Media Seeks To Demoralize Trump Army And More

It is the daily duty of this website to remind its visitors that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is the pernicious propaganda voice of our wholly corrupt Ruling Class and its Far Left allies. Any and all exposure to the MSM – and to anything produced by the Media Class – is to risk moral contamination and a twisted view of the world.

It is our view that Pence made a grave misjudgment taking his family to see ‘Hamilton’. Why would any Conservative, Christian or Nationalist expose himself and family to enemy propaganda dressed as Art or History? Well, he got what he deserved!

On this website we have always argued that the Theater, the Fashion Industry (refusing to dress Mrs. Trump!), the Advertising Industry, Pop Music and Pro-Sport have been absorbed by the Media Ruling Class. All those who make a living in them only do so by exhibiting Class consciousness at all times. The way to the top is through Class loyalty and mavericks are soon eliminated.

It is essential to remember that all MSM news is ‘propaganda in pursuit of an agenda’ when receiving the latest offerings on Donald Trump. Given that there is no real alternative regarding immediate news, we are all involuntary prisoners of disinformation.

The MSM agenda at the moment is to present every Trump Cabinet appointment as either a concession to his ‘Nazi’ followers, and thus tar his future Government with Far Right extremism, or as abject concessions to his former enemies in the Republican elite, and thus divide him from his supporters.

The problem for us supporters is being immune to the MSM agenda yet being on guard for Trump misjudgment or betrayal. It is worth remembering that Trump trusted his instincts in the primary and Presidential campaigns (we don’t buy into the theory that Jared Kushner was the mastermind), and won against great odds. Maybe he was just lucky or blessed by history, but more likely he is a crafty operator who plays outside the old rules and learns quickly.

From the beginning he nailed his colors to a simple, non-ideological Nationalism, and never retreated. He spent his own money (sparingly and efficiently) and now is beholden to no special interests. Throughout both campaigns he received no favors from the political hierarchy of either Party, but constant vicious attacks, and he responded in kind. There is no reason to believe he is a forgiving person to his enemies or an ungrateful friend. And his political acumen grew with the campaign.

It is with all this in mind that his appointments, his meetings with candidates and his vague statements to the MSM, need to be considered. What is beyond question is that several of his former enemies have fallen over (humiliated?) themselves to come at his bidding. He seems like a man in charge and a man focused on essentials. Indeed he might be quite a chess player.

No doubt Romney is looking out for his own interests and he is not a man to underestimate, but he did make a fool of himself with his attempts to promote a Republican alternative to Trump. If Trump gives him a post it will be as a victor to a man vanquished. The same applies to the appointment of the unprincipled Nikki Haley to the UN. Both the UN and Secretary of State are political graveyards.

What is certain is that Trump’s appointments and interviews are keeping his critics off-balance. We must also remember that he has to produce a government that is effective, he must create a Republican Party that he controls and he will want a Party that wins elections. He has never made a secret of his desire to win votes from minorities and perhaps he has his eye on the Indian vote. The MSM is not going to give him credit for far-seeing appointments.

With regard to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, Trump’s statements are ambivalent and the MSM is choosing to interpret them as final. Whether Clinton gets prosecuted for the email crimes will surely depend on the head of the DOJ and then a Grand Jury. Trump may talk now about feeling sorry for her as a campaign loser, but in January he may argue that the law must take its course. He would be foolish to show his hand at this stage. And in any case there is also the Clinton Foundation scandal about which Trump has said nothing.

Trump has a huge amount on his plate and Obama is still in the White House with little to do except scheme. Moreover America still has a powerful Ruling Class with a mobilized Far Left ally, and even if Trump survives to the Presidency it will be many, many months before he can topple the Ruling Class by legislation, and defeat the Far Left thugs on the streets.

Our advice to comrades of the Broad Right is ‘wait and see’.

Meanwhile, the MSM continues to do its dirty work of hiding and cleverly twisting the news. When did you ever see an honest picture of the Muslim ‘refugees’ who have arrived in the West? The answer is never. All pictures of them feature women, children and the old. Common sense (and on this website we like common sense) tells us that the arduous journey from the war zones and cities of the Middle East, Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa can only be undertaken by fit young men. The lying MSM is lying!

The Black Tennessee bus driver who crashed a school bus and caused 5 deaths has been charged. His crime is alleged speeding and he was being reckless. From his picture in the MSM he doesn’t look like a man who would be given any kind of job other than road sweeper. But he has cause to feel hard done by, for Brandon Bostian, the homosexual activist AMTRAK engineer who took his train into a bend at twice the permitted speed, killing 8 and injuring hundreds has never been charged.

More recently the AMTRAK engineer who drove into a station causing death and injury also looks like escaping punishment on the grounds of sleep apnea.

It may be that union membership confers freedom from prosecution or that homosexuality caps race, but sadly we live in a period of arbitrary justice. Trump’s appointment of head of DOJ will be a litmus test of his intentions.

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