Rush Steals Our Claim

We like Rush Limbaugh! Over many years, he has used his Talk Radio Station to promote conservative policies and defend conservative politicians. He has been consistent, up-beat when conservative spirits were low, intellectually smart, often funny, and always polite to his callers.

Until the arrival of Donald Trump in 2016, Rush was an old-school conservative. This meant he focused on free markets, the Constitution, opposition to creeping Socialism, and qualified support for the Republican Party.

Although no-one could doubt his love of country, he was never a Nationalist in the way that Michael Savage promoted ‘borders, language and culture’, and thus was guilty of sitting on the fence during the Republican primaries.

Since Trump’s White House victory, no-one could accuse Rush of not being 100% a supporter of the President. Unlike the unpleasant Mark Levin, he has applauded Trump’s Nationalism, spoken out for Christian values, and is now a full-fledged member of the Broad Right.

Until the post-election Mainstream Media (MSM) attacks on Trump, however, Rush always dismissed the MSM as an arm of the Democrat Party. When callers complained about MSM bias, he would merely say, “It is what it is, it has always been like this”, and we must just get on with dealing with ‘politics-as-usual’ and fight the Democrats. We recall that he used to refer to the ‘government-Media complex’.

For more than eleven years on this website, we argued that the Democrat Party was an arm of the MSM, and not vice-versa. We maintained this was a crucial distinction and necessary to understand the great revolutionary struggle that was unfolding.

From recognizing the central role of the MSM, we confronted the key question of why it marched in lockstep. We rejected the idea that this was a result of a conspiracy. The answer was that the MSM is the voice and weapon of a new Class, and we called it the ‘Media Class’.

We explained its origins as a Class, its growth, its constituent parts (Hollywood, TV, News, Journalism, Fashion, Advertising and Pro-sport) the inevitability of its Class agenda, what that agenda was, and its Class compulsion to win legislative power and become America’s first Ruling Class.

We were the first to describe the output of the MSM as propaganda in pursuit of an agenda, that the connection between MSM ‘News’ and ‘Entertainment’ was seamless, that by using the MSM, the Media Class was able to purge and transform the Democrat Party and Unions, and that the Media Class naturally developed an alliance with the Far-Left and its ground troops.

In 2008 we described Obama as the chosen candidate of the Media Class, and noted his personal qualities that suited the Media Class. When he was elected to the Presidency we described him as the President of the new Ruling Class, and that his government heralded a true Revolution. We correctly predicted that ‘moral’ (anti-Christian) policies would be at the forefront of his Presidency.

Today Rush is claiming credit for his new discovery – that the Democrat Party is an arm of the MSM. Yet he cannot explain why the MSM marches in lockstep, has a uniform agenda, and organized political aspirations. Only the identification of a new Class, with its own interests and its own agenda, can explain it. The alternative is that it is a vast conspiracy.

If Rush will take on board the whole of our analysis, we will be able to close down our website and get back a life, with mission accomplished.

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