News Media Is Opposition Party to Trump

We are grateful to a website visitor who drew our attention to an Investor’s Business Daily TIPP poll that was featured on the Breitbart website yesterday. According to the poll 54% say the news media “has assumed the role of the opposition party”. The poll has also had some interesting things to say about the public’s realization that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has an agenda that precludes honest reporting about President Trump.

Let us acknowledge the good news! If a majority of Americans are this aware, the MSM has lost some of its impact as a propaganda tool. We can safely assume that the 54% are people who lean Right or are ‘independent’. It would be hard to find a Democrat voter who will admit the MSM is even slightly biased. The key word in that sentence is ‘admit’ for I am sure that most Democrats are fully aware of MSM bias and approve of it, but they would not tell pollsters.

Radical and Right has been claiming week after week for more than 10 long years that the MSM has its own political and moral agenda, that its output is lying (skillful) propaganda, that the Democrat Party is merely one of its tools, and that the MSM’s lying news is just one part of a larger propaganda weapon. The entertainment that most Americans subject themselves to is also all propaganda advancing an agenda. The latest Disney ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is MSM propaganda intended above all else – even above profit-making – to advance an agenda.

Readers of this article will know what that agenda is. It is the ‘normalization’ of homosexual sickness and especially the moral corruption of the Nation’s children disguised as entertainment. It is extremely depressing to read blogs on Broad Right websites where so many express a wish that the Right should forsake moral issues, – by this they mean homosexuality – usually by saying they don’t care what other people do in their bedrooms and private lives. They are revealing that they have already been indoctrinated by MSM propaganda.

If our third paragraph seems like self-congratulation, and pleasure that public opinion is moving our way, our response is that there is far too big a way to go to feel any satisfaction. Still, if readers acknowledge we were always right about the MSM’s news, then maybe they will take seriously the rest of our 10-year-old claims.

If the MSM marches in lockstep with a common agenda, ‘why?’  What holds together all the reporters, editors, photographers, commentators and owners? As far as the newsprint part of the MSM goes, it is not profit, for most lose money. Our explanation is that the MSM, including the entertainment wing, is the outward manifestation of an economic and social Class and is its awesome weapon.

We say that the news media did not always march in lockstep with a common agenda. Back before the mid 1960’s, newspapers expressed many different and conflicting viewpoints, most of what they printed was true, and if you read a cross-section of newspapers you could discover the WHOLE truth. Many newspapers were genuinely local and reflected the views of their readers. Not any more!

The crucial element in understanding the MSM, and in understanding why it “has assumed the role of the opposition party”, and why it opposes Donald Trump, Nationalism, Conservatism and Christianity, is that it is the voice and weapon of a new Class that began to coalesce into a Class in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. That new Class -best described as the ‘Media Class’ – became self-aware and powerful and developed ambitions to become a ‘Ruling Class’. Being relatively small in numbers, and having an agenda that was morally/socially Revolutionary, it had to forge an Alliance with the new Left that was also Revolutionary in order to capture political power.

In 2008, the Alliance crowned its rise to power by capturing the White House and Congress, and finally the whole Revolutionary agenda could be implemented by Government, albeit by stealth. The 2016 shock election of Donald Trump to the Presidency on a Nationalist and (mostly) Conservative platform interrupted the completion of the Revolutionary agenda, and has revealed an America divided between Revolutionary (erstwhile Ruling) Class and Counter-Revolutionary movement.

The ineptness of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the energy and inventiveness of Trump’s, forced the MSM to abandon all pretense of journalism and honest reporting, and emerge as the power it had long been. It has been forced to continue operating in the open as a political force, and thus today 54% correctly identify it as the opposition to Trump.

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