and especially the Far-Left Washington D.C. police department – would have dared to reveal such politically explosive evidence. We must put such a discovery in the corrupt context that the head of the FBI was brazenly refusing to charge Hillary Clinton with well-documented crimes, the AG was meeting with Bill Clinton at an airport, and the lawless President Obama was still in the White House.

The Rich parents, through the WaPo article, are attempting to close down Sean Hannity’s campaign for a reopening of their son’s murder, and halting a search for a motive other than the ‘botched robbery’ motive. They are employing emotion to get sympathy and seeking to shame any who seek other answers. They must be aware that accepting the ‘botched robbery’ explanation will mean that their son’s murder will receive no further investigation.

It is hard to be judgmental of grieving parents and not to understand that they might want to both close the issue and burnish their son’s memory as a party loyalist and not as a leaker. I can only say that if I was in their shoes I would have gone to London and met with Assange before dismissing his claims.

It is stretching belief to accept the ‘botched robbery’ theory, for surely a completed robbery would have been possible and likely. Any one or two men willing to gun down a man for what he was carrying on his person were unlikely to leave un-gathered his wallet and other valuables.

It is also a stretch to believe that robbers were still looking for prosperous victims at that time of the morning and on such a quiet street. Still, it is possible.

It is also possible that Rich was a victim of casual Black-on-White violence, though the police have not raised that possibility. Maybe Rich was followed by casual street thugs seeking an opportunity to obtain racial justice. Or maybe there was a hidden aspect of his life that was seedy or perverted. But he had a girlfriend and seemed to have been a normal guy.

If his killers were casual roaming thugs, it is odd that the great publicity and substantial reward offered has not brought forward an informer.

Two things are worth noting:

If Rich was a leaker, he was involved in a very dangerous business. He might not have been aware that he was living in revolutionary times and at the center, not of ‘politics as usual’, but of a time when ruthless, powerful forces had much at stake. As the lawless campaign against Donald Trump and a lawful government unfolds, we daily learn that the FBI and the CIA have been led by plotters, schemers and liars who were put in place by a President and party without principles.

I have been reading the comments on the WaPo article and it is clear that the divide between those on the Left-wing, and us on the Right-wing is unbridgeable. Leftists simply live in a different moral world and one that is both irrational and wholly intolerant. We have to assume that anyone who has spent time working within the Democrat Party, the MSM, or the many Leftist Front organizations – and that includes the Rich parents – live life governed by the rule that the ends justify the means.

This leads me to my final point. We must always question how any article arrives on the pages of propaganda organs like the Washington Post, and what is its hidden purpose. The WaPo is actually more than just a propaganda organ, it is also the Kremlin of the Far-Left and a brain center of our Ruling Class. It is working with the parents to shut down enquiries into Seth Rich’s murder and it has succeeded in pressuring Fox News. Maybe Fox News without Ailes didn’t need much pressuring!

Whether the motive is simply to stop a story that would distract from the concocted Russia narrative, or whether poor Mr. Rich was silenced by political assassins, may never be known. But conspiracy theories are the daily fare of the Left-wing, and as in all Leftist totalitarian camps, opponents are always charged with the very crimes and tactics they themselves are employing.

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