Republican Elite’s Scorn For Grassroots

The unlikely presence and popularity of Donald Trump in the Republican Primary contest has achieved many surprising things. Not only has he thrust immigration into the center of the debate, given a voice to Nationalists and flushed Jeb Bush down the Primary toilet, but he has also so frightened the Party’s elite and its allies that in desperation they are revealing their deep seated hatred and scorn for their own base.

Nowhere is this better exemplified than in today’s Wall Street Journal where ‘conservative’ commentator Daniel Henninger likens the “Trumpians” to Swift’s Lilliputians, tiny people who argue with each other “over whether soft-boiled eggs should be cracked at the large end or small end”. Could there be a more explicit contempt for people who want their America retrieved from Sodom? He portrays the pathetic Paul Ryan, he who was steamrollered by the ignorant Joe Biden, as Gulliver, a giant among pygmies!

Henninger, like his comrade commentators Bret Stephens and Kimberley Strassel, is an official voice for the WSJ’s editorial board. Unlike most other Mainstream Media (MSM) propaganda voices of the Ruling Media Class, the WSJ is internally divided between the News ‘reporters’ who fill the Paper’s main pages with the usual lies and distortions of the Far Left, and the Editorial and Business sections which promote what is often called ‘economic Conservatism’. It is this latter which bestows on the WSJ a misleading reputation for promoting ‘Conservative’ policies.

As we have long pointed out on this website it is impossible to divide ‘Conservatism’ into separate parts. Economic conservatism without social conservatism is doomed to failure and is nothing better than Libertarianism. Real marriage, creating stable families with children (plural), underpinned by a Christian-based lifestyle, an opposition to reckless change, an attachment to the Nation State, borders, language and culture (Thank you Dr. Savage!) and preservation of the countryside, agriculture and small communities, are the bedrock of political Conservatism. These are the components of a free, law-abiding, united and productive people. Economic and financial stability can only be sustained when they are all present and thriving.

The WSJ and its opinion formers Henninger, Bret Stephens and Kimberley Strassel, write for that element of Wall Street’s money-makers who would benefit best from a truly International free market system, liberated from expensive Government bureaucracies and shorn of the current corrupt corporate-Fascist economics. The problem is that these New York/DC people are detached from the hinterland’s working Americans, are footloose in pursuit of their money-making and more than happy to sacrifice borders, language and culture for a large profit. They are the same people who promote the insanity of America’s endless urbanization, alien population growth and the destruction of traditional human institutions.

Politically, they are happy to trade real marriage and the realities of gender, Christianity and sane moral principles, for the short-term gains to be made from international free enterprise. In the Big City world of plenty they inhabit as Republicans, rubbing shoulders with the exotic and celebrity Ruling Class, they are embarrassed by the Party’s grass roots social Conservatism, deep attachment to tried and trusted traditions and unwillingness to embrace a single one of the Revolutionary changes that Obama has unlawfully imposed.

Henninger and his money-making superiors on Wall Street are not interested in rolling back the Leftist Revolution that is eating away America’s moral strength from within, destroying its working people and inviting enemy colonization. They are not interested in a return to Constitutional Government except where Obama’s lawless government has shackled and taxed their business. That is sufficient.

The Republican Party elite and most Congressmen who are bought and paid for and sustained by the Wall Street and Big Business Internationalists, share Henninger’s scorn for the grass roots. Indeed they fear that if the grass roots find a leader in this contest, they, the Congressmen, will be called to account for their surrender to Obama and his Ruling Class masters and Leftist allies.

Most of the Republican Congressmen, enjoying the rewards of Washington, some of them compromised by Washington’s temptations, fearing MSM revelations and persecution and a loss of finance for re-election, will do anything to maintain the status quo of a faked opposition to Obama that is in reality a surrender to his Revolution.

None of the serious contestants in this primary contest have yet revealed a true understanding of the civil war America is experiencing. The grass roots who are supporting Trump, Cruz and Carson are probably more radical in their wish to engage and defeat the Ruling Class enemy. Last night, several contestants finally recognized the MSM as THE enemy and began a counter-attack. Not before time! But recognizing the hostile power of the MSM is not enough. It is absolutely necessary to understand that the MSM is not a tool of the Democrat Party but that the Democrat Part is a tool of the Ruling Media Class, its MSM and its Far Left allies, and that we are in the midst of their stealthy Revolution.

Today Rush Limbaugh, boiling over with rage at the way John Harwood and his MSM comrades brazenly sought to destroy the Republican candidates, finally recognized the MSM as ‘the opposition’. If only he would read back through our website, for we have long predicted the present Revolution and explained the power and ascendancy of the MSM as the main weapon of the Media Class. Incidentally, many years ago, on this website, we identified John Harwood, who was then a reporter for the WSJ, as a Far Leftist who, like all of his colleagues, manipulated the news.


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  1. Starting with The Donald and now with the debacle of a CNBC debate we Radicals finally have our message out in the MSM! Fox News, thought far from perfect, has also proven to be the most fair and balanced network. Now that Ted Cruz has blazed a path for the others to follow commentators will no longer be able to slice and dice the Republican candidates.

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