Red Mobs? Just a Bunch of Folks!

It is a regular complaint of Mainstream Media writers and reporters that politics in the USA has become more polarized. Much the same is said about politics in the UK. Usually a closer reading of what is meant by ‘polarized’ is that conservative views are continuing to be expressed here and there despite the best efforts of the Media Class and its Leftist allies to establish a new and revolutionary norm. As our revolutionary and Leftist Ruling Class of America stealthily sets about opening the gates to mass Third World immigration, trashing the Constitution, nurturing Muslim terrorism, impugning, marginalizing and criminalizing Christianity, denying the existence of male and female, normalizing marriage between a man and his dog, disarming citizens and the military, redistributing income from the industrious to the feckless and conferring arbitrary power on an uneducated and treacherous liar, any opposition to this revolutionary agenda and its proponents is defined as ‘polarizing’. Actually there no longer is much ‘stealth’. Brazenly’ is a more appropriate word.

The definition of the ‘norm’ has been wrested from the Founding Fathers and the American people and is now in the hands of the new Ruling Media Class and its MSM. In all our articles on this website we reiterate time and time again that Americans are living in a Revolutionary era and one of the propaganda weapons of the ascendant Ruling Class is to skillfully redefine words so that the words remain familiar but they are given a new- and frequently opposite- meaning. We often quote the example of ‘gay’. Other examples are ‘equality’, ‘Rights’, ‘protestors’, ‘far’ and ‘extremism’.

In last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal a Review article by Alexandra Wolfe provided a few but very effective examples of this ‘newspeak’. The skill is in slipping the new definitions into the narrative so they appear reasonable and are unconsciously absorbed. Miss (or is it Misses?) Wolfe wrote a long piece recording an interview with Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. A careful reading of the article will reveal that Wolfe did not intend to present Mr. Farage in a good light. Neither she nor her employer approves of any Party that even leans towards Nationalism but most WSJ readers would be unaware of this.

On this website we have many reservations about UKIP and its leader. American conservatives should be aware that in its infancy and youthful years UKIP benefitted from friendly treatment by the UK’s Mainstream Media, for it was seen as a Party that would siphon crucial votes from the Media-hated BNP. The BNP, despite its Socialist economic policies, is a wholly patriotic Nationalist Party that would, if elected to office, stop all immigration, take an exit from the EU, leave the UN, protect Britain’s vanishing  countryside from development, end Overseas financial aid, put homosexuals back in the closet, restore capital punishment and clamp down on the UK’s Islam presence. None of the foregoing policies are extreme, though the MSM has successfully redefined them in the public mind as such. George Orwell, my father and all of his generation would have regarded these BNP policies as common sense, and they believed that they were fighting for them in the years 1939-1945.

UKIP would, if elected, negotiate an exit from the EU and more recently (as membership has grown and influenced its agenda) has indicated that it would reduce immigration. It is a free-market Party. Most British people recognize that the EU is a corrupt gravy train and that membership of it has been costly, exacerbated immigration problems and contributed to over- population. Increasing numbers are also aware that the mainstream political Parties are committed to the EU and immigration, none more so than the obnoxious and unprincipled Tory leader and PM, David Cameron.

UKIP, unlike the BNP, has until recently enjoyed Media toleration, and so seems poised to benefit at the polls from a large protest vote. It may even find itself holding a balance of power in Parliament after the General Election in the coming May. It has also benefitted from a lack of police and Judicial persecution and, most importantly, from the constant and well-funded harassment by Red Mobs. The BNP has never been able to hold a publicly advertized public meeting. All BNP meetings have to be held at secret locations. Those who host BNP meetings risk physical attack and vandalism. UKIP, now that it might receive popular support at the polls, is beginning to experience the attentions of the Red Mobs that masquerade under the names anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist. These dishonest names have their credibility reinforced by the MSM.

Wolfe begins her article by describing Farage as “The controversial leader on the EU, immigration and fighting the establishment” The word ‘controversial’ has become one of the smear words of MSM journalism. It is never used to describe the issue of same-sex marriage and its proponents. Has any MSM journalists ever described Obama as ‘controversial’? The word has come to imply a person or viewpoint that is arousing much opposition and is in the middle of, and causing, strong feelings, hostility and ferment where none previously existed. Ted Cruz is always described as ‘controversial’. Capital punishment, consistently popular with a large majority of citizens is always described in the MSM as a ‘controversial’ issue. British political leaders David Cameron, Miliband et al are never described as ‘controversial’ though their policies and behaviors are no less divisive than Farage and UKIP.

Wolfe early on defines UKIP as a ‘populist’ movement. This word is now used by the MSM to suggest any political organization that reflects base grass-roots instincts, one that is not following the proper rules, one that is pandering to the low prejudices of the ignorant and one that is pursuing popularity at the expense of principles. Is there a mainstream political party that ignores popularity in pursuit of principle? On this website we are unable to identify a mainstream Party in the USA or the UK whose leadership has principles. France’s National Front and its leader Marie Le Pen are always described in the MSM as ‘populist’ when not described as ‘Far Right’.

The MSM has two definitions of popularity, one good, one bad. A policy that is popular, such as opposing mass immigration, is dismissed as ‘populist’. However when certain policies such as SSM appear to be gaining popularity they are not dismissed as ‘populist’ but lauded as progressive and enlightened. For the record, my dictionary defines ‘populism’ as “the policy of the party in the US formed in 1892 for the establishment of a graduated income tax and public control of national services”.

Wolfe spends some time noting Farage’s alcohol consumption and hints that his good mood increases in the interview as he downs the red wine. Most of what Farage says in the interview is acceptable to any sane and rational person but his willingness to discuss his own drinking habits whilst consuming two bottles of red wine in front of MSM journalist Wolfe, is reckless. It suggests that his time cosseted by the MSM has not prepared him for ultimate MSM hostility. Like his Party’s growing membership, naivety regarding the MSM may well prove fatal to both. The MSM will assuredly search out, interview, lull, quote, betray and publicize many UKIP loose cannons in order to characterize the Party as extreme, racist, and dangerous on the one hand and a collection of buffoons on the other.

The BNP in contrast, battle-hardened by years of MSM persecution, runs a tight ship. One cannot imagine its new leader and comrades sitting and talking politics with a journalist whilst relaxing over two bottles of red wine. Farage’s normality and informality may have been endearing and engaging to conservatives back before politics was polarized by the emergence of a Revolutionary new Class that will stop at nothing to eliminate all who stand in its way. Now such normality is reckless.

Something of great significance develops in the interview (which takes place in a restaurant in Thanet) but Wolfe sees nothing about it that needs commentary and investigation. She writes “Meanwhile—–Mr. Farage’s security staff is starting to get fidgety. They’ve noticed that a woman sitting at the other end of the restaurant is keeping an eye on our table. Mr. Farage’s senior adviser— thinks that she’s part of a protest group that regularly chases him around Thanet. Mr. Farage dismisses her and her ilk as extremists”.

Later “lunch is drawing to a close, and as the waitress clears a second bottle of wine from the table, Mr. Farage’s security team motions that it’s time to go. The woman who had been sitting across the restaurant has called in her fellow protestors, and we are told that a group of them is descending”.

This woman and ‘her ilk’ are the forces that impose the politics of polarization on the streets and do so without Media criticism. Wolfe might have done a service for real democracy if she had interviewed the woman and her group and asked why a politician should be pursued and harassed around a small town by Leftists. Wolfe might have asked why a Party leader who campaigns for people’s votes to leave the EU and limit immigration needs to have a security team when dining in a public place. The answers would have been illuminating as to who is polarizing, who denies free speech and why such people escape condemnation from the MSM and instead receive MSM collusion. All Wolfe saw was ‘a bunch of folks’ randomly suppressing free speech.

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Silver’s father (Silva) was from the Cape Verde Islands and married a White woman in Connecticut, where young Horace grew up. Silver played with all the great players of the post-bop era and was an excellent composer. On this 1960 album (‘Horace-Scope’) is the beautiful melody ‘Nica’s Dream”. Silver died in California last June, aged 85. His music deserves to live on long after the Pop and Rock trash of juveniles of all ages has been deservedly forgotten.

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