Media Propaganda Continues Unchecked

Not even on Thanksgiving Day does the Mainstream Media (MSM) take a break from spewing poison. This morning, as I was on my computer way to the weather forecast, I had to pass an XFINITY headline that began with the new word ‘Yuuuuuge’ and referred to the cost to the tax-payers of guarding the Trump family in Palm Beach.

I don’t remember ever reading a MSM article drawing attention to the cost of protecting the Obama tribe, or the disruption their trips to quiet Martha’s Vineyard must have caused to locals. Nor do I remember any mention of the cost of the jigs plump Michelle and her extended family entourage have regularly taken around the world. Suddenly the MSM has a concern for tax-payers!

It could be pointed out that the Trump family would not require protection if the MSM and the Far Left had not been whipping up homicidal rage among the snowflakes. And the security risks would have been much reduced if Obama had not been busy creating a Muslim sea all across America in which Muslim terrorists can swim, and which are protected from police supervision by his Fifth Column DOJ.

But to return to the word ‘Yuuuge’. The MSM never once used it to describe the size of the Trump rallies, even though their size was unparalleled in modern political history. I didn’t know they were familiar with the word in any spelling.

In a previous article I drew attention to the skill and cunning of the MSM when running conflicting stories in the same edition of a newspaper. One splendid example among many occurred recently in the Wall Street Journal.

A long article was written from Maine, and presumably the editor sent a reporter and cameraman there specially to write this piece of propaganda hatched high in his New York tower. It concerned a Maine manufacturing company that had been forced to recruit and employ foreign workers, due to a lack of suitable locals. The work was unskilled and the workforce consisted of recent refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, Syria and other far off places. This polyglot workforce, presumably wrestling with language challenges, unfamiliar work, social isolation and a harsh climate, was nonetheless filling a market gap.

The article’s purpose, I’ll bet, was to advance the WSJ’s refutation of Trump’s economic Nationalism by pointing out that there was a shortage of unskilled workers, and American manufacturing would collapse without open borders.

The same WSJ has run numerous sob-stories about the economic hopelessness of the African American communities of big cities and how rioting, arson and looting are caused by a lack of jobs. The Journal is careful never to allow a linking of the two issues i.e., labor shortages and Black joblessness.

Why wasn’t the Maine employer asked by the reporter why he and his fellow manufacturers hadn’t trotted down to Philly and Ferguson, or over to Detroit and Chicago, and recruited unemployed, rioting Blacks? The answer is because neither ‘story’ was concerned with truth and problem-solving, but with propaganda.

Of course, it is not only Blacks who are experiencing unemployment. White workers in the rust belt are also out of work. It may be that most African Americans in big city ghettoes are unemployable, but political correctness and inverted racism prevents any MSM drawing attention to this. Is this lack of ability also true of unemployed Whites? Or is there another element in the story that the MSM is not revealing?

Moving across America in search of work is a challenge for those who own a home, have relatives and neighbors nearby, belong to a local Church and have kids in school. Is it that refugees and immigrants are receiving government help in relocation that Americans do not enjoy? Is the real reason for this a deliberate policy of ‘browning’ rural States and creating Balkanization?

This website does not have the answer, but welcomes your comments provided they are not truly bigoted and ignorant. The right answer is important for Trump’s America.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our website visitors! If you will be on the road this holiday, drive with care! America may need you and your family as an armed and patriotic citizenry quite soon.

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