Outrage as the Candidate Test

Mitt Romney’s announcement yesterday that he will not enter the Republican Primaries and has no ambition to be President took Republicans and Conservatives by surprise. Rush Limbaugh and his listeners were soon busy looking for a motive beyond Romney’s own explanation. Limbaugh concluded that Romney had not attracted enough financial support to mount a campaign and been forced by this into withdrawal.

Romney himself said that he was withdrawing for the good of the Party which needed a younger and fresher candidate to emerge and so he was making way. He also said that he was sure that such a candidate was out there. This led to speculation as to whether Romney had someone in mind, and if so, who? The most significant aspect about this was that he seemed to be dismissing Jeb Bush as the man the Republicans needed. Bush is certainly not a young, fresh face. Romney’s view on what the Party needs is of little importance, for as a failed nominee from 2012 he is in no position to be a Kingmaker. What is intriguing is that Romney met with Jeb Bush this week and so his refusal to endorse the latest of the Bush’s suggests an acrimonious meeting and a failed deal attempt. This suggests a serious split within the ranks of the elite Republican establishment and this would be good news for Conservatives.

This website supported Romney in 2011/12 and has no regrets. It is our view that he would have made a much better President than did either of the White House Bush’s. America and the World would have been in a very different and much better place now if Romney had defeated the dangerous half-educated, Revolutionary, White-hating narcissist who has torn up the Constitution and sown racial division. If that is not enough harm, Romney’s victor has also enriched the rich, imposed sodomy and other perversions on the American people, corrupted the Judiciary, recklessly borrowed to fund the lazy, purged the military of patriots, imported the Third World and encouraged the Islamic Imperialists. Romney’s defeat was also America’s!

It is possible to see Wisconsin’s Scott Walker emerging as the favorite to win the Republican nomination. However we have already warned that he is not to be trusted with the job of reversing the Obama-led Revolution. There is no doubt that a President Walker would be better for America than the unprincipled Clinton, the extremist Warren or any other Far Leftist that the Democrat activists are certain to choose. Walker’s candidacy would be vehemently opposed by that part of the Ruling Class coalition that consists of the Public sector employees and which is represented by their very militant and campaign-rich Union leaders. He would also be anathema to the Socialists of Academia for he would be likely to roll back the reach of the Government and reduce public spending.

However, as we have previously written, it is highly dangerous, perhaps fatal, for Conservatives and patriots to fall into the trap of believing that cutting public spending and reducing the number of Government employees would restore America. Managing the new Revolutionary America more prudently will not restore the Nation’s values one iota. America, before the newly arisen Media Class and their Obama emerged to remake it, was a Nation founded on a set of beliefs that were enshrined in the Constitution. Any and every subsequent departure from that document has weakened the Nation and its people.

At the heart of the Constitution is the recognition of individual freedom constrained by limited central government and States’ Rights- all based on Christian values and protected by the separation of powers. The degenerate Media Class and its envious and totalitarian allies, by capturing the White House, have been able to discard their piecemeal whittling of the Constitution and with brazen confidence simply torn it up. There is now no separation of powers between the Executive and the Judiciary. Judges up to and including those on the Supreme Court, ignore their oaths to honor the Constitution, by rubber stamping illegal Presidential edicts and overturning citizens’ votes. At the same time, the Congressional Democrat Party, which is merely a tool of the Media Class, openly despises the Constitution and celebrates untrammeled Presidential power.

Those Republicans who are willing to tolerate even one small legislative or judicial departure from the Constitution are little better than their Democrat counterparts. Since they swear to uphold the Constitution they cannot plead ignorance of it. It is unarguable that this Nation’s unique freedoms- and especially its individual citizens’ freedom from oppressive government- and its prosperity are derived from the Constitution. Once the contents can be cherry-picked or ignored by government, the Nation is not only made lawless but its people are rendered dependent on government. Instead of the government being the servant of the people, the people become the servants of the government.

Obama has increasingly set aside the Constitution to implement policies. Judges have increasingly set aside State Laws made by the people, to impose same-sex marriage and abortion. The same judges are now punishing those who dare to resist their illegal rulings. This lawlessness should be an intolerable outrage to Republicans. A true Republican leader will have as the core of his message to the voters, a pledge to restore full Constitutional government and rescind all those rulings that are unconstitutional. He will pledge to restore the separation of powers by purging the judiciary of those who have ignored their oaths. He will pledge to restore to the States the powers that are theirs according to the Constitution.

Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and others who pay lip service to Conservative values but are only committed to good financial governance will be incapable of articulating and implementing the counter-revolutionary program that must begin with restoring Constitutional government.

It looks as though the newly elected Greek Government intends to honor the promises that were made in order to get elected. The EU bureaucrats assumed that once in office the Greek Leftists would draw back from those promises and seek compromises. The bureaucrats may be wrong. Public opinion in Germany may mean that leader Merkel has no room to write off Greece’s massive debt. If Greece is forced to leave the EU the full consequences are unpredictable. Within Greece, a majority of the people may be willing to slide into poverty and authoritarian rule in the name of Socialism and equality of suffering. In the EU, other debtor members may demand that Germany subsidize them in order to maintain the union. The non-payment of Greece’s debts will have significant repercussions in the wider world and may trigger a collapse of confidence in currencies and the stock markets that is long overdue. ‘No Nation is an island’ as the poet John Donne might have said.

Recently the Air Asia 162 Java Sea crash had disappeared from the MSM. When I read today that the co-pilot was at the controls when the plane began a deadly climb, I became suspicious, Surely, I thought, at a time of dangerous conditions and emergency actions the senior pilot would be in control. I began to wonder if this crash, like the recent disappearance of another airliner in that region, had something to do with pilots wanting to meet Allah. Then I read that the co-pilot Remi Emmanuel Plesel was French and I put that idea aside- until I saw a picture of Mr. Plesel and realized that although he might have had French citizenship he was not French as I understand that term to mean. I am now back to thinking that the plane’s crash may have been an act of terrorism, for many of the passengers were Christians from one particular Church. If both planes were sacrificed by Muslim pilots the authorities will be unwilling to acknowledge this.

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