Sessions Must Not Be Sacrificed

Time to start with basics! We are in the midst of a Revolutionary civil war in which the Revolutionary forces (Media Class/Far Left Alliance), anticipating a 2016 Presidential election victory which would consolidate the power they had stealthily accrued over 8 years in the White House, were narrowly defeated by an under-estimated upstart.

The Revolutionary forces believed that occupying the White House for one more term would be sufficient to complete their Revolutionary agenda, for they had succeeded in advancing on all fronts despite losing the Legislature to the Republicans two years earlier.

The eight years of Obama had proved that the Presidency, backed by the awesome propaganda of the Mainstream Media (MSM), a purged Federal Court system, a unionized government workforce, and the leaders of International Big Business, could ignore the Constitution and the Republican ‘opposition’, and ultimately advance the Revolutionary agenda by Presidential edict.

Since the Obama Presidency had been the vehicle for a true Revolution, the Clinton defeat and Trump success signaled a first victory for Counter-Revolutionary forces. Trump’s (non-ideological) Nationalist agenda achieved for the Broad Right what an (ideological) Conservative agenda had failed to do for over a decade – break the Left’s hold on the votes of working people.

The claim of the foregoing paragraph is too Marxist an explanation on its own, for it ignores the role played by individuals in great events. Donald Trump, as we acknowledged in our previous article, is an amazing and charismatic person, and we do not yet know just how astute he is and how aware he is of the powerful forces he has frustrated.

He is by now well aware of the power of the MSM, though it is unlikely that he fully understands the identity of the Media Class that expresses its power through the MSM, its Revolutionary social agenda (being revealed at this very moment by Disney and ‘Moonlight’) and why it has an alliance with the Far Left. Nor is it likely that he understands that the Far-Left Democrat Party is a totalitarian ‘Party-in-waiting’.

The Revolutionary Alliance may have foolishly lost the Presidency, but it continues to enjoy nearly all the advantages that brought it to power and to the cusp of permanent political control. With these advantages largely intact, the Alliance will not revert to the old ‘politics as usual’ of the last century. To put it brutally, it will do anything and everything to remove Trump from the White House and end the Counter-Revolution.

There is much talk on the Broad Right about the ‘Deep State’, a term which as far as we can ascertain, has not been sufficiently defined. It certainly implies the existence of sinister, hidden, powerful forces lurking below the surface of the elected political framework.

For some it is an international Jewish conspiracy that seeks to exploit America for profit and/or Israel’s interests by dismantling Western Nation States and instigating war with Russia.

For others, ‘Deep State’ is a network of employees in the Government’s counter-intelligence service, the DOJ and the FBI, who have an agenda of their own and for who the Trump commitment to ‘draining the swamp’ is a challenge to be defeated. Some will claim that there is overlapping with Jewish interests and some might suggest that pedophilia unites many ‘Deep State’ activists.

There is no doubt – and we have argued this many times on this website – that high level government employees become too powerful over time, especially when government grows. Moreover, those government employees involved in domestic investigations and surveillance, once they develop a self-serving agenda, are able to entrap and control politicians. Like government employees at all levels, they have a vested interest in government spending and power so they inevitably lean Left.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that we can add a ‘network’ in the  CIA/DOJ/FBI behemoth, to the list of forces working to overthrow the Trump Presidency. Call it ‘Deep State’ if you wish and it is proving to be a great threat to the young Trump Presidency.

In all totalitarian States, the internal ‘Security’ services eventually control Government (KGB, SS Mossad) by blackmail and selective revelations. Marry this power to a MSM with a similar agenda, and we have the dangerous and lawless situation unfolding here in the USA.

Jeff Sessions’ appointment to the post of Attorney General to pursue Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ agenda, was sure to make him the prime target of all the forces of the (temporarily-ousted) Revolutionaries. The MSM will be searching for Republican politicians willing to collaborate, and thus mask a vicious and baseless partisan attack with a camouflage of bi-partisanship. Lindsay Graham is always willing and waiting and now Jason Chaffetz of Utah has revealed his treachery.

 We may never know if the motives of collaborators are publicity seeking or blackmail, but it is time for all loyalists to rally around Sessions. He must not be sacrificed, for this is a war and the office of AG is where we need a George Patton. It is time for attack and not defense.

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