Must We Continue to Tolerate MSM Power?

Back-stabbing can be done with many different sharp implements, ranging from an axe, to a stiletto, and to a long needle. The back-stabbing of Donald Trump ranges from the John McCain axe to the Paul Ryan stiletto to the WSJ’s Peggy Noonan needle.

This week she has returned with the needle, but all the back-stabbing, no matter how camouflaged, can be identified with one easy test. It is if the writer or speaker ignores altogether the MSM’s unprecedented propaganda war on Trump, gives early credence to at least some of its charges and lies, dismisses it as the MSM’s normal modus operandi, sweeps it aside as of little consequence, or blames Trump for reacting to it in self-defense.

Noonan writes “The President spends his time tweeting his insane, bizarre messages – he’s the victim of a ‘witch hunt’ – from his bed, with his iPad. And giving speeches that ‘no politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly’ ..”

Noonan wraps this attack on Trump in her supposed concern for America’s democracy. Her article places Trump – “the most bizarre Presidency in U.S. history” – at the center of the current political crisis and paints journalists and political opponents as at fault for taking advantage of his behavior and thus damaging democracy.

Noonan sweeps aside Trump’s complaint of historic MSM treatment by alleging that Lincoln was just as unfairly treated. How would she know, or is she really that old? Well, Lincoln (like Trump) was President during a civil war! And what President in the intervening years has had such MSM treatment? The answer of course is that Trump’s treatment by the MSM is unprecedented, and for profound reasons.

The MSM today has power, and a united political and moral agenda, unlike any in America’s history. To find a comparison we would have to cite the USSR under Stalin, and even Stalin would have envied today’s MSM in America for its technology, the reach of its corrupting entertainment, and the concealment of its Ruling Class identity.

Can Noonan, and those other back-stabbers, not be aware of the unprecedented power of today’s MSM, its abandonment of any standards of truthfulness in the pursuit of brazen propaganda, its revolutionary moral and political agenda, and its declaration of war on a duly-elected President?

Are the backstabbers not aware that thanks to the awesome power of the MSM, and the ruling Media Class that hides behind it, America is entering its third civil war?

The answer is that Noonan, when push comes to shove, is willing to backstab to save her place on the WSJ’s pages. And all the other backstabbers are stabbing in order to continue dancing to the music of the Ruling Class.

Trump does not spend all his time ‘tweeting’ or complaining about the MSM to Coast Guard Academies. In fact, he is one of the most focused and energetic Presidents of all time. And when he does complain he is more than justified.

But on this website we ask the question, how much longer is he only going to complain about the power and agenda of the MSM? Is it not time that he and us stopped complaining, hit back, and held these disgusting MSM people – and those they serve – to account? We have been passive for too long!


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