Media Class Sinking Hillary?

There were several big issues in today’s real news but the most startling is the revelation that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, is alleged to have sent emails involving official business via a private email address. The private emails that have aroused notice concern the Benghazi disaster but we can assume that she has been practicing this illegal means of official communication for other matters too.

For the benefit of non-American website visitors, it is illegal for America’s members of government, including bureaucrats, to conduct official business communication via private correspondence. The intention of the law is that all official business must provide a record that can be examined later if necessary. Conducting official business ‘out of sight’ and destroying or ‘mislaying’ official records are illegal acts. This is why the ‘lost’ emails of the IRS Lois Lerner have rendered her liable to prosecution.

It is a feature of the Obama Presidency that illegal/unconstitutional acts have both proliferated and gone unpunished. Some attribute this to the failure of the political opposition. Certainly the Republican leadership has failed and seemingly will continue to fail to effectively oppose illegality by using the Constitution and the law. Others will point to the blatant collusion of the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court. The reality is that Revolutionary governments are committed to the setting aside of old laws and ruling arbitrarily. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of the revolutionary agenda. Any means are justified.

The reality of Obama rule is that the Federal Courts, which are inevitably agents of the Ruling Class, will not uphold old laws. This can be seen in the refusal of Federal Courts to uphold laws that underpin real marriage. Indeed the Federal Courts have taken it upon themselves to both set aside old laws and make new laws that are revolutionary. The Supreme Court will do the same.

We may wonder why Boehner and McConnell surrender rather than challenge government lawlessness. Perhaps they have skeletons in cupboards and are silenced by blackmail. A Ruling Class that owns the White House, the Courts and the MSM, and is unshackled from the old morality, need have no qualms about blackmail. Anyone watching Boehner closely will have suspicions that he has a drink problem. Drink problems spawn many other problems and a professional life in Washington DC is a life under the MSM microscope. McConnell is too old and feeble to lead a counter-revolution but not too old to want to cling to office. Their supporters in Congress have to be politicians without principles who are either anxious to ride on the gravy train or who have skeletons.

Whatever the explanations, ignoring laws is now commonplace amongst Washington DC’s revolutionaries and Hillary Clinton’s latest lawbreaking regarding official emails should be no big deal. However, the MSM has been busy today giving her negative publicity. Only a short time ago the ABC news microphone was passed to a Democrat commentator who said words to the effect that the Clintons had a history of scandals and that this one might negatively affect her Presidential campaign. There are a number of indicators that parts of the MSM are about to treat Hillary as an enemy. They will need to tread carefully for the content of the private emails may reveal facts that are embarrassing for Obama.

It has long been the contention of this website that the Media Class’s most powerful faction (Hollywood’s billionaire perverts and Libertines) dropped the Clintons in 2007 and replaced Hillary with Obama. Hillary served her usefulness to the Obama regime when she accepted the poison chalice of the State Department and a place in his Government. We believe that the Hollywood billionaire King/Queen makers remain hostile to the Clintons and are now ready to select their 2016 candidate. It may be the Far Leftist Squaw Elizabeth Warren or someone in the Obama mould. It will not be the buffoon Joe Biden.

Netanyahu’s groveling praise for Obama that preceded his speech to Congress this morning suggested that the Israeli Prime Minister is not as smart as some claim. Rush Limbaugh, who was overwhelmed by the content of the speech, claimed that Netanyahu’s praise of Obama was required by protocol and a clever means of making what followed even more effective. In our view Netanyahu could have heaped praise on America as a steadfast ally without mentioning Obama. This would have placed his speech in better context and been less confusing. As it is, simple Americans will assume that Netanyahu and Israel have cause to be grateful to Obama.

The content of the speech was certainly an indictment of White House policy in the Middle East and the phrase ‘the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy” was a good one. Limbaugh was right when he said that Obama will not be placated by Netanyahu’s groveling praise but will be vindictively unforgiving. He will use the full force of American power to satisfy his personal rage against the Israeli PM. This may involve even more collusion with Iran’s quest for the nuclear bomb and a great deal of interference in Israel’s election

If Netanyahu wins re-election in the approaching Israeli General Election it seems certain that he will launch an attack on Iran in an effort to destroy its nuclear capacity and perhaps bring down the Islamic government. This will confront Obama with a dilemma. He may find he has to choose between his Muslim comrades and the Democrat Party’s dependence on Jewish money in America.

Did Boehner set up the Netanyahu visit to Congress to distract from his capitulation to Obama over the ‘clean bill’ on immigration? We welcome the comments of website visitors.

Below is a communication we received from a website visitor. He is suggesting that no matter what the Government does to silence dissent on the Internet through control over websites, Americans will find ways of marshalling opposition. We hope he is right though our knowledge of Leftist totalitarianism in history suggests that counter-revolutionary opposition can be exterminated. Our advice is ‘Hang on to your guns!’

What’s the Future of Email?

With the advent of social media most tech pundits would likely claim it is on its way out. However, I have a contrary opinion. The pundit’s position is like saying we are using less paper in an electronic age. It hasn’t happened and probably will not for some time to come. Last Thursday, the FCC gave a big vote YES in favor of email. By ramming through Net Neutrality regulation on a party line, most feel BIG government will get its hands on free speech. This can be manifested in many ways which you can educate yourself on later. When government begins controlling information access, ingenuity will find a way to fight it and circumvent it. If the truth can’t be accessed via a website, email will be used. If not email, paper mail. If not paper mail, door to door.

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