Rush is Wrong Again!

On March 3rd we drew attention to the significance of the MSM’s publicity of the Hillary Clinton email revelations. From now on, for brevity, we will refer to her scandal as ‘Emailgate’. Since our article appeared, the MSM has increased its coverage. This is not the tactic the Media Class employs when seeking to play down or conceal Leftist scandals. Moreover, the reporting and commentary in the MSM has been negative in tone.

This morning, Rush Limbaugh drew attention to today’s National Journal article by Ron Fournier headlined “Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Get It”. Fournier (who worked for AP for 20 years and is therefore both a Leftist and member of the Media Class) is not alone in granting Mrs. Clinton negative headlines and many column inches.  Laura Meckler and Peter Nicholas in the WSJ, under the heading “Clinton Urged to Break Silence on Email” wrote a long and prominent piece that began “Some Democrats are uneasy about the reports involving Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account during her time as secretary of state AND HER FOUNDATION’S FUNDRAISING PRACTICES (our capitals) calling on her to break her silence and personally address the TWO CONTROVERSIES (again our capitals).

The reporters continue “Some party figures say the recent disclosures show a need for Democrat rivals to step forward and challenge Mrs. Clinton” and quote Democrat officials who are “disturbed”. What follows this hostile opening is an honest description of the details of the unfolding scandal. Since reporter Meckler is a constant Leftist apologist, skilled at evasion and obscurity when it comes to Democrat wrongdoing, this article is designed to harm Clinton. Given the procedures that decide what gets printed it is certain that approval for this hit piece was given by the editor and the senior WSJ (Leftist) news staff.

Rush Limbaugh’s explanation for the Media’s sudden and rare outbreak of honest reporting is that reporters are tired of “carrying water for the Clintons”. His view of the role of MSM reporters is depressing in its naivete. It reveals a stunning misunderstanding of the MSM and its role in contemporary American politics.

The MSM and all who are employed or otherwise involved in it at any level are members of the Media Class. They are completely invested in the agenda of that Class. Anyone who seeks membership expecting to objectively report news will be rejected. All must sign on to the agenda. The Media Class has sneaked into power and become our Ruling Class by controlling the news that the masses read, see and hear. It also controls the entertainment that the masses ‘enjoy’ whilst being brainwashed. The MSM is the propaganda arm and source of political power for the Media Class. Its output is as much removed from truth and facts as was Stalin’s Pravda. Lies, distortions, evasions and inventions are its sole purpose and mostly all parts march in lockstep to promote an agenda. The idea that reporters get tired of lying (carrying water) is ludicrous, for it is what they have signed up to and trained for. Their 6 years of outrageous lying and covering for Obama are evidence of stamina, creativity and enthusiasm.

The MSM desertion of Mrs. Clinton during her hour of need signals at the very least that a significant element of the Media Class does not want her as its candidate for 2016. Whilst the Media Class always marches in lockstep for the agenda, it does not necessarily march in lockstep when choosing the Democrat candidate for the White House. The Presidency, especially now that the President is able to advance the revolution by edict, enables the Media Class to rule without control of Congress. The most powerful component of the Media Class will strive to ensure he/she is their puppet.

We have written many times that prior to the 2008 election the most powerful component of the Media Class was the Hollywood homosexual inner circle. The billionaires in Beverly Hills were not only hugely rich but united by overpowering deviant sexual tastes. We believe that Bill Clinton over the years of his populist political career had underestimated and alienated these people. Mrs. Clinton was and is seen by the Hollywood inner circle as the other half of Bill.  Obama, for reasons still not completely clear because his past is concealed, was chosen to oust the Clintons.

It is our contention that the billionaire movie moguls have not forgiven Bill Clinton for his past contemptuous attitude to homosexuality. Hillary, no matter her popularity with the Public Service Unions and other allies of the Media Class, does not have deviant Hollywood’s support. The unfolding MSM treatment of ‘Emailgate’ tells us that a powerful faction within the Media Class –as distinct from its coalition allies- is looking for its own candidate.

It is always possible that another faction within the Media Class will emerge and support the Clintons. Maybe the Media Class will have a bitter and divisive internal struggle over the choice of Presidential candidate. Only time will tell. For the moment, we believe that the word from Hollywood and the powerful homosexual inner core of the Media Class is that Hillary is to be ‘persuaded to drop out’. If she refuses she can expect that her scandals will not go off the front pages.

In our article of 3rd March we wrote that Clinton’s use of private email for State Department business was illegal. It is not clear if this is so and legal opinion appears to be divided. For sure it was evidence of unprecedented concealment of public business for private gain.

Music Choice

To mark the importance of Emailgate and the Media revelations of Hillary’s deceptions we recommend the George Shearing recording of ‘Little White Lies’.

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  1. I have often thought how pathetic it is that Rush Limbaugh should be the most influential conservative voice on radio. He truly is a babe in the woods who knows very little of the machinations of the media class and its agenda. And I can never figure out why he continues to support the GOP when it is obvious that they are simply not interested in pursuing a conservative agenda. It took Limbaugh a long time to figure out the agenda behind the open borders crowd…Democrats and Republicans.

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