Media Opinion Polls Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

On this website we have long touted old sayings. They usually encapsulate sound common sense. We are reminded of this each day as we read and hear the Mainstream Media’s drumbeat of propaganda. ABC News, AP, XFINITY, CNN and the rest of the Far Left whores are building false poll results to a crescendo. Today it is that Clinton is ahead of Trump by 12, a lead that if true, means the election is over and the Next Liar will enter the White House and avoid the Jail House.

How much more will they raise that lead before election day? Will a lead of 20 suffice? Do not forget that on this website almost ten years ago we identified America’s emerging Ruling Class as the Media Class and warned that it was a Class that owed its existence and wealth to the peddling of fantasy to a gullible, Godless, consumerist audience.

It may well be that the relentless torrent of character attacks on Donald Trump by a Far Left communications monopoly, has had its effect on the gullible. It will certainly have bolstered the morale of the discontented, the parasites of Government employment, the crooks, and the sexual perverts who make up the Far Left.

But the primary purpose of the polling propaganda is to terrify the deserters, demoralize the army of Counter-revolutionaries that have propelled the Trump campaign, and sow sufficient doubt among the uncertain and distracted. It is challenging for even those of us who always knew -long before WikiLeaks – the Media’s polls are merely the corrupt tools of a Ruling Class that is lawless, unrestrained and ruthless.

The antidote is to daily seek out and receive sustenance on the Internet from websites that bravely provide evidence from the real world. None is better than RSBN TV LIVE. The Right Side Broadcasting Network whose little band of patriots follows the Trump and Pence campaigns across America, will reveal the endless massive crowds of people just like you, packing the arenas and hangars of big and small towns. Only last night in Tampa, Florida, nearly 20,000 Broad Right supporters assembled to refute to each other and to us the validity of those MSM opinion polls.

Donald Trump, 70 years young and putting his life, his family’s safety, and his wealth, in jeopardy for his Nation, has been in Florida since Sunday and drawing huge fervent crowds everywhere. This RSBN network does what the MSM will NEVER do, relay his political message and pan the cameras across the audience. Now, are you going to believe the MSM polls or your own lying eyes?

Just for the record, on this day when the MSM boasts that its propaganda campaign has bestowed on the crooked Hillary a national lead of 12, a local poll ( Axiom/Remington Poll October 20-22) in Ohio has Trump leading Clinton 46 to 42, in North Carolina enjoying a lead of 3 and behind in Pennsylvania by only 3.

According to the MSM, Clinton has Florida sown up, so much so that she is about to race to Texas and Arizona and -right in Trump territory – draw the masses away from him with her charisma! We will bet this is another Media Class fantasy, a movie trailer for a movie that will never be shown, for Hillary cannot effectively campaign even in her own strongholds. She dare not venture outside the college campuses of Massachusetts for fear of speaking to Jeb Bush-size audiences.

Once more for the record of reality, Tim Kaine’s latest campaign stop drew 30 people. And the Liar-in-Chief, the crypto-Muslim himself, will be forsaking the golf course to hold a rally in Orlando, Florida later this week. Presumably he is hoping to mobilize the black and homosexual communities of Florida, even though Hillary has that state in the bag.

WikiLeaks has revealed beyond all doubt that the MSM’s opinion polls are nothing more than propaganda. We cannot know the true state of public opinion and voting intentions in this Revolutionary new world of official deceit, but we can fall back on our lying eyes.

Music Choice

(Great women singers/great songs)

Joni Mitchell singing ‘Big Yellow Taxi’. This 1970 protest song may seem an odd choice for this website. The young Mitchell had a pleasing, tuneful voice and this song – her own composition – was original and superior to other protest ‘folk’ songs by fakes like Bob Dylan. The repeated lyric “They paved paradise to put up a parking lot” was prescient. Mitchell was writing about the destruction of Hawaii’s wilderness but the song and its words are more relevant than ever. Here in California where Globalists are sucking in half the world’s population, concrete is King. Real conservatism begins with a resistance to parking lots!

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